March 06, 1978 12:00 PM

Clint Eastwood & Sondra Locke

I have just finished reading your untalented article on a very talented subject—Sondra Locke (PEOPLE, Feb. 13). It’s sad that you found it necessary to indulge in adolescent titillation.

Clint Eastwood


Sondra Locke’s performance was the saving grace of The Gauntlet. She stole the picture right out from under Clint’s steely eyes.

Tom Harding

Stevensville, Mich.

Clint Eastwood just lost an avid fan because I can’t think of any justification for a man smashing a “recalcitrant horse” in the jaw. This is an example of one of the “most sensitive, gentlest men in the world”?

Edwina Marin

Southington, Conn.

Amityville Horror

Look at it logically. Would a successful businessman leave his business, possessions, etc., not to mention the $28,000 equity in the house, just for publicity? I sympathize with the Lutzes.

Pamela Clark

Delta, B.C.

The Electric Light Orchestra

Ah, at last you have seen the Light! Jeff Lynne and the ELO refreshingly prove that you don’t have to be “bad boys” or narcissistic publicity seekers to be successful in rock.

Doug Hazlewood

Victoria, Texas

Chesley Bonestell

A fitting tribute to a 90-year-old man who was as responsible for the eventual success of our space program as any scientist or technician. Today Bonestell has a whole new following of young people who are freshly discovering the wonders of the universe through the works of the master.

Ron Miller

Woodbridge, Va.

Joe Namath

Joe Namath “troubled,” “morose” and a “two-fisted drinker”? Any man who has a bad day on the golf course is not going to be smiling with joy. As to being a “two-fisted drinker,” guzzling mini-Coors would hardly qualify him for that title.

Stephanie Pederson

Edmonds, Wash.

I have been in love with Joe Namath ever since that 1969 Super Bowl. Not only because of his looks and charm, but because of his courage and ability to overcome pain and doubters to emerge as one of the greatest quarterbacks in pro football. I only pray he can show that same courage and ability to overcome his present mental pain.

Phyllis Forstrom

St. Paul, Minn.

The Fendi Sisters

Concerning the five Fendi sisters—GROSS! I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those gaudy coats—too bad those helpless animals are. Well, it just goes to prove my theory: Beauty is only “skin” deep, but ignorance goes all the way.

Lora Hirschberg

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Julius Fast

In spite of Julius Fast’s obviously comprehensive research, his short-sighted, ignorant generalizations of gay “body language” left me furious. I am an openly gay man. I do not wear strategically located earrings, key chains or color-coded handkerchiefs, nor do I know anybody who does. That includes gay women, whom Mr. Fast, typically, neglected to mention.

T.R. Sime


“If you are openly gay, you don’t need tricks,” responds expert Fast. As for women, he asked a group of lesbians about their sign language while researching his book. This and follow-up surveys led him to believe that “women have no signals for picking each other up. They do not do the same kind of picking up as men. A gay man may have as many as a hundred different partners a year, while a woman will probably have only one.”


Susan Newman

Just one thing I was curious about—Susan Newman saying she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life working for $900 a week. She was kidding, right? A little tongue-in-cheek humor there, I suppose.

D.T. Bradley

San Rafael, Calif.

Leon Spinks

Someone must have beaten out Spinks’ memory. If it was not for his joining the “jive Marine Corps,” he wouldn’t even know how to put boxing gloves on, let alone use them.

Tim Sterbens, NRMC

Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Whether it was the Corps or not, Leon learned.


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