April 11, 1977 12:00 PM

David Carradine

I have always believed that David Carradine could be a great actor if he got his head on straight. Consequently, I started reading your cover story (PEOPLE, March 21) with avid interest. My God! Ingmar Bergman has a horse shot to death for effect! After his emotional protest, Carradine may have reconciled with director Bergman, but I never can accept such barbarism.

Karen A. Davis

Northville, Mich.

I was shocked and saddened to see that of all the many interesting people in this country today you featured on your cover David Carradine “after 500 acid trips.” Impressionable youth have enough problems already without your adding to them.

Marge Mathews

Amherst, Mass.

Roy Cohn

I was appalled to find an article in your magazine on a man who not only managed to defile Robert Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis and the Rosenbergs, but also referred to Sarah Lawrence College as a “Communist school.”

Paul Zallo

Blackfoot, Idaho

Mirrored beds, Rolls-Royces, estates, townhouses. These are, of course, Mr. Cohn’s prerogatives as he has the right to live his life as he pleases. But professional ethics do not accord him those same prerogatives as when he reveals the presumptions of John Meyer, a confidential aide to Aristotle Onassis. Not only is this admission by Mr. Cohn strictly hearsay, but Mr. Onassis’ death should have exacted Mr. Cohn’s silence as only the living remain to suffer from any sensational and certainly unprofessional indiscretions.

Mason G. Senft

Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

Ian Anderson

So you finally got around to the king of the “rockers.” Jethro Tull’s flutist Ian Anderson is an open window in an otherwise stale room of electric copies. Whether the influence is his wife or just natural growth, Songs from the Wood is a classic.

Stephanie Weidling

Sacramento, Calif.

And what of the multitalented, blind American musician who inspired Anderson, Roland Kirk? Kirk is a brilliant and powerful man whose playing proves that American jazz artists are still the most creative and the most copied musicians in the world.

Ronald J. McKay

Florence, Oreg.

PEOPLE, July 15, 1974 called Kirk “the greatest tenor saxophonist on earth.”—ED.

We “namby-pamby health food addicts” are a strong lot. Passiveness comes from a highly tuned body which in turn eases the mind. I will try to believe it was a constipated Anderson talking, and forgive him for saying such a dumb thing.

Mary Jo Guay

Kent, Wash.

Bette Davis

Ah…Bette Davis…I’d fasten my seat belt any time to watch one of her performances. My only regret is that you didn’t have Miss Davis on the cover—a remarkable lady who has had her head and career together for five decades.

Terry Jones

Hendersonville, Tenn.

It’s a shame the American Film Institute has to grope for people to receive their Life Achievement Award. The first two recipients, John Ford and James Cagney, were justifiable. It’s been downhill since then. Miss Davis wasn’t even the first woman the Institute selected.

Howard A. Sayes

Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Not true, “says an AFI spokesman. “The story that Hepburn and/or Garbo declined the award started with a columnist on a tiny paper in Connecticut. It just isn’t done that way. We wouldn’t offer the award to someone we thought would turn it down. Hepburn and Garbo were both discussed, and we have great respect for both. But they were not approached and did not decline.”—ED.

I am a fan of Bette Davis only because of her role as Carlotta, the lovely, mad empress of Mexico [above], in Juarez. She fit the part like Vivien Leigh fit Scarlett. After the creation of a role like that, it is a pity that she did not have the good sense to leave well enough alone and retire.

Roger H. Jones

Lexington, Ky.

Rose Marie Bogley

Fox hunting is such a wonderful, civilized sport. Fifty horses and riders and 50 yowling hounds versus one little fox. And then there’s the joy of watching while the face, feet and tail are cut off as trophies.

Rose Marie Bogley, don’t let me catch you in my woods. I will personally run you to ground, cut off your tail and serve it at my hunt breakfast!

John Timothy Harpold

Madison, Wis.

That a solitary fox is capable of leading a merry chase for two dozen or so hounds and scores of riders is indicative of the relative intelligence of the hunted and the hunters.

Gregory Swanson

Clarkston, Mich.

Fidel Castro

I was enraged to see Castro’s picture in my favorite magazine. Then I read the article. Thanks to Fred Ward, who asked the right questions. Castro has confirmed what Cuban exiles have been repeating to the world: In Cuba instead of freedom of press and speech there is curtailment of human rights.

Maria Landorer

New York City

Anyone who has the courage to shake off American domination like Castro did is a hero in my book. I just wish our leaders had the same kind of guts.

E. Lenihan

La Salle, Quebec

Talia Shire

No film has made me feel so good about life as Rocky, and no actress has made me feel so good about myself in years as Talia Shire. Thank you for a most moving experience.

Carolyn Schellhardt



I wouldn’t go across the street to see Muhammad Ali’s movie. I would go 50, 100 miles to see Wayne, McQueen, Newman and Heston. The day Ali takes their place is the day the world will come to an end.

Jan Loupias

Las Vegas

Totie Fields

For Totie’s artificial leg to match the rest of her, it would have to be made of pure gold. She is an inspiration to us all.

Rosalie Gindes

Silver Spring, Md.

Merrill Connally

To “little brother” Merrill Connally: this nation needs your brother, Big John, about as much as did the Democratic party. We’re glad the Republicans have him. He makes a better enemy than he does a friend. By the way, Merrill, what’s your current party affiliation?

Neil L. Gallagher

Grafton, W.Va.

He carefully refers to himself as a middle-of-the-road independent.—ED.

Sue Pressman

Just to keep you up to date on our tiger, Art is living at the Wild Animal Park, run by the very fine San Diego Zoo. He has gained 35 pounds since your story and, of course, is feeling just great.

I would like to correct one thing in your story. I am not a veterinarian but did attend Cornell for biology courses.

Sue Pressman, Director

Wildlife Protection

The Humane Society of the U.S.

Washington, D.C.

In a world full of senseless cruelty it’s nice to see one more person taking up the cause for those who cannot help themselves. Would Sue Pressman also consider a trip up here to take a look at the great annual senseless seal hunt?

Mary O’Connor


“We don’t have any jurisdiction in Canada,” says Pressman, “but we are in constant touch with the International Fund for Animal Welfare.” The fund, chief watchdog of the hunt, is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. For another crusader against the seal hunt, see page 32 of this issue.—ED.

The Issue

This issue has topped them all. A thriller from the great article on Bette Davis to the boredom of David Carradine’s 500 acid trips to Mrs. Fischer waiting for the bathroom attendant to open the door. I couldn’t put it down.

Samuel Hyatt

New York City

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