September 12, 1977 12:00 PM

Sissy Spacek

Now that you’ve had Sissy Spacek on your cover (PEOPLE, Aug. 22) you might as well stop publication. There is no way you are going to top her!

Robert H. Michelfelder

Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Although Ms. Spacek has an exotic kind of beauty, it is her rare talent, inner beauty and life-style that make her truly refreshing among today’s crop of Hollywood types and “angels.”

Fred Lauver

Middletown, Pa.

There is no doubt that Sissy Spacek is a fine actress, but in no sense of the word is she a “superstar.” Bisset, Minnelli, Dunaway and Streisand are today’s superstars. Let’s be more careful with the way we throw that word around.

Allan R. Halcrow

Orange, Calif.

You say that Sissy Spacek’s first reaction to the Carrie script was “yuck.” But since she took the part, how did she like having all that Karo syrup poured over her?

Len Tahsuda

Palmdale, Calif.

“It was a humbling experience,” says Sissy. The bloodbath for Carrie’s homecoming had to be shot up to four times a day for some two weeks.—ED.

James Lynch

James Lynch’s theory on loneliness, human contact, etc., is an extremely limited viewpoint which I consider to be immature and shallow. There are millions of people all over the world who live alone and prefer it that way.

Delilah E. Stevenson

Watchung, N.J.

James Lynch has hit on something very important. Loneliness strikes thousands of people every day, and the help they need is so readily available and so easy to give. When I think of all the illness in the world that can’t be helped, it seems so unfair.

Karen Leary


John Kinsley

Perhaps the eastern part of the country had a rough winter, but the western part has had an even rougher summer. The drought has plagued us now for two years. The next time poet John Kinsley wants to compose an ice poem, why doesn’t he bring it to California and let it M-E-L-T? One family could have had a year’s worth of water with just his one-word sculpture.

Lindsey R. McCartney

San Francisco

Henry Hyde

He sounds like a sexually frustrated man who doesn’t want anyone else to have fun.

C.F. Smith

San Francisco

I am appalled at the antiquated thinking some ill-educated congressmen continue to promote. Congressman Hyde does not believe in abortion, sterilization or vasectomies. Who the hell does he think would pick up the tab for the feeding, clothing and housing of the 300,000 aborted (paid by Medicaid) last year? The taxpayers, and at a substantially higher price.

Dillie Rapley

Van Nuys, Calif.

Henry Hyde: Beautiful!

Father Edwin Arentsen

Holy Cross Church Wendelin, Ill.

Congressman Hyde does not support abortion, presumably because of the “right to life,” yet he does support the death penalty. I wonder how he rationalizes such contradictions.

Janet Ghinger

New York City

Replies Hyde: “When a fetus is tried and found guilty of murder, I’ll support capital punishment for it. Abortion kills an innocent life. That’s the essential difference between abortion and capital punishment for the crime of murder.”

Serge Seguin

Thank you for the article on Serge Seguin and how the moped became big in the U.S.A. Now I know whom to pressure to get those damn things licensed and to teach the owners how to drive before they kill somebody!

Stan Olochwoszcz

Fairview, N.J.

Joe Pignatano

Shame, shame on Mets bullpen coach Joe “Piggy” Pignatano. Green tomatoes are edible. Fry them in a little bacon drippings either plain or after dipping in flour or seasoned breadcrumbs. Delicious.

Amy L. Kline

Wyoming, Mich.

So are chow chow, piccalilli, Indian pickle, rummage pickle, tomato relish, rag pickles and Danish green relish. Piggy sounds like a real city farmer to me!

Sue Ann Ciesiolka

New Carlisle, Ind.

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