By People Staff
May 16, 1977 12:00 PM

Sally Field

When I saw my favorite actress smiling through the wires of the magazine rack, I knew I had to buy this issue (PEOPLE, April 25). Sally Field is a fresh, beautiful, incredibly talented and versatile actress.

Minda Larson

Madison, Wis.

“The Flying Nun Grows Up”? Somehow making a movie with the Fonz and having “a fling with Burt” do not serve to fulfill my criteria for maturity. Sounds more like Gidget revisited.

T.J. Schorle

Los Angeles

Sally Field has been “grown up” for years. Your assertion that a 30-year-old woman with two sons has to date Burt Reynolds and make a movie with Henry Winkler (Henry Winkler?) to prove she is an adult is utter nonsense.

George K. Kmetz


Jack Carter

I never realized that the University of Georgia Law School’s prerequisites included a .8 average in undergraduate work, and a less-than-honorable discharge from the Navy. It never fails to amaze me as to the actual power of knowing the “right” people, such as a state governor.

Kristine Ott Jordan

Matthews, N.C.

Being a governor’s son may have been a factor in Carter’s admission, but, undeniably, another was his degree in physics from Georgia Tech, a tough school.


The Menningers

I am an elementary school principal now, but I taught for four years at the Menninger Foundation and was a Menninger public school consultant. During that time I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Roy and Bev Menninger. There was no subject they weren’t interested in, and they took the time to care about all aspects of their clinic and their community. It is a pleasure to see them so well portrayed in your magazine.

Mike Culp

Topeka, Kans.

Robert Shaw

Thank you for a really good look at Robert Shaw, not only a great actor but a terrific father, too. He’s not shark bait in my book.

Ruth B. Slayton

Mount Clemens, Mich.

Dr. Henry Jordan

Regarding the eat-what-you-like diet:

So many doctors nowadays,

Telling us how to do it.

Now it’s “let them eat cake.”

Well, let them call him a fake.

At least I know I’d stick to it!


Rockford, Mich.

Death Row Women

Let’s hear it for the poor women on Death Row. Among them, they have only done away with eight human beings. I am sick of the sympathy given to murderers these days. For God’s sake, remember the victim and his last moments.

Mrs. K. West

Oakville, Ontario

How marvelous that Sonia Jacobs believes in togetherness and “doing everything as a family.” That fact enabled her children to be present at the killing of two policemen. How many kids are lucky enough to get in on that kind of fun?

Judith Piers

Chatham, Ontario

Margaret Hamilton

The Wicked Witch was always my favorite character in The Wizard of Oz. Besides the roles you mentioned, what about Miss Hamilton’s part in Abbott and Costello’s Comin’ Round the Mountain? She was just as good in that.

Barbara Allen

Paterson, N.J.

Hamilton disagrees. “I was terrible. It wasn’t a good picture at all.”—ED.

The Brothers

Your article on Joyce Brothers would have been more appropriately titled “A Study in Assertive Subservience.” Sickening.

Shelley Hine

Calgary, Alberta

What was the $64,000 question?

Beth McLaughlin

Lawrence, Kans.

It was seven questions, including the length of the 1923 Dempsey-Firpo heavyweight bout (3 min. 57 sec.) and the full name of the Marquis of Queens-berry (John Sholto Douglas).—ED.