By People Staff
October 03, 1977 12:00 PM

Susan Saint James

Thank you for the marvelous article and pictures of a super lady, Susan Saint James (PEOPLE, Sept. 12). She is not only a beautiful young woman, but an intelligent, level-headed, sensitive and honest person.

Ann Seawell

Piscataway, N.J.

Your cover and sizable “puff” piece on this meagerly talented actress must be a puzzle to many. Saint James may have in effect fired her husband as her manager, but she appears to have hired a very good press agent.

Adam Singer

Avon-by-the-Sea, N.J.

I remember Susan Saint James being pregnant during the early McMillan & Wife, but the script never mentioned it. Then a couple of years ago the same thing happened. Was she pregnant with her real-life children?

Johanna Schupf

New York City

Yes. But Susan’s second pregnancy was mentioned on the show (with one line of dialogue), because she threatened to quit if it wasn’t. “NBC didn’t see how a woman could be sexy and have children,” she says indignantly.—ED.

I’m not against breast-feeding, but to let a 2½-year-old boy nurse is utterly revolting! It’s so primitive. All educated mothers have their babies weaned before they are 9 months old.

Mrs. M. A. Hynes


Why does Susan Saint James breastfeed a 2½-year-old boy!

Vickie Sims

San Francisco

Replies Susan, “Because La Leche League holds that a child should be nursed as long as he wants to be. Harmony won’t someday. I’ve never seen a 20-year-old man nursing yet.”

Ross Browner

You say that if Notre Dame’s Ross Browner wins the Heisman Trophy, he will be only the second lineman to do so. I assume that by the first you meant Leon Hart, also Notre Dame, who won it in 1949. Actually, Hart was the second lineman to win. Larry Kelley, an end from Yale, was the first.

Dick Preu


Kelley (below) won the Heisman Trophy in 1936 (and beat out TCU’s “Slingin’ ” Sammy Baugh). The other half of Yale’s “Touchdown Twins,” halfback Clint Frank, took it the next year. Yale has not won the Heisman since.—ED.

Chicago 7

Your reminder of the Chicago 7 is not appreciated. Why was, and is, the news media so attracted to these Communist-duped bums? If they, and those like them, had had their way, you and I would have much less personal freedom today.

Jack B. Newman

Silver Spring, Md.

I knew Jerry Rubin before the press made him a star. He had no following in the protest movement except for a handful of mindless groupies. His comments now should surprise no one—his commitment always was to his ego and wallet. Your gleeful “exposure” of this small-businessman hustler should have been made 10 years ago when it was news.

Jerry Weinberg

Passaic, N.J.

Some have decided, unfortunately, that the revolution is over. But many have not. Even if Jerry Rubin cops out, the revolution still lives!

Scott Solsbury

Conneaut, Ohio

Peter Blake

I totally agree with architect Blake’s attitude on modern structures. I find repetitive towers very boring. In his opinion, what U.S. city has the most diversified, well-balanced architecture? I’m in favor of San Francisco.

Y. J. Moss

Martinez, Calif.

“San Francisco or Boston,” says Blake.

Alistair MacLean

Mr. MacLean’s first novel, H.M.S. Ulysses, is not just about a mutiny. It deals with the suffering and nobility of a courageous crew on a British vessel on the Murmansk run during World War II. It is one of the finest tales of courage under extreme adversity I have ever read, and I have often thought that it was Mr. MacLean’s finest work. I suspect he might agree with me.

Robert Anthony Jacques

Rockville, Md.

“I don’t necessarily think it is my best book, or my favorite,” replies MacLean. His choice? “Probably Fear Is the Key, my sixth.”—ED.

Marilyn Kosten

Marilyn Kosten states that Tracy Austin won’t wear anything but her Little Miss Tennis designs. Why then, during recent Forest Hills coverage, was Mrs. Austin credited with making Tracy’s dresses? Who is responsible for those adorable pinafores?

Donna F. Chiffrille

Arlington, Va.

Tracy wore Kostens in all her rounds except for a Teddy Tinting in a doubles match.—ED.

Dr. Richard Selzer

Too bad that the sensibilities of some of Dr. Selzer’s readers were offended by his vivid description of abortion. Let’s stop pretending that abortion, at any stage of pregnancy, is no different than an appendectomy. Selzer is telling it like it is. What does he have to apologize for?

Catherine Seina

Raymondville, Texas

John Kennedy

If that was anyone but a 16-year-old Kennedy with a beer, diet or otherwise, he’d be viewing that tennis match from the inside of a squad car!

Susi Storcel

North Riverside, Ill.

Newmar & Smith

It’s good to read about two people so much in love and enjoying it to their fullest capacity. A terrific story.

Rob Rollino

Belleville, Ont.

I’m glad to see that John Holt Smith and Julie Newmar are so blissfully happy because, at 25 times per week for sex, I figure he only has about a month and a half to live.

S. D. Carter