By People Staff
December 12, 1977 12:00 PM

Mick & Keith

It’s about time you had some real rock-‘n’rollers on your cover (PEOPLE, Nov. 21). Now, if only you had had the gumption to put Keith on alone, you would have achieved perfection. As every true Stones fan knows, Keith Richard is the Rolling Stones.

Tinka Deal

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Hooray for the article on Jagger and Richard. It was great, but whoever did the makeup job on them for the cover should be shot!

Karen Middleton

Austin, Texas

The makeup artist was supplied by the Stones. Says Mick, “I think she’s a punk rock fan, probably in love with Johnny Rotten.”—ED.

I don’t think the police had any right to hassle Keith Richard. The government blew it and ruined everything, especially the fans’ hopes of seeing the Stones around town very often. We’re sorry, Keith. I hope the law goes easy. You quit and that’s the important thing.

Judy Barnes

Willowdale, Ont.

I’ve read about five different interviews with Keith since his Canadian bust. It’s obvious to me (and should be to anyone else with brains) that he has been trying to get good press about kicking his habit prior to his upcoming hearing. I resent the media being used this way, and I resent the media letting themselves be used. I’ll always be a Stones fan, but I can never respect that man except for his music.

Lauri Lynn

N. Hollywood, Calif.

Mick Jagger may amuse himself and his cohorts with putdowns of Elton John, but he can never hope to match John’s creative melodies and arrangements, or his brilliant musicianship. Punks are welcome to the Stones.

Jennifer Roberson


Lee Kitchens

As a U.S. Senate aide, I attended the White House Conference on the Handicapped in Washington last May. Mr. Kitchens was in the same round table discussion and we conversed for a considerable length of time. When I left this meeting, I had an entirely different attitude concerning the problems of the handicapped, i.e., architectural barriers, doorknobs, restroom facilities and so on. Kitchens may be a “little person” but that applies only to his stature. He’s one helluva gentleman. Thanks for sharing his crusade with the public.

Thomas M. Elrod

Clemson, S.C.

As the mother of a pseudo achondro-plastic teenager, I praise you for the intelligent and informative article. I learned more about the subject than I had in the 16 years my daughter has been on earth.

June L. Flitcraft

Portland, Oreg.

Simas Kudirka

Thank you for the follow-up on the Lithuanian seaman who risked all to escape to freedom. I have often wondered what life is like for him and his family. Kudirka’s story reminds us of the power and magic of U.S. citizenship (in his case, his mother’s).

Angela K. Lawler

Westminster, Md.

Jean Troisgros

Chef Troisgros says “more people die of hunger than of butter.” That’s like saying more people die of thirst than of drowning. It’s all relative. I’d also bet that more people die of butter than of margarine.

Tricia Bredbury

Cambridge, Mass.

Richard Dawson

I did so enjoy the story on Richard Dawson. There’s one thing about him I’d like to add. He is especially kind to older ladies. When I visited L.A. I went to Family Feud and he climbed all the way up to the ninth row to give me not one kiss but three. How many game show hosts would have done that!

Cassie Grabow


If the only thing missing in Richard Dawson’s wonderful life is “a lady to share it with,” would someone please explain who Jody Donovan is? They have appeared on Tattletales (for celebrity couples) for the past year.

Jan Klutz

St. Peters, Mo.

“I’ve known Jody for three years,” explains Dawson, “and invited her on the show because she’s a wonderful singer and it’s a good way to get exposure.”—ED.

The Van Benthums

I attend USC law school and I was outraged to learn that these javelin-throwing triplets are all receiving full athletic scholarships. Tuition here is increasing at a rate of $400-$500 a year. Many men and women with brilliant minds are excluded from attending because graduate scholarships are so limited. Loans are also limited. What kind of an educational system exists when universities find more glory in the number of Olympic competitors and top football teams than in providing a good education for men and women?

C.J. Wiley

Los Angeles

Frank Sinatra

Why did you have to print that Chatter item about Frank Sinatra picking up the bill for Joe Louis’ heart surgery? All that will do is demonstrate Sinatra’s humanity. Stick to stories about his alleged Mafia connections, his bad temper and his punching photographers who intrude on his privacy. That’s the Frankie the media want us to think is the real man. You’re going to blow the gossipmongers’ carefully crafted image.

Jerry Victor

Los Angeles

Susan Dey

Somewhere out there in Consumerland is an impressionable adolescent fervently gnawing on a Milk-Bone dog biscuit and wondering why she still doesn’t bear any resemblance to Susan Dey. Sheesh!

Lindsay Sanford

Columbus, Ohio

“It won’t do any harm,” laughs a Nabisco spokesman, “but we don’t recommend it. I don’t think they taste very good.”—ED.

Dina Triantafilidis

Your article on the little girl whose face and hands were so horribly burned made me realize how stupid I was to fuss over a pimple on my cheek. Dina is without a doubt one of the bravest people I have ever heard of—and at 8 years old yet!

Emily Whitfield

Princeton, N.J.

This story was simply remarkable. I found that I was not sorry for the child, but proud of her determination and courage.

C. Brown


Somehow I cannot imagine Dr. Kernahan saying “There are no miracles” after working with Dina. There not only are miracles, Dina is one of them.

Marsha Fishbaugh

Enterprise, Ala.