By People Staff
June 20, 1977 12:00 PM

Cindy Williams

Finally, a cover story on Cindy Williams (PEOPLE, May 30)! I’ve been waiting months for this. Farrah is certainly prettier by modern beauty standards, but I find Cindy far more appealing, physically and otherwise. What a dish!

Mark Burbey


Cindy Williams is the classic girl-next-door. In fact, if I knew her address I’d move next door.

Lonnie Mason


Joan Crawford

As a close friend of Joan Crawford for the past 30 years, I am horrified by Doris Lilly’s appalling article. Although I was not with her at the end, I know the two people who were and do not question their integrity. She took no overdose of sleeping pills or anything else! Those of us who really knew and loved Joan are well aware of how she felt about suicide, and also that she had no use for psychiatrists.

Mrs. Geraldine E. Gruener

Hartford, Conn.

Miss Lilly writes: “For the last 18 months she [Joan Crawford] had refused to set foot outside her [New York] apartment.” If that was true, perhaps Miss Lilly can explain how I received, in the period of time she is referring to, no fewer than five personal letters from Miss Crawford, all postmarked from her home in Los Angeles.

Richard Williams

Manteno, Ill.

Doris Lilly replies: “Joan sold her Los Angeles home 20 years ago. Letters written to her there were answered by a secretary, sent to Joan in New York for signature, then sent back to California for mailing.”—ED.

I worked for Joan Crawford over a period of 10 years or so. She did have a phobia about dirt and loved to see anyone on their hands and knees. She had one favorite saying: “Mr. Grant, don’t expect anything but be grateful for all you get.”

I don’t recognize the white mop she is pictured using after a party. However, we had oiled mops sent in every two weeks by the dozen, and we sent dirty ones out to be cleaned and returned.

Charles Grant

New York City

Joan Crawford was my friend and I want to defend her. Miss Lilly supports her conclusion of suicide with evidence that “Joan was preparing to die.” Joan was prepared for everything. She was constantly organizing her life, constantly “cleaning out” and giving away her possessions. Joan often said she was trying to simplify her life. She gave so much of herself to the world in her 50-year career that she deserved the low profile she chose to maintain in her later years.

Jack Bangs

New York City

Bronc Rider Todd Williamson

Your bronco-riding picture is worth a thousand-word essay on agony. It plainly shows both “bucking straps,” fore and aft, cutting into leg and stomach muscles, and the metal rings pressing into the backbone of a screaming horse. If Todd Williamson and his students end up in metal braces with broken backs and paralyzed legs, I wouldn’t be surprised—or sorry!

Mildred B. Harris

Woodbridge, Conn.

Bunker Hunt

Bunker Hunt’s unorthodox training methods obviously work well, but I cannot believe that he, an experienced horseman, would allow his beautiful prize horses to roam the pasture wearing regular halters! Even us once-on-Sunday riders know the potential danger to the horse. Hunt should use a safety halter designed to let the horse break free if the halter gets hung up on a fence post or anything else.

Norma Platt

Tempe, Ariz.

For ease of handling, halters are left on newly acquired horses like those photographed until they feel at home on Hunt’s ranch. Then, says manager Leonard Marshall, “We let ’em run nekked.”—ED.

Lou Rawls

It was a terrific and well-deserved story on Lou Rawls, but Norman Brokaw was not representing Lou when our office placed him on the national Budweiser campaign. The Budweiser folks are very happy with Lou’s acceptance and so are we for making the original suggestion.

Charles H. Stern

Los Angeles

For 15 years my wife and I have asked Lou Rawls to appear at every type of benefit testimonial imaginable. These appearances never paid Mr. Rawls a dime. The unbelievable part is that in 15 years, he never said no if he was in town. He may have thought he had forgotten the “dude on the street” but we didn’t feel that way.

Bill Burke

Los Angeles

Gloria Harris

In my own words, with the correct body posture, the correct tone of voice, and eye contact (I’ll try not to stare), I’d like to tell Gloria Harris that it does not rain nine months of the year in Seattle!

Grant Merrill


Rev. Frank Knutti

I can’t think of a nicer place than Shamokin, Pa. for Jesus to pay a visit. You will never find a group of warmer and more dedicated people than in this virtually crime-free and picturesque country town.

Mrs. Merle Shusner

East Hartford, Conn.

Picks & Pans

In your comment on The David Kopay Story, you say that in 1975 Kopay was a “fading backfield talent for the San Francisco Forty-Niners.” He started his professional career in 1964 with the Forty-Niners, but by 1975 he was out of professional football, having played for San Francisco, Detroit, Washington, New Orleans and Green Bay. You also speak of his “insensitivity to the pain he caused his wife, parents and siblings” when his homosexuality was revealed in a series of articles on the broad subject of sports and old-line macho. Having worked with the man as his publisher for many hours, I can only testify that you are one hundred percent in error in this cruel judgment.

Donald I. Fine

New York City