By People Staff
December 31, 1999 12:00 PM

John Carpenter

I was sorry to see John Carpenter win the million dollars. He was pure arrogance. Even though he said he didn’t want to come off that way, he did. I rarely see someone with such poor sportsmanship so celebrated.

Bill Ross, West Lafayette, Ind.

I figured it must have been time for a big winner when I answered every one of the questions that John Carpenter did. I realize he was in the hot seat, yet those questions were so easy compared to some of those posed to other contestants. Then it dawned on me: Television history had to be made, especially since Greed had a $2.2 million try the night before.

Susan Geer, South Point, Ohio

Compared to August’s $500,000 winner Michael Shutterly, the tax man had it easy. Am I the only person wondering if ABC was a little intimidated by the IRS?

Terrie Neilson, Ill.

So you won the big prize. We’re happy for you. But guess what? Your 15 minutes ended once the show ended. It’s time to go.

Nancy Boardman, Newport, N.H.

What a fun cover photo of John and Debbie Carpenter! The Millionaire show made me want to be in their shoes, but the next best thing has been watching this couple, who’ve maintained their composure during all the crazy hoopla. They were gracious right from the start (I was one of the “lucky” losers who got to party with the talented game-show guru after the taping of the show). I wish them the best of luck, and thanks for a nice profile about normal people who seem to be turning a really wild ride into a fun experience.

Kelly Redcay, Stamford, Conn.

Oh, please! Couldn’t you think of anybody else more important than this cocky IRS collector to put on your cover?

Paula Williams, Santa Monica

Lorraine Zdeb

I was amazed that anyone would try to charge Lorraine Zdeb for her humane act—providing a refuge for homeless animals during Tropical Storm Floyd. Anyone who would rescue at least 95 pets from drowning deserves to be rewarded for her efforts.

Diane Lawrence, Jackson, Mich.

It is unbelievable that Lorraine Zdeb is facing possible punishment for performing such a selfless act of humanity. Zoning violation? The powers that be in Millstone, N.J., have got to be kidding. Were it their pets that Lorraine had saved, I’m quite sure she’d be receiving an award, not facing a $1,000 fine!

Kelly Hunt, Richmond, Va.

Goran Visnjic

I don’t often watch ER, but the last time I walked through the room while my mother was watching, I saw Goran Visnjic, and my attitude changed. What a sexy addition to Thursday-night television.

Lara Bruner, Harrisburg, Pa.

After watching Goran Visnjic as Luka Kovac on ER, all I can say is, George who?

Martha Jones, Poquoson, Va.

Texas A&M Tragedy

It sounds to me as if Jeremy Worley, who wants his school to continue its bonfire tradition, was hit in the head with one of those falling logs. I am sure students at Texas A&M enjoy the bonfire, but I doubt any of them would give up his life for it. Unfortunately we can’t ask them now. Are 12 people dead and 27 others injured not enough for people to realize that some traditions just aren’t worth it?

Amy Edinburg, Ft. Thomas, Ky.

There is a saying here in Aggieland: “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” That saying has never been so true. You can’t explain the feeling and heart that goes into being an Aggie.

Jennifer Vanderbrook

College Station, Texas

I know you will receive letters from folks wondering how this activity could go on in light of the tragic events of this year. All of us are grieving for our fallen friends, and I believe they would want the bonfire tradition to continue. Our blood runs deep maroon.

Sherri Luehr-Kirk, Houston

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
Who really cares if Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are engaged? In Hollywood it’s a game of married today, divorced tomorrow.

Nancy VanDenBerg, Saugatuck, Mich.


Jewel, Jewel, Jewel. Despite your excuse for canceling your concert in Anchorage, Alaskans have no Y2K travel concerns. We just have an aversion to being slapped in the face by a pretentious little girl who is suddenly too full of herself to keep her commitment to show up for concerts. After Jewel canceled her appearance at the Alaska State Fair and started touting herself as “from San Diego,” people up here no longer felt any need to shell out our bucks to see this outsider perform in our state. Please, Jewel, don’t reschedule—San Diego can keep you!

Morgan Stender, Anchorage

Jewel had already dissed us once, canceling her State Fair concert. We Alaskans are a cynical bunch, and most of us figured there was no sense in buying millennium tickets, as she would probably cancel again. Imagine our surprise when she did.

Linda Conway, Anchorage

Ellen Galinsky

I found your article on Ellen Galinsky’s studies fascinating, especially the title “Kids don’t mind their parents’ jobs.” Here are some titles for follow-up articles: “Kids don’t mind eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” or “Kids don’t mind staying out until 4 in the morning.” Since when do we base what is best for children on what kids don’t mind? Ms. Galinsky is trying to ease her own guilt by saying parents don’t need to parent their children all the time.

Barrie Franklin, New York City

Complete garbage! I do not believe those beautiful babies would not rather be with their mommies than with some daycare employee. It’s heartbreaking what some people try to believe to justify their actions.

Amy Schorno, Yelm, Wash.

Picks & Pans

Celine Dion’s new album is masterful, and anyone who says differently must be from Venus. I beg to differ with your so-called critic, who must have just walked in off the street and begged for a job. Where did he get his degree, Critics-R-Us?

Jodi Eicher, Windsor, Ont.


I must respond to the anti-Gere revolution. Ricky Martin is indeed very sexy, and the title of Sexiest Man Alive could have gone to him. But let’s take a look at him in 25 years and see if he still has what it takes. My picks: Richard Gere, Robert Redford, Michael Douglas and Mel Gibson. These men all have underwear older than Ricky Martin, and I’d do their laundry any day!

Peggy Campbell, Beaver, Okla.

Jeez, what have ya gotta be, 19 years old to be considered sexy? I couldn’t believe the comments about Richard Gere. He looks as he did 20 years ago, except with the added benefit of a beautiful head of silver hair and a more mature, handsome face. I think he’s sexier now than he was then, and I’m not even 40!

Loren La Terra Gallian, Marlborough, Conn.

There are many sexy actors, young and old. But to win a woman’s heart takes more than just looks, and it is obvious that the “girls” writing in feel that beauty is only skin deep. I feel sorry for them.

Karla Piggins, Jacksonville, Fla.

For the writer who asked whether the magazine who picked Richard Gere as Sexiest Man Alive was Modern Maturity or PEOPLE: Maybe you should subscribe to TEEN PEOPLE.

Victoria Costa, via e-mail