By People Staff
Updated December 21, 1998 12:00 PM

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has become “new and improved” only because he knows the world holds him indirectly responsible for the death of Princess Diana. He saw the handwriting you-know-where. How can you applaud him for becoming what he could and should have been all along?

Florence Savery, Marion, Mass.

Looks as if Prince Charles is being rewarded for a lifetime of bad behavior. This is a man who once asked, “Do you seriously expect me to be the only Prince of Wales in British history not to have a mistress?” Every time I read about him I’m discouraged that his sons will grow up to have the same disrespect for their wives. He’s a little, little man.

Heather Monahan, Lowell, Mass.

To see Prince Charles smiling happily as Camilla Parker Bowles stood by trying her best to appear proper and acceptable is unnerving. I was and forever will be a Princess Diana devotee. I know the lady was far from perfect, but it has been barely one year since her death, and now Charles wants his two sons to accept the very woman who came between their parents?

Debbie Bush, Warner Robins, Ga.

Prince Charles treated his wife like garbage when she was alive. He was a mostly absentee father, and he carried on an affair with a married woman without a thought for how it was affecting both her children and his. He’s famous because of an accident of birth. What is there to admire about the man, and why does he deserve so much of our attention?

Sally Connors, New York City

I think Charles gets an unfair rap from the public. People need to accept that his was a mismatched marriage from the beginning and stop putting the blame on Charles for its failure. I wish him all the happiness in the world with his children and his relationship with Camilla. This man deserves it.

Jane Klich, Glenn Allen, Va.

A new and improved Charles? Not! Those poor boys, stuck with a selfish father. Diana must be turning over in her grave.

Eleanor Mancusi, Garden City, N.Y.

O.J. Simpson

Poor O.J.! According to your article regarding his custody fight, he is a good parent because all he does is drop his children off at school, play golf and pick up his children from school. Am I missing something here? The bank foreclosed on his home, and O.J. apparently is unable to pay his many legal obligations. Hey, O.J.! Do what the rest of us would—get a job. By the way, weren’t you supposed to be looking for some killers or something?

Susan Bauer-Nilsen, Kannapolis, N.C.

  • Mailbag
  • In response to P. Henderson’s letter about white people not supporting black films: Beloved is not doing well because of the movie itself, not because whites aren’t supporting it! Oprah Winfrey has one of the most popular shows on television. Only black people watch her show?
  • Lisa Troupe, Wichita Falls, Texas

I was one of a 20-member, all-white audience at Beloved and felt that while the acting was well-done, the story was too long and hard to follow. Movies bomb at the box office whether the actors are black or white. To blame it on any one race is unfair.

Wendy Ashenfelter, via e-mail

Janet Folger

Using the same principles Janet Folger is using to “cure” people of their homosexuality, I think we could help “cure” people of their hatred and intolerance. We could teach them that through “willpower and prayer” they too would no longer have to fight those “unnatural desires” to tie a young college student to a fence post and beat him to death for being gay. Shine God’s “healing love” on them and show them that it’s “not normal behavior” to stalk and kill doctors for providing a legal medical procedure for women in need.

Julie Hash, Seattle

Janet Folger got a coalition of 18 conservative and Christian groups to spend $600,000 on ads to “cure” homosexuals? Would Jesus waste $600,000 of church money on gay ads while a single child lacks food or clothing?

John Anthony Melson, Bettendorf, Iowa

I extend this challenge to Ms. Folger: I will undergo your cult’s brainwashing sessions to see if you can make me straight. But you must allow the gay community to try and change you, since straight people believe we gays “recruit” people to our life. I’m sure Ms. Folger would simply say she was born straight and can’t be changed. Sounds just like me.

Bob Tyler, New York City

Prayer cannot change eye color, height or genetic vulnerability to develop certain diseases or sexual preference; all of these things have a biological basis. Janet Folger’s time would be better spent trying to “pray away” closed minds, prejudice and intolerance.

Judith M. Horowitz, Buffalo

When will people get past this idea that people can choose whether or not they are gay or that being gay is a mental or spiritual illness? I left the Christian church years ago because of its treatment of gay people. Just as I never chose to be heterosexual, I have friends who never chose to be gay. And why would they, with the horrors that exist for many gay people? People like Janet Folger need to get over their homophobia and accept the fact that gay people exist and will not be exterminated through gay conversions.

Cindy M. Huff, Oceanside, Calif.

I am a 14-year-old heterosexual girl who was raised with an attitude of respect for diversity. I was both appalled and disgusted by the comments made by Janet Folger. I hope the role models of my generation reflect more intelligence and generosity of spirit than the narrow-mindedness and prejudice of Ms. Folger.

Sarah Burke, Fairfax, Calif.

Science is in Janet Folger’s corner. For over 70 years doctors have been helping people struggling with homosexuality to lose their same-sex attractions and recover heterosexual identities. I happen to know that homosexuals can change. I was a lesbian for six years before I changed several years ago.

Yvette Cantu, Washington, D.C.


The public is accustomed to the bizarre dress of Dennis Rodman, but your photo shows just how out of touch he really is. I am appalled that he uses military decorations as costume jewelry. The Combat Infantryman’s Badge (which he is wearing upside down) indicates that the wearer was in the Army infantry and engaged in combat. Having been wounded in Vietnam, I take particular offense that he wears the ribbon for the Purple Heart. Thousands of Americans have been killed or shed blood for this nation and were awarded this medal. His callous disregard for its sanctity is totally beneath contempt.

Henry W. Glaudel, Seaford, N.Y.

  • Chatter
  • Hasn’t anyone told Cindy Crawford that envy is not a beautiful virtue? Her comment on Jennifer Lopez‘s derriere was ignorant and spiteful. Jennifer has an incredible figure—one that I’m sure many women would not mind having. Her showing off her voluptuous body is totally appropriate. I’ve heard more negative comments about [Cindy’s] body than Jennifer’s. Cindy, put on a few pounds and maybe you could have a figure befitting a woman rather than a 12-year-old boy.
  • Stephanie Moll, Worcester, Mass.
  • Cindy Crawford’s statement about Jennifer Lopez was borderline racist. To think that her self-confidence may be “cultural” is ridiculous! More women should be like Miss Lopez. She has a full, beautiful figure that she doesn’t hide or make excuses for—she celebrates it!
  • Diane Newman, New City, N.Y.

Adam Sandler

So Adam Sandler’s former teacher Isabel Pellerin doesn’t think he was a bit funny? It is educators like her in children’s younger years who do not encourage children to grow and create in their own way and who stifle a potential talent. I am a 45 year old mom who thinks Adam is funny and absolutely adorable.

Diane M. Ceja, Victorville, Calif.