By People Staff
Updated August 16, 1976 12:00 PM

Lindsay Wagner

The Bionic Woman (PEOPLE, July 26) has done little for my ego. I can’t even open tuna with a can opener, hand or electric.

Mary Corboy

Washington, D.C.

Almost weekly you carry a story about an actress who lives with some guy without benefit of clergy. The last one was Lindsay Wagner. May I suggest a headline for this type of article—why not call it “Bum of the Week”?

Walter J. Long


I went to my local newsstand to buy a Dolphin Digest (Miami Dolphins) and came out with Lindsay Wagner. Congrats to Lois Armstrong on a super article. I was halfway home before I realized I had forgotten to look for my Dolphin Digest!

Bruce Gusman

Coral Gables, Fla.

Harry Selby

Hitting a sand grouse in flight at 40 yards is excellent marksmanship, but doing so with a .458 rifle is akin to blasting gnats with a 12 gauge. The bird would be blown to bits.

P. J. McClung

Livingston, Ala.

PEOPLE portrays Selby as the man’s man. However, many of us feel the real man is the one who has respect for wildlife. Those of us who love life have no need for a .416 Rigby—only for a camera. Selby’s “uncanny” ability for killing should not be condoned.

Paulette Zamel

Los Angeles

Ancient Egypt’s Waty

I am curious if anyone else looked at page 45 and thought it was Jimmy Carter’s face carved in stone. Maybe the convention coverage had me brainwashed.

Ruth Allison

Clinton, Mich.

The Rev. Don Williams

Judging from his photograph, the Reverend Williams appears to share at least one of Satan’s attributes (according to theologian C. S. Lewis): the love of being taken seriously. Judging by his work, he shares another: the delight in, and respect for hideous fear. His interpretation of the Bible has much in common with that of the infamous Bible idolater Charles Manson, who claims to have received a personal message from Revelation 9:11.

Allan Armstrong

Los Angeles

Jim McKay

While covering the women’s gymnastics and Nadia Comaneci of Rumania, Jim McKay interjected that 18,000 people at the Forum were on the edge of their seats. When McKay reports a sporting event, he creates a mood like nobody else can, and millions of people across America are also on the edge of their seats.

Mike Nikola

Monroe, N.Y.

How refreshing to see a man pictured on his patio with his lovely wife and family instead of in a Jacuzzi with his girlfriend!

Carolyn K. Arnall

Newnan, Ga.

I fail to understand how Jim McKay could be called “smoothly competent.” Gaffes, hesitancy and bad puns are all one hears from him. When describing U.S. rowers Coffey and Staines’s victory over Yugoslavia, McKay punned, “The Yugoslavians were unable to remove the coffee stains, ha ha…even I get them on my tie now and then.” This is simply unforgivable.

Dorothy Crenshaw


I admire Jim McKay and am glad that he’s paid well for all the time he spends away from his “snitzy” home. I’ve heard of being in a snit and wearing a snazzy, spiffy outfit. A swanky, ritzy home would be nice to have. I know a spitz is a dog and Spitz was an Olympic swimmer. But what in heaven’s name is a “snitzy” home?

Neal T. Kaskel

Fountain Valley, Calif.

To paraphrase J.P. Morgan, if you have to ask, you can’t afford one.


Olympic Women

Congratulations on being one of the first nonequestrian magazines to recognize the art of dressage. The dedicated riders who work toward total perfection in this field deserve acknowledgment, too. But, sadly, many Americans do not even realize that the sport exists.

Beth Berrettoni

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Bob Wade

That Bob Wade “wrangled” $7,500 from the National Endowment for the Arts to build his concrete map of the U.S. is disheartening. The project is cute, but I wonder seriously about the NEA when our little organization struggles to keep alive a fine youth string program and orchestra. Do you know how many cellos, violins and violas $7,500 could buy? And the long-lasting results would not end up in a weed-choked patch between two expressways.

Dianne Singleton

San Antonio

Kennedy Outing

Why so much fuss over a scraped arm, bacon and eggs and bumper cars? You write as if the Kennedys are gods and not capable of such common occurrences. I think they should all be locked up in the files and given a rest.

Judi Hunkele

Cranbury, N.J.

Didion and Dunne

The heading “Couples” suggests a sliding together into anonymity which simply does not apply in the minds of those of us who have been reading the work of these two individuals, Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne, for well over a decade. It may or may not be surprising that they have “stayed together,” but it is certainly amazing—and admirable—that they have maintained their artistic integrity, made some sense of our societal and moral malaise and survived against all the odds.

Patricia Maloney

New York City

The Human Fly

Your story in the July 19 issue stressed that money motivates my client to ride the fuselage of an airborne DC-8. While this is true, you neglected to add that the Human Fly plans to donate part of the money he makes to UNICEF.

H. David Levine