June 07, 1999 12:00 PM

Suddenly Rich

As a 21-year-old data-entry clerk and mother-to-be scrimping and saving with my Air Force-enlisted husband, I am comforted to know that the wealthy have woes also. I am sure that since they have so many problems because of their wealth, they will not mind passing around a little to those of us who worry about car payments, credit-card bills and trying to work and raise a child on meager incomes.

Emilee Hood, Charleston, S.C.

Give me a break! If being rich is such a “very stressful, high pressure situation, and no one would want to be a millionaire,” according to a lottery winner, please forward my address to any millionaire who feels such awful pressure, and I will gladly change places. I wouldn’t want them to suffer any longer.

Evonne Mather, Aurora, Colo.

I found it very disappointing that your cover focused on people who have everything when just two hours away from me, in the Oklahoma City area, there are people who have lost everything due to tornadoes. Their stories of courage and survival would have been a lot more interesting than how many pairs of shoes LeAnn Rimes has in her closet.

Debbie Eureste, Tulsa

Bravo to Liam Neeson for having the integrity to admit that no matter how glamorized or hyped it is, being a hugely famous and fabulously rich movie star doesn’t compare to having time with your family—not to mention fishing. Catch me a winner, Liam!

Charles Evered, Toluca Lake, Calif.

I’m sweatin’ rent, my car’s broken, credit cards maxed out-Guess I never knew how lucky I am not having those poor nouveaux riches’ problems! Richard Posner

Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.


Is Julia going through a phase or what? I was grossed out by the picture of her flashing the newly grown carpet under her arms. For someone so beautiful, who obviously spends thousands on gorgeous gowns and professional hair and makeup, I have to ask, Why bother when you are going to show something so unattractive as an armpit full of hair? Next time, please do us a favor and wear something with sleeves!

Suzanne Marispini, Phoenix

I know she thinks it’s not a big deal, but Julia Roberts has no idea what a turnoff those hairy pits are for every red-blooded American male out there. Ever since Pretty Woman I have fantasized about Julia. One wave to the crowd at a premiere in London is all it took to erase that one.

Frank Douglas, Los Angeles

I have a serious problem with people who choose to have their minds controlled by Hollywood. Glamor and style are fun, but isn’t there supposed to be room for us natural chicks? People think that hairy armpits are gross or unsophisticated? I haven’t shaved in five years, and my fiancé loves it. What is the big deal? When men regularly shave their legs and pits, maybe I’ll reconsider.

Megan Oliver, Portland, Ore.

Who made the stupid rule that men can be as hairy as apes, but women must be shaven clean? I am a woman who periodically gets tired of this and lets all my hair (legs and arms) grow. By the way, isn’t this obsession with hair-lessness only in the U.S. of A.? Put me down as another woman who is tired of nicking and scraping herself bloody.

Mickie Bradley, via e-mail

It amazes me that you deemed it newsworthy to comment on the presence or absence of hair in Julia Roberts‘s armpits. For a few scary moments I thought I was reading a Hollywood gossip rag or a beauty-tips magazine. Please decide what kind of magazine you want to be so I can decide whether to renew or not.

Michelle Savit, via e-mail

I’ve seen performances by both Wayne Newton and Tony Orlando, and there is no comparison between the two! Wayne’s show was an exercise in look-at-me. Tony’s was full of fun, music and warmth. If you used a Venn diagram as big as a hula hoop, you could not find any traits that are shared. Tony Orlando at least still sounds like himself. No danke schön, Wayne!

Darlene Pagonis, Oklahoma City

I am a little confused. What is the message to African-Americans (or to any other race, culture, etc.) that Eriq LaSalle was not comfortable with when he asked the producers to end his interracial-romance story line? That regardless of skin color people can get along and even fall in love? That is a wonderful message, not one to be “uncomfortable with.”

Sally Cummings, Cresskill, N.J.

Ivana Trump

As a card-carrying member of the first wives club, Ivana gives us a clear message: Time heals all wounds and time wounds all heels. Maria who?

Barbara Harris, San Jose, Calif.

If conceited Ivana Trump thinks that she’s an inspiration to most of us “ordinary women,” she should think again! A really inspirational woman is someone such as Rosie O’Donnell or Oprah Winfrey, both of whom use their wealth to do good things for a great many people. If Ivana uses her money for anyone other than herself, it wasn’t evident in your article.

Martha F. Slater, Rochester, Vt.

Your story on Ivana Trump (she likes using my name) was very unfair as it relates to her wonderful ex-husband, the “blowhard billionaire”—me. During difficult times I gave Ivana (with whom I now have a great relationship) millions of dollars, which I did not have to give, so that both she and my children would always be protected. Unlike Ivana, I have had three No. 1 bestsellers and am by far the biggest developer in New York—currently the hottest real estate market in the world. Perhaps most important, I am also a good father. Even though PEOPLE can’t stand Donald Trump, maybe you will give me just a little bit of credit in your next story on “Mrs. Trump.” Thank you.

Donald J. Trump, New York City

Jim Bakker

I find the article on Jim Bakker proof that people can be deceived over and over and over. Our family, along with several thousand others, lost considerable money during the PTL years. We fell hook, line and sinker for it all. We are not proud that we sent PTL thousands of dollars, believing they were using it to help people. We also sacrificed to send our son to the Heritage School of Evangelism, another of Jim Bakker’s projects. What I’d like is a refund from Jim Bakker. The damage he did to the Christian faith will not be healed by this, but it would be a change for Jim Bakker to give, instead of his followers.

Mary Lou Sprowle, Pagosa Springs, Colo.

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Just when I thought Pamela Anderson Lee had shed her famous boobs, she’s now back with the biggest boob! Won’t she ever learn?

Steve Hollingsworth, Wellesley, Mass.

Did Pam Anderson have more than her silicone sucked out? Where is her brain? Does she really think that Tommy’s 12 hours of anger-management therapy cured him? Wake up, Pam, don’t put yourself in the position to get hurt again, or even worse, have your children hurt.

Jessi Hill, Tyendinada, Ont.


I read PEOPLE every week for one reason: to be entertained. I am irritated with readers who complain about your putting celebrities on the cover when there are so many bad things happening. I have TV news and the newspaper to fill me in on all the horrors in the world. PEOPLE is my 30-minute weekly escape.

Denise Perri Reavis, Dallas

Picks & Pans

Ralph Novak’s pan of Rick Springfield’s CD Karma has me baffled. Here is a singer-songwriter who doesn’t rip off other people’s songs, doesn’t try to pass himself off as a teenybopper and writes about things other than killing your parents or getting high and sleeping with whoever is there at the time. What’s wrong with the spiritual overtones? A little faith never hurt anyone.

Donna Braccini, Pittston Twp., Pa.

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