December 05, 1977 12:00 PM

Michelle Phillips

The beautiful Michelle sings like an angel, is an actress of tremendous potential and lives as a truly liberated spirit (PEOPLE, Nov. 14). For those of us who have believed in this talented lady since her days with the Mamas and the Papas, her present success is most gratifying.

Max Reagan

Weaverville, N.C.

Michelle has proven herself. I knew she would from the day I took her to a Brigitte Bardot lookalike contest in 1959.

Ronnie Curt

Incline Village, Nev.

So Michelle Phillips doesn’t think Rudolf Nureyev is a sexual or sensual man? That statement only proves her eyesight is no better than her wooden, one-dimensional acting. I have never had the honor of meeting Nureyev, but would gladly trade all the Warren Beattys and Jack Nicholsons in the country for an hour with him. To quote Monique Van Vooren, “If Rudolf Nureyev was a religion, I’d join it.”

Louise Dolan

Washington, D.C.

The far more talented Nureyev had enough class and confidence in his abilities not to downgrade Michelle Phillips when Dick Cavett gave him the chance in a recent TV interview.

J. Teja

Norwalk, Conn.

But earlier: “She will eat her hat,” Nureyev told the London Evening News. “The day will come when she will say she was proud to work with me. In the past there have been quite a few ladies given to hat-eating as far as I am concerned. She will probably be another of them.”


Clark Clifford

Clark Clifford views Washington like a true-blue bureaucrat. Without doubt Watergate was “politics as usual.” The only difference was the “Nixon gang” got caught. One wonders where Mr. Clifford was when Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Johnson concocted their shenanigans.

William D. Nueske


Larry Adler

I liked your feature on me very much even though you missed my outstanding characteristic—modesty. I had hoped (Hoped? Hell, I prayed) that there’d be a shot of me playing tennis with onetime U.S. champion (1944) Frank Parker. Now the world will never know that I’m the finest Jewish, mouth-organ-playing, left-wing (but right-handed) tennis player in Rothwell Street (one block long).

Larry Adler


Baby Doc

It sounds like Haiti may be headed in the right direction with Jean-Claude Duvalier. But a 250-room Hyatt Hotel complex? Over Haitian children’s dead bodies! Why do most governments tend to put wants before needs? Starvation should be at the top of their priorities.

Ronette Lombardi


Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler is one of the finest young actors in the world. Heroes was only his first film. Lighten up, y’all. Such negative vibrations!

Robert Reynolds


My psychiatrist husband and I have treated a number of individuals suffering from unresolved, traumatic war neurosis. Both of us think that Henry Winkler’s portrayal was not that of a “zany punk” Fonzie, but very true to life. Superficiality and humor (offbeat or otherwise) are frequently seen in frightened, angry, traumatized victims.

Mrs. Becky Banta, R.N.

Rockford, Ill.

Kenny Stabler

Kenny Stabler implies that Bear Bryant calls each of his quarterbacks “the best passer I have ever had.” There’s some truth to what Bryant says. Can any other college coach boast of four former players starting as quarterbacks at the start of the 77 season (Stabler—Raiders, Namath—Rams, Hunter—Falcons, Todd—Jets)? We’re proud of them all.

Marshall Peacock

Birmingham, Ala.

Bing’s Boys

With no disrespect to Bing’s second family, there are many of us Crosby fans who hold a big place in our hearts and memory books for Gary, Dennis, Phillip and Lindsay. Thank you for letting us know how and where they are.

Jacqueline Taylor

Grand Rapids, Minn.

Tsk, tsk, those “poor original Crosby sons.” What with ten marriages, booze, troublemaking, etc., it’s a wonder Bing had anything to do with them.

Mrs. C.E. Smith

Beaverton, Oreg.

Diane Keaton

Although I do not agree with your criticisms of Looking for Mr. Goodbar, it is your use of the term “schizophrenia” I object to most. Diane Keaton’s role was not typical of schizophrenic behavior. If you must use psychiatric terms to describe her “hot/ cold, kind/ cruel” behavior, “hysterical neurosis: dissociative type” is a more accurate label. I would hope that just as mental health professionals do not attempt film reviews, film critics will not attempt the psychiatric labeling of film characters.

Mary B. Moorhead

Berkeley, Calif.


Feminists who find wife-beating unforgivable but husband-killing defensible are guilty of a form of sexism more dangerous than any that now exists on any large scale.

David L. Rutledge

Hattiesburg, Miss.

Don’t these girls ever hit back? It works wonders. Thirty-eight years ago my own mother was once slapped by my father. She slapped him back and that was that. Her mother let her husband have it in the head with an orange after he hit her.

Carol Rogers


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