November 21, 1977 12:00 PM

Donny & Marie

When I’m through with this issue (PEOPLE, Oct. 31) I may leave it out in a field of clover for all the honeybees to nestle in.

Walter Hutchins Jr.


I think you portrayed the Osmonds in a sickeningly sweet way. Donny & Marie—the whole family—are nice people. It’s not bad to be nice!

Sandra Ronquillo


Marie may be 5’4″ but she can’t weigh 95 pounds. Her teeth must weigh at least 50!

D. Gordon


Wearing a tight leotard is unacceptable; drinking Coca-Cola and watching soap operas are both considered naughty. Littering the landscape with toilet tissue is okay fun. It makes one wonder.

Shannon Rifkind

Baton Rouge

It’s about time someone stood up for what is becoming extinct in today’s homes: family togetherness. We thank the whole Osmond clan for sticking to their beliefs.

The Laborte Family

National City, Calif.

Which “wicked soap opera” does Marie feel guilty about watching for two weeks?

Sam Mullaney


The Young and the Restless.—ED.

An “overwrought Chicago critic” called Marie’s TV appearance “the hooker look.” My sentiment exactly! I am surprised that the Mormon church hasn’t had something to say about the image Marie is projecting. But, of course, I’m sure the church wouldn’t want to jeopardize that tithe of “seven figures per annum.”

Mary Bonds

Garden Grove, Calif.

“I have heard many people say the change is too drastic, “says church spokesman Charles Graves. “My own feeling in some ways is the same. But we would not dictate to Marie how to dress. Our church teaches its people only to dress with modesty and in good taste. Marie does.”—ED.

Ernie Schwiebert

This is a note of appreciation for your excellent article concerning Ernie Schwiebert. He is fly angler supreme. And I know whereof I write because on more than several occasions we have fished demanding waters together and he always manages to produce. By the way, Ernie as a “jock” was trying to be a halfback at Ohio State, but in his way was a fellow named Hop-along Cassidy, everybody’s all-American.

Charles K. Fox

Carlisle, Pa.

“I was little more than cannon fodder,” ripostes Schwiebert. “The closest I came to excelling at the sport was to get an A in a course called “Advanced Theory of Football.”—ED.

Lesley Stahl

I think CBS anchorwoman Lesley Stahl is a lousy candidate for Mother’s Day. An educated 35-year-old woman should be pregnant by choice, not accident. And if friends and relatives must persuade her to have the baby, or “experience a child” (as if it were some new kind of gourmet food!), then she is off to one hell of a beginning.

Deborah Anderson

Rockford, Ill.

Louis Kahan

Because Louis Kahan thought he was back in Nam, it was natural for him to beat, savagely rape, choke to death a 16-year-old girl who was weaponless, defenseless? Read it and weep, America.

Toni Owen Carter

Ponoka, Alberta

Robert Preston

Your marvelous story on Robert Preston discussed the Othello that he would do with Richard Burton. After the story went to press, it was decided that Othello would be postponed. Burton is considering another theater project and Preston has just signed to star in a new musical, The Prince of Grand Street, which is scheduled for Broadway in the spring. He will play a fading matinee idol of the great days of the Yiddish theater. Then, in another season or so, Othello.

John Springer

John Springer

Associates, Inc.

New York City

Picks & Pans

I’ll have you know that is Ron Wood in your picture with Mick Jagger, not Keith Richard. If it is any consolation, you are right. The Rolling Stones are the best!

Jerry A. Jurasits

Alexandria, Va.

On this week’s cover, we finally got it right—ED.

Kenneth Keniston

I’m collecting the arguments advanced nowadays to sell a welfare state to the world, and Professor Keniston’s surely belongs. The article made me sick and mad. I get sicker and madder still that people like him are getting paid for the specious intellectualism which attempts to con us into believing that taking one man’s money and giving it to another man is not only not wrong but also will cure every problem under the sun.

William E. Rosenkrantz

Long Beach, Calif.

Kenneth Keniston should not expect taxpayers to support children born in poverty. If people can’t afford to raise their own children they should not have them. My parents are spending a great deal more than $50,000 to raise me. Why should they pay to raise someone else’s kid?

Linda Tatman

Azusa, Calif.

The Kefauvers

Marguerite Kefauver shows both gumption and a forgiving spirit to stick by an apparently selfish husband who is trying hard to end her budding political career. Mr. Kefauver obviously fears that his wife may soon be serving the public instead of serving him.

Mrs. M.J. Mathews

Longboat Key, Fla.

The day before the Cape Coral, Fla. mayoral election, Mrs. Kefauver’s husband fired his last salvo: “I wish I had two votes so I could vote against her twice.” Next day Marguerite Kefauver lost with 40 percent of the vote.—ED.

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