June 28, 1999 12:00 PM

Susan Lucci

Justice at last! I have watched All My Children since the beginning, and no one ever deserved an Emmy more than Susan Lucci. For almost 30 years she has worked her tail off as an actress and has withstood the jokes about not winning, year after year, with incredible grace and humility. What fulfillment she must feel to finally be acknowledged by her peers, and what joy it must bring to her family and friends!

Jeanne Bootjer, Santa Barbara, Calif.

I jumped for joy and yelled “Yes!” when Susan won. She is a fabulous lady and the heart and soul of All My Children.

K. Cooper, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Wow, what a cover! I am not a soap watcher, but the joy evident on Susan Lucci’s face may turn me into one. You don’t often see that radiance in award winners. Her happiness made me smile.

Suzanne Collins, West Haven, Conn.

I graduated from Marymount College the same year as Susan Lucci. As seniors, my friends and I attended a college performance of The Fantasticks in which Susan was the female lead. Several of us commented afterward on how well Susan did. But we were dismayed that such a great talent would not meet much success “in the real world” of the theater because she was of diminutive physical stature. How inaccurate we were—and we are pleased to say so! Your article was a wellwritten salute to this lovely actress—whom I never regarded as haughty and thought was rather nice. Congratulations, Susan!

Ginny Kurnik Dugan, Fallon, Nev.

Amen! After years of watching the Daytime Emmy Awards, I think I cried harder than Susan Lucci herself.

Brenda Horan, Houston

Julia Child

I read Julia Child’s views on vegetarians and found them unsophisticated, uninformative and trite. The sensual pleasure she derives from eating dead flesh—a practice called necrophagy—gives rise to a flesh addiction that is no different from other substance addictions. One who, like Child, loves feeding on flesh would obviously be bothered by ethical vegetarians who oppose blood violence and the taking of other lives merely for their own fleeting gustatory pleasure.

Cory Kirchert, Collierville, Tenn.

Julia Child fuels the misconception that plant-based eating is only for extremists who can subsist on lettuce. As a vegetarian, I not only savor easy-to-prepare, delectable meals—such as roast portobello mushrooms, curried peas and potatoes and pesto pasta—but also relish joining the growing number of people enhancing their health, helping the environment and reducing animal cruelty.

Caryn Ginsberg, Arlington, Va.

So Julia Child can’t believe vegetarians enjoy their food? I’ve been a strict vegetarian for years and enjoy my meals more than ever; I’ve got 30 excess pounds to prove it. Sure, I’d like to be thinner, but at least my love of good food doesn’t contribute to deforestation, destruction of the environment, world hunger or the suffering of animals. And I have the cholesterol level of a child. Can Miss Child say the same?

Julia Howard, Waynesboro, Va.

Julia Child downs “loads of bacon at breakfast” but doesn’t “think pure vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle.” Ironically, Miss Child goes on to state that “critics are often short on facts.” And so they are.

Rachel Silberlicht, Vacaville, Calif.

Al Joyner

This man speaks so eloquently about coping with the loss of a magnificent woman: his wife, FloJo. He talks about wanting to leave everything exactly the way it was when she was alive and wanting to remodel the bedroom exactly as she had planned before her death. Never forget, Mr. Joyner, that Flojo may not be present physically, but her soul sleeps next to you every night and will for the rest of your life.

Elizabeth A. Lipman, Santa Barbara, Calif.


Help! I saw the article about Sarah-Lou Reekie’s bug spray and I need to order some. I have tried all kinds of sprays on the market and nothing works. My husband and I recently purchased our first home and bought new deck furniture, but our family can’t enjoy it because we get bitten constantly! I don’t care how much the spray costs; if it works, I need it.

Teresa Stevens, Indian Trail, N.C.

Contact the London-based company about ordering the insect repellent by calling 011-44-181-348-6704 or by visiting their Web site at http://www.alfresco.uk.com—ED.

Dee Martin

The article on Dee Martin brought back some of my happiest childhood memories. I spent summers in the ’50s at Island Lake Camp in Starrucca, Pa. We used to walk to town for snacks, and all our mail was delivered from the post office. If I were able to sign the petition for Dee to be postmaster, I would. Another example of bureaucracy’s making ridiculous decisions.

Jane Sultan, Coconut Creek, Fla.

Unbelievable! The U.S. Postal Service of Starrucca, Pa. , has once again proved that it is always better to go to work and do only what is required. This is corporate America!

Lisa Andreas, Level Green, Pa.

Cheese Whiz

Cosimo Cavallaro is a fool! So are we for reading about him. When his cheese art goes moldy, can we then assume it is going through a transitional phase? It is a disgusting waste, and the only ones who will enjoy it are the mice and rats it will attract.

Rae Mapey, Campbell River, B.C.

This guy melts cheese, throws it over everything that surrounds him and PEOPLE shows up? Hey, I think I’ll redecorate my bathroom with salad dressing—shall I expect some media coverage?

Angela Coyles, Prince George, B.C.


Why is it that whenever your magazine mentions Donald Trump’s name he feels compelled to write in bragging about his accomplishments?

Christina M. Taylor, Shiloh, Ill.

Somebody needs to tell Donald Trump that your article on Ivana was not about him. Regardless of what he thinks, he is not the reason the world turns. What an ego!

Cindy Baker, Edmond, Okla.

Sorry, Mr. Trump, but an essential component of being a “good father” is loving your children’s mother. This includes staying married to her. Love is a choice, not a feeling.

Leila Miller, Phoenix

Boo to everyone who comes down on PEOPLE for not constantly focusing on the Columbine tragedy or the Oklahoma tornadoes. The only reason I have been a PEOPLE subscriber is to take a weekly vacation from the everyday horrors that can be seen on the news. I greatly enjoy reading about “unimportant” things like the hair under Julia Roberts‘s armpits or the woes and pitfalls of being rich. Keep up the good work!

Corris Jones, Bakersfield, Calif.

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