June 19, 1978 12:00 PM

Brooke Shields
You say that Brooke “remains a very normal little girl” (PEOPLE, May 29). I have a 13-year-old daughter and she has never appeared nude in an R-rated film, never been asked by Playboy what “good in bed” means to her, and, amazing as it may seem, never been offered a part in a Swedish lesbian movie. Could it be that my child is not normal?

Michael Moyen


Brooke Shields triumphed over poor directing and screenplay and an obtrusive musical score because she has real star quality. She and the camera work made Pretty Baby. What “child pornography,” Rona?

Stephen Cook

New Bedford, Mass.

Too bad. Instead of finding a cute little child they could make look like a whore, why doesn’t Hollywood find a cute little whore they can make look like a child?

John Cayson

Tupelo, Miss.

Why the Band-Aids on Brooke’s leg?

Mrs. Gary Berrier

Knoxville, Tenn.

She cut it on the set of King of the Gypsies two days before the cover was shot.


Wayne Hays

“What did you expect with a bunch of draft dodgers facing a bunch of draft dodgers?” It is absolutely inconceivable that Wayne Hays could be elected to any office after making such an asinine and coldhearted remark about the senseless killings at Kent State.

R. Sinclair

Hillsborough, N.J.

Hays won last week’s primary over five opponents by a wide margin.


Arthur Janov

Had I read your article on Janov a year and a half ago, I would never have entered Primal Therapy. You made him look like an opportunist with a gimmick just to make a lot of money. If it is a gimmick, it is one that has saved my life. The method is far from easy, but it works. And though it cost me $6,000,1 feel “I’m worth it!”

Diana Day

Rockville, Md.

Harvey Cohen

The story on Harvey Cohen’s $19,500 bar mitzvah may well be worth your publishing for its unique ostentatious grossness. But I hope your Christian readers realize that it is a rarity, thank God. I don’t know whom to pity more, the parents who feel this need or the boy with such parents.

M. Forbes


Saul Steinberg

Steinberg is a genius who makes a line of india ink worth more than a thousand words. Your article was an inspiration and one of your best.

Daniel Bosler

El Cajon, Calif.

David Brenner

If you insisted on printing the story about the ridiculous and unfounded lawsuit filed against me, the least you could have done was to have quoted me in the proper context. I never said that the lawsuit “would make me a laughing stock of my business,” nor did I even insinuate that I was “brooding” over it. These statements, as all the others, were in reference to my being upset that of all I have accomplished in my career, you believed that only an unsubstantiated lawsuit made me newsworthy enough to be placed in your magazine.

David Brenner

Sacramento, Calif.

I am a Hungarian emigré whose family was acquainted with Jacques de la Fontaine and his mother way back when they owned the Tik-Tak Restaurant on Second Avenue. At that time it was excellent and we were frequent patrons. I have also been to his new restaurant. The food is mediocre, and his prices sky-high. I don’t think he should blame his problems on David Brenner.

Juli Gross

New York City

China Trip

I was fascinated with your article “Some Connecticut Yankees in Chairman Hua’s China.” I recently spent ten days in the U.S.S.R. with classmates and our experiences seem strikingly similar to those of the Darien students. From the atmosphere at the border crossing and one student’s description of the initial culture shock (“the alien food, undrinkable water, the total absence of cold drinks”), down to the “warm syrupy orange soda” that, with tea, was usually the only beverage available, life in the two nations seems almost identical. We, too, were put off by the presence of armed guards everywhere.

The description of the general living conditions (cramped) and way of life (uniform and regimented) also jibes with what we saw. There were, of course, some differences. We found the people in the U.S.S.R. generally friendlier than the Chinese, for example. But I am amazed that two countries so hostile toward each other could be so remarkably similar.

Tracy Bernstein

New York City

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