By People Staff
January 10, 1977 12:00 PM

Wagner and Wood

How nice it was to read your article on Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood (PEOPLE, Dec. 13). It’s just like a fairy tale—happy ending and all.

Ellen Kahn


When Natalie Wood commented, “I needed to find out who I was,” I thought that was pretty cool. She said something the public can identify with. Most superstars are afraid of being their real selves; it might blow their image.

Roch Monnig

Wood Dale, Ill.

As I was brought up on movie magazines which gave Natalie Wood’s original name as Natasha Gurdin, I was intrigued to read in your article that her name used to be Nikolaevna Zacharenko. Is there some logical explanation?

Katherine Slutter

New York City

Zacharenko was changed to Gurdin, the name of a family friend, because it was easier to pronounce.


Patty Hearst’s Lawyer

So attorney Al Johnson gets bugged everytime someone comments that Patty is free only because her family is rich. I agree with Mr. Johnson that Patty is entitled to bail, but who can afford $1,250,000? That’s right—ONLY the rich.

Mrs. Pamela Ellis

Horseheads, N.Y.

I noted with interest attorney Johnson’s reference to Patty’s “sarcastic wit.” With all she has been through, what is left for Miss Hearst but sarcasm?

Kathy S. McBride

Hopkinsville, Ky.

Sylvester Stallone

In answer to Sylvester Stallone’s question, “I’ve been here all the time—where were you?” I’ve been on a constant lookout for Sylvester since Lords of Flatbush. Till recently, I’ve had to be content with his brief appearances in Farewell, My Lovely and, horror of horrors, Death Race 2000. Now, with Rocky, I think it will become evident to everyone what was there all along. WOW!

Linda M. Zelencik

Calumet City, Ill.

I liked Rocky with its upbeat ending. I also liked Lois Armstrong’s article on Stallone, but I didn’t like her reference to a “no-name cast.” Talia Shire received an Oscar nomination for her role in Godfather II. Old pro Burgess Meredith also got a nomination for his role in Day of the Locust. Carl Weathers is a former Oakland Raider and Joe Frazier a former heavyweight champion. No names? More like classy contenders for stardom.

Dan Patterson


Thanks a million for the picture of beautiful “Rocky” Stallone in his shorts. It really made my day. I was so happy I went out and bought my husband a girlie magazine.

Mrs. Richard Ede

Gary, Ind.

Divorce Ritual

Contrary to Methodist Jeanne Audrey Powers’ views on the church and divorce, the church should help people stay married, not offer a ceremony for the divorced. She should study the Bible more carefully.

Patti Jones

Benton, Ky.

Billie Jo Spears

Comparing Charlie Rich to late-starter Billie Jo Spears hardly does the man justice. Many people in this country knew Charlie before Behind Closed Doors came along.

Steven Cummings


Anthony Bouza

Anthony Bouza can be my chief of police anytime. That is one of the most comprehensive, intelligent interviews on big-city crime problems I have read. It’s all there for everyone to read. And what’s in New York applies to every metropolitan city in the U.S.

Don M. Dragos

Corte Madera, Calif.

Anthony Bouza’s remark that “no definitive conclusions can yet be drawn on the effects of smoking grass” is not only alarmingly erroneous, but a grave disservice to that portion of the public which relies on public officials for correct information. Mr. Bouza should stop playing celebrity long enough to read the latest reports on the destructive effects of marijuana.

Patricia L. McAuliffe

Washington, D.C.

Father Franzinelli

Why should Father Franzinelli, who works for a multimillion-(or is it billion?) dollar organization, have to work so hard to raise a paltry few hundred grand to move his parish out of a topless bar? The Catholic Church could give it to him without selling one share of blue-chip stock. The Pope’s face should be as red as his robe.

Trisha Whittaker

Tuolumne, Calif.

Professor Maclean

As a member of the auto insurance industry, I find I must object to your coverage on Norman Maclean. I am quite happy that Mr. Maclean has “found life again,” but I hope to God that it isn’t at the expense of an innocent bystander. In other words, Mr. Maclean, get that damn bottle out of your car.

Larry Fulton

San Diego

Maclean says that he drinks a little bourbon and hot tea only to stay warm after fishing or walking in the woods, never while driving


TV Therapy

I once wrote criticizing your neglect of the field of occupational therapy. Now I would like to commend you on your excellent article on Janet Falk-Kessler and Katharine Froschauer (Nov. 29) and their use of TV soap operas, an interesting and obviously valuable approach to therapy with psychiatric patients.

Susan Gans

Chief, Occupational Therapy

Jacobi Hospital

New York City