October 19, 1998 12:00 PM

The Emmys

Years and years we’ve waited for Andre Braugher to be recognized for his outstanding performance on Homicide. He finally wins an Emmy and what does PEOPLE say? Nothing! Braugher is one of the finest actors working today. He deserved at least a mention in your article, and a photo would have been even better. Some readers find an actor’s achievement more interesting than who-wore-what.

Cathy and Stuart Gill, Cincinnati

Shame on you! In your write-up of the Emmy Awards you merely gave the names of the people in the article until you came to Camryn Manheim. With her, you felt compelled to add “the plus-size star.” Why? You didn’t describe Michael J. Fox as “short,” or Helen Hunt as “slender,” or Calista Flockhart as “long-necked.” Please stop making an issue of size.

Chris Cummings, Sacramento

Camryn Manheim said she never fit in. No, she just belongs to a better puzzle.

James Bain, Dallas

You call that a cover story? Hardly any anecdotes, and where are all the dresses? Next time let’s see the glam that happened, not just a two-bit teaser!

Stephanie Blazevich, Northwood, Ohio

David Cash

David Cash has blood on his hands. The fact that he did nothing to help save little Sherrice Iverson’s life makes him an enabler in her death. And the fact that he had the sheer audacity to ask if she was sexually aroused during the assault makes him a lowdown, dirty, nasty, sick pervert. Perhaps if he had called for the casino security (instead of being so concerned about protecting Jeremy Strohmeyer’s hide), Sherrice might still be alive and Cash would have been proclaimed a hero. From Adam Walsh to Sherrice Iverson, the message is clear: If we do not keep our eyes on our children and protect them, they will continue to be easy prey for perverts and predators.

Michele Miller, Niles, Ohio

Yes, David Cash is a slime bucket who deserves to be punished for his lack of compassion and moral judgment. There is, however, one person whose lack of judgment caused Sherrice’s murder; that is her father, Leroy Iverson. What kind of parent leaves his 7-year-old alone to wander in a casino at 3 a.m.? Sherrice should have been in bed, and her father should be arrested for child neglect.

Lisa Grier, Newark, Del.

It is questionable whether a Good Samaritan law would have saved Sherrice Iverson’s life, given that David Cash has the personal ethics of pond scum. But there is no doubt that responsible parenting clearly would have saved her life, and that is as tragic as her needless death.

Ellen R. Guion, Norwalk, Conn.

I sincerely hope that deejays Doug Steckler and Tim Conway Jr. succeed in getting David Cash removed from the University of California. He should be in jail with his best friend.

S. Felsher, Montreal

Sammy Sosa

Thank you for recognizing Sammy Sosa for being both a great baseball talent and person. Of course, Mark McGwire would get more attention for breaking the home-run record first, but Sosa, in my opinion, is just as great a ballplayer. Reading about how he came from basically nothing to get where he is today was inspirational. He puts a little smile on my face every time I watch him play. When he hit his 62nd home run and he sat in the dugout with tears in his eyes, I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed myself.

A. Stevenson, via e-mail

Sang Lan

Young women like the paralyzed Chinese gymnast Sang Lan should be the role models to whom we should hope our children look for inspiration. Miss Lan’s response to her tragedy is an example of how we should all face adversity—as a challenge, not a defeat.

Kim Ketcham, Tulsa

Who’s Sorry Now?

What I find particularly funny about your article on public apologies is that all the people featured are men. It seems history says it all: Men act now and lie later.

Angela Haugen-Heitmann, Mazeppa, Minn.

Doesn’t Monica Lewinsky owe an apology to Hillary, Chelsea and the American people? I do not believe she is a victim. After all, was she a victim in her four-year affair with her married teacher while she befriended his wife and babysat their children? Was she a victim when she pulled up her jacket and showed Clinton her thong panty straps? Was she a victim when she voluntarily unzipped the President’s pants? Was she forced into coming back to the White House for repeat performances? I think not!

Sharon Ewing, Huntington Beach, Calif.

I can’t believe that America is going to stand for this outrage! What kind of example are we setting for our children? Hillary and Bill’s new slogan must be “It takes a village of idiots.” Wake up, America, or we’ll become that village!

Kimberly Schmidt, Montgomery, Ala.

Geoffrey Fieger

If you think the President’s actions embarrass the United States, come to Michigan and take a look at or listen to our Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Geoffrey Fieger. Yes, he knows how to stir the public but usually it’s with outrageous facts or statements. I can’t fathom why anyone who looks at the facts would vote for him, and I feel sorry for the people of this great state if, God forbid, he’s elected.

Valerie Fred, Farmington, Mich.

Go, Geoffrey, go! Suicide mission? Maybe so, but at least you’ll get those Michiganders thinking, and most certainly keep them talking.

Linda Mayne, Farmingdale, N.Y.

Controversy may be interesting, but that’s not the fiber of a good governor. Some of us are exhausted by Geoffrey Fieger’s political correctness that tramples our moral values.

Merry and Leo Feith, Saginaw, Mich.

Bill Daem

The article about Bill Daem and the pacemakers touched me. My husband and my father both died with pacemakers that could have benefited someone. Somehow it seems as if the law could be changed so that patients in the U.S. could also participate in such a program. We waste so much. It would behoove us to consider doing whatever is necessary.

Karen Lyon, Murrieta, Calif.


According to you, Mel Gibson and his wife. Robyn, have six sons and one daughter, yet are now expecting child number seven. Unless my math skills have diminished, they are expecting child number eight. Somebody at PEOPLE counted on their fingers wrong!

Renee M. Nelson, Aurora, Ill.

We erred in reporting the size of the Gibsons’ family. They have five sons and one daughter. The child they are expecting will be their seventh.



How refreshing to read that Edward Norton refused to smoke in the picture Rounders. He certainly didn’t need to smoke to make his character believable. He did that with talent alone.

Joan Spedale, Wheaton, Ill.


I am sick of hearing people complaining about the Spice Girls being bad role models because of their out-of-wedlock pregnancies. Parents should be the ones explaining to their children what is right and what is wrong, not actors or singers. Melanie Brown just got married, and Victoria Adams has been engaged for some time. They have the right to do as they please.

Annemarie Roy, Ottawa

I have one thing to say to Rev. Maureen Hoyt about “commitment or marriages” between homosexuals. If you really are a minister, then you should have learned that homosexuality is wrong! That is not a lesson from an 11-year-old, that is a lesson from the Holy Bible. The world needs more lessons from that book.

Cyndi Camp, Boston

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