December 19, 1977 12:00 PM

Keller & Pacino

Marthe Keller has everything: beauty, talent—and Al Pacino (PEOPLE, Nov. 28). What more could a girl ask for?

Ms. C. Richardson

Elgin, Ill.

Al Pacino and Marthe Keller may be “an oddly strained coupling of superstars” offscreen, but I loved every second of their film Bobby Deerfield. I do think it’s unfair, however, that 5’7″ Pacino should fall in love with 5’8½” Keller when there are so many of us short women around.

Lisa Brown

Bellevue, Wash.

I loved your article but wish it had been less Keller and more Pacino. Did Pacino do his own race-car driving in Deerfield?

Marilyn House

Kaysville, Utah

No, but he did learn to drive a conventional car for the part.


In your article on Marthe Keller and her acquisition of presumably capitalistic men, you forgot to mention whether she is still a member of the Communist party.

William C. Haygood

Madison, Wis.

She is not. “It’s better to have been a Communist at 20,” Keller once told an interviewer, “than to still be one at 40.”


Cowboys’ Cheerleaders

The Cowgirls make watching Dallas’ home games a pleasure, even though I hate the Cowboys.

John Hickey

Linden, N.J.

The Cowboys, led by coach Tom Landry and dynamic Roger Staubach, seem to be the outstanding team of ’77. And a group of girls in skimpy costumes who have to be told when and how to “cheer” get all the publicity.

Ginger Monroe


I was disgusted and disappointed by the blatantly sexist crotch shot of some of the Dallas Cowgirls. I found it in extremely poor taste!

Sandra L. Donhowe

Dalton, Ga.

Meldrim Thomson

It may amuse you and your readers to hear about our unusual governor, but we have to live with him and the problems of his state. We are not amused.

Peter C. Hildreth

House of Representatives

Concord, N.H.

I’ve never read a better argument for mandatory retirement at age 65 than Gov. Meldrim Thomson. Give that man a one-way ticket to the 17th century.

Kathy Lefkowitz

Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Picks & Pans

Are you sure The Beatles Forever wasn’t actually entitled National Lampoon Roasts the Beatles? Gawd! Next time you NBC nuts make a special about “rock,” ask your kids for advice, not some sleazy Las Vegas entertainer.

Marisa Dower

Pendleton, Oreg.

Sue Wong

When wearing one of Sue Wong’s designs, I feel like I’ve stepped out of a fairy tale, a very sexy fairy tale. Thank you for the article on a creatively sane woman in today’s overpriced, understated fashion world.

Ms. P. Meyer


Steve Rubell

Your photo coverage of the Big Apple’s Studio 54 was terrific: There’s Capote with his pants falling down; a stoned-looking Mick reclining against a disillusioned Baryshnikov; Diana Ross flashing her I-dazzle smile; a desperately frightened-looking Farrah; La Streisand with her I-own-the-world look; and an embarrassed Halston. It looks like some sort of Sick-Celebrity Zoo.

Jack Moller

Mexico City

Mr. Rubell overlooks the inextricable tie of the hedonist and the liberal. It ain’t liberal, my friend, to turn them away ’cause they’re ugly and unknown. In Washington we treat them with dignity and respect, even if they choose to eat their corned beef on raisin bread with ketchup.

Michael K. Wager

McLean, Va.

Carol Foreman

My understanding is that the Department of Agriculture was established to represent the farmer. Having a consumer advocate such as Carol Foreman at the USDA makes about as much sense as having George Meany heading the Small Business Administration!

Gordon D. Cripe, D.V.M.

Hartford City, Ind.

Tim Nugent

Applause! Applause! After weeks of endless articles on who’s groping whom in Hollywood, you have seen fit to acknowledge a real beautiful person. Tim Nugent, director of the University of Illinois Rehabilitation-Education Center, cared about the handicapped long before it became vogue.

Dr. & Mrs. John M. Yancho

Flushing, Mich.


Help! Since my husband read Paul Farber’s sample Jewish-American IQ test, he’s been smilingly calling me his “little Meshugga!” I don’t know if I’m (a) smart (b) sane (c) happy (d) crazy. Will you please print the answers to his provocative quiz?

Marilyn Osgood-Knight

Eugene, Oreg.

It’s (d).


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