By People Staff
April 18, 1977 12:00 PM

Faye Dunaway

Terry O’Neill’s cover photograph of Faye Dunaway is the ultimate definition of beauty (PEOPLE, March 28).

N. J. Fedak II


What a lady! I don’t know what impressed me more—her beauty or her intelligence.

Bob Allen

Syracuse, N.Y.

Brad Darrach’s metaphors should give him nightmares. Rattlesnake cheekbones, swampfire eyes? I thought he liked Faye Dunaway.

R.L. Madocs

Fresh Meadows, N.Y.

Max Cleland

I just finished reading your article on Max Cleland, the new head of the VA—a Super Human Being. Jimmy Carter has more perception and sensitivity than I thought.

Kerry Meyers

Olney, Md.

Roman Polanski

Why does it take a rape charge for you to do an article on a genius?

Kathy Bakken

Lexington, Ky.

Please, no more excuses for people like Roman Polanski. He has had a lot more opportunities to do something meaningful with his life than most of us.

Sara Wade

Halifax, Nova Scotia

I’ve got news for Roman Polanski, who announced “girls should accept their role as governed by biological realities.”

Mr. Polanski, girls do not have roles any more than boys do. A woman’s place is everywhere, and today’s generation of young women does not feel bound by biological realities, whatever that means. They feel bound only by their capabilities, and they feel pity for people like you who are still caught up in old stereotypical thought patterns.

Joan Floyd

Schenectady, N.Y.

Polanski could face a 50-year sentence for rape? Rapists caught and convicted draw a 1-to-5 and are usually out in three years. Sometimes they don’t serve any time, only probation. Fifty years! That would really be a step forward in California or anywhere.

Joan H. Tada

Los Angeles

Margaret Trudeau

It may be true that Margaret Trudeau has not suffered another nervous breakdown. I would instead diagnose her condition as the advanced stages of terminal tackiness. If as stated she and Pierre discussed Plato, revolution and logic for hours, it must have been an awfully one-sided conversation. If their marriage is working, it must be because of their one common interest, Margaret.

Beverly Delfino

Oakville, Ontario

I must say that the American press is much kinder toward Margaret Trudeau than the Canadian. Who cares if she wears tight jeans and goes to rock concerts? It’s about time we had a modern, level-headed woman as our first lady.

P. Ringham

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I can appreciate Margaret’s desire for freedom and wanting to be a professional photographer in New York. Most Canadians would appreciate her even more if she took her husband to New York with her.

E.G. Eisler

Hamilton, Ontario

Doesn’t Margaret Trudeau realize that to praise one’s own qualities is the quickest way to turn others off? If her self-appraisals had come from another individual I would have given half an ear. As it came direct from the horse’s mouth, I can only sum her up as a 28-year-old egotistical prig.

Micki Williams

Sedalia, Mo.


To my surprise, when I opened this issue, I saw a photo of Brigitte Bardot with a toy Harp seal. I designed that toy seal for my 2-year-old daughter, Vera Francisca. Since then, they have become a popular toy throughout Europe. They are now available to Americans who send a $20 contribution to the Weber Foundation, Save Our Seals, P.O. Box SOS, Plainview, N.Y. 11803.

Judith Weber

New York City

Mrs. Weber’s husband, Franz Weber, head of the foundation, hopes to sell 170,000 of these toys a year. The idea is to give the profits to the Canadian seal hunters in return for sparing the baby seals.


Doris Sassower

“The divorce laws in many states are an obscenity for women,” says divorce lawyer Sassower, adding that they could wind up with no marital assets and no alimony. In view of this, it bewildered me that Sassower replied “yes” when asked if more women today are seeking divorces.

Kevin M. McCaffery


“Isn’t that paradoxical?” agrees Sassower. “Some wives are so wretched in their marriages they’re willing to give up everything. Some don’t care if their husbands support them. Men still consider the economic costs. Women are less constrained by economic factors than formerly.”


Petula Clark

Your article about Petula Clark was simply delightful. It was a pleasure to read about someone who enjoys success and yet gives as much attention to her family as she does.

Constance Farrell

Lafayette, Ind.

A German TV Easter special, some record sessions in England and a single for a French label. Pet, how wonderful for Europe. But your admirers in America would enjoy an album of new material just as much. Vegas is simply not enough.

R. Gregory Dale

Yorba Linda, Calif.

Barbara Pearlman

I was very pleased with your article on me. I would, however, like to make clear that I encourage my clients to adhere to a high protein, low starch diet, not a no starch diet which I believe to be nutritionally unsound.

Barbara Pearlman

New York City


I was both saddened and disgusted by the Charles Greers and their “baby” Hugo. A link chain for entertainment, spaghetti, salami and french fries for nutrition, a 15-by-20-foot cell for a 25-year term. Mercifully, that gorilla need not endure another decade of such sorrowful circumstances.

Jeannie T. Berman

Portland, Oreg.

So Hugo has become temperamental with advancing age. I should think he’d be mad as hell.

Judy C. Love

West Chester, Pa.

Erich Segal

While some may feel Farrah Fawcett-Majors is a perfect “angel,” her talents are far from deserving a starring role in the movie of Erich Segal’s new novel Oliver’s Story. Serious consideration should be given a more creditable actress, Meredith Baxter Birney.

Leigh Everett

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Segal has only seen Farrah in photographs and doesn’t know of Meredith. His choice for blonde divorcée Marcie Binnendale: Candy Bergen.


Glorifying Erich Segal for his writing is one matter, but please, not for his running. More than 3,600 U.S. men ran under three hours for the marathon in 1976. While completing a marathon is no trivial feat, please keep Segal’s running in perspective.

Bruce Trigg

Guelph, Ontario

You have developed an annoying habit of revealing the endings of books and movies. I know of two, and there are possibly more. Last summer you told us the reason Billy Joe did away with himself in Ode to Billy Joe. In this issue you tell the ending of Oliver’s Story. Please stop.

Elaine Maher

Chico, Calif.