By People Staff
February 13, 1978 12:00 PM

Helen Reddy

As a fan, collector of her albums and an aspiring songwriter, I was overwhelmed with your choice (at long last) for this week’s cover (PEOPLE, Jan. 23). Helen Reddy is a beautiful person.

Johanna Nichols

Penticton, B.C.

Helen Reddy’s daughter Traci doesn’t like her mother’s music? I’m 15 and I’m crazy about it. What kind of music does Traci like?

I. Brooks

Yadkinville, N.C.

Her favorite is Jackson Browne.


If Jerry Brown becomes President as Helen Reddy predicts, will her campaign contributions then entitle her to a Cabinet post, a Supreme Court appointment or will she act as Jerry’s official chaperone when he shows Linda Ronstadt the sights of Washington?

William D. Nueske


Josef Odermatt

My congratulations for discovering the purest media creation since Bruce Springsteen.

Jim Reimer

Lincoln, Neb.

Olga Korbut

Can’t anybody write an article on Olga Korbut anymore without mentioning Nadia Comaneci?

L. Davis

Elkhart, Ind.

Richard Dannenfelser

I suggest that Presbyterian minister Dannenfelser, a certified sex counselor, enroll in a refresher course. Since he himself is trying to destroy sexual myths, he might start by retracting his own statement that “there’s a lot more to sexuality than what a man does to a woman.” I thought we did it together!

Susan Picone

Shoreham, N.Y.

“It was said tongue in cheek,” says Dannenfelser, “and should be taken in context with what came before. I meant it to be a statement in the old, unfortunate mythological way of thinking—which needs to be changed.”


Paul Carney

It pains me to write this because I was so looking forward to an intelligent, constructive article on my talented son, Paul, who, incidentally, has made it on his own. I must tell you that I quit reading this piece of garbage after the first sentence or two because of the old drivel about me being a “recovered alcoholic” etc., etc., and then the reference to my brothers (Paul’s uncles) and then his grandfather! Thank you for absolutely NOTHING!

Art Carney

Westbrook, Conn.

Col. Donald Wisdom

Colonel Wisdom’s efforts to protect “Florida’s natural heritage” may indeed have cost him a brigadier general’s star, but surely there’s one in heaven shining for him.

Mrs. Pat Dickinson

Birmingham, Ala.

Mercenary Keith Nelson

After participating in two “wars” and losing both legs, Mr. Nelson still views combat as “the ultimate game” and professes to be “enthralled and excited by it.” As a disabled Vietnam veteran, I submit that he needs more than just physical therapy.

Ed Dodge

Los Angeles

Jim Fixx

Jim Fixx says it all! There isn’t a better book on the market on running. In one short year, I have shed 35 pounds and presently log 30-40 miles per week. My duodenal ulcer has disappeared, my triglyceride level, resting heartbeat and blood pressure are all substantially reduced.

Robert D. Crewe

Windsor, Ont.

A runner’s widow spends many hours alone. At first I felt left out and offended. Fixx’s book has helped me understand more fully how a runner gets hooked on his sport.

Sara Burrell


Jane Wooster Scott

In your Dec. 12 issue you had a story on artist Jane Wooster Scott, who is “curiously vague” about where she gets her ideas. The enclosed is just one example of where she got not only the ideas and thinking but the style for her paintings. As far as I’m concerned, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.

Charles Wysocki

Cedar Glen, Calif.

“I know Mr. Wysocki’s work [top],” replies Scott, “and I admire it very much. But I was painting my way [bottom] long before I ever saw his painting.”