Linda Lavin

It is Alice, not Cheryl Ladd, Cheryl Tiegs nor FF-M, who is fast becoming the All-American woman (PEOPLE, April 24). And it is Linda who makes Alice so fantastic. As a divorced mother of one, I am Alice too. Linda may not be “celluloid pretty,” but she is damn gorgeous to me.

Gwen Rector

Notre Dame

Frank Sinatra

You must have gotten your information on the Sinatra trip from the PLO. My wife and I were with Frank’s group. On a 1-10 scale, we rate the trip from start to finish a 12.

Paul Drew

Los Angeles

It might be interesting for you to run some kind of estimate of how much money has been raised by Mr. Sinatra during his career, either by appearing or by lending his name to literally hundred of benefits, concerts and other charitable affairs. He did not deserve the article that you ran about him.

George Schlatter

George Schlatter Productions

Los Angeles

Vanessa Redgrave

During the ’60s, I too was dazzled by what I saw as Vanessa Redgrave’s heroism. We both have now lived long enough to see the unconscionable murder of people all over the world in the name of revolution. We all dreamed of the liberation of the Third World, but we never dreamed of Entebbe, Idi Amin or of the zeal of a PLO sympathizer alive and well at the Academy Awards.

Natalie Brown

Beverly Hills

Just because a group of hate-filled people is burning you in effigy, calling you vile names and trying to deny your right to spend your money and time on whatever political cause you see fit, I mean, is that any reason to call them “hoodlums”? Believe me, I would have called them more than that!

Henny Struijk

San Diego

Dr. George Archibald

I thought your readers would like to know that the Japanese crane egg shown on page 62 hatched [below].

Margene Bergstrom

Schofield, Wis.

Marvin Mitchelson

Regarding your article on “divorce” laws for singles: This seems less a gain for women than a loss for men and women alike. When warm feelings are followed by a claim for cold cash, romance is reduced to the level of little more than a commercial opportunity.

S. Malcolm

Silver Spring, Md.

Betty Faber

Cockroaches might be “pretty” on the inside to Dr. Faber, but it would be great if somehow they could be bred in different colors. Pastels perhaps. Since we have to share so much with them, they might as well be more attractive.

Kimberly Cadieux


Geoffrey Beene

Hands off the tuxedo! We’ve got jeans in the White House. Let us protect the only bastion of men’s formal wear.

John Fetters

The Tux Shop

St. Joseph, Mich.

Jerry Lee Lewis

“The Killer” is alive and well! Still! All of us who were teenagers during the ’50s loved and adored Elvis, but first there was Jerry Lee. And what a show he would put on. Thanks for the memories.

Elizabeth Lickey

Cross Junction, Va.

I was ecstatic when I learned Jerry Lee Lewis would be performing in St. Martinville, La. Finally, after a two-and-a-half hour wait, there he was, no more than five feet from me. He could barely walk or talk. He could not sing, much less play the piano though he tried to find the keyboard all night. The only phrase he spoke that I did understand was when the crowd started booing. He said, “Ya’ll paid, didn’t you!” Well, yes, Jerry Lee, I did pay—but never again.

Angel L. Greer

Lafayette, La.

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