December 06, 1976 12:00 PM

Rosalynn Carter

Hurray for the Steel Magnolia, our next First Lady! (PEOPLE, Nov. 15.)

Rosalynn Carter will bring a new kind of leadership to the White House with both feet on the ground. Except, of course, when she’s square dancing!

Mrs. Linda Webster

Jersey Shore, Pa.

Right on, Rosalynn! I hope you keep on wearing blue jeans and T-shirts! It’s about time we had a casual-looking first lady.

Barbara Whitney

Stoughton, Mass.

I hope Mrs. Carter leaves those funky T-shirts and Levi’s back in Georgia. Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Nixon and Mrs. Ford all dressed with good taste. For Mrs. Carter to say street clothes will be worn at White House parties sounds like a putdown of Washington. I hope she will reconsider and get herself a good designer and hairdresser to guide her.

We don’t want the average housewife in the White House. We want a First Lady for the world to see and one that we can be proud of.

Hal Damro

Petaluma, Calif.

Oh damn! Another size-six sweetheart to make me feel guilty. The next presidential candidate that wants my vote will have to have a wife who weighs at least 200 pounds and has a mustache.

Jeanne Hayes

Franklin, N.C.

I loved the comment about Jimmy and Rosalynn’s group in Plains who sometimes “pair off and have flings.”

My philosophy is that if things are going well at home, they’ll go well at work. Speaking as a proud Republican, I hope things are going as well at the Carter household as they were at the Fords’.

Susan Greve

Winona, Minn.

Eric Leek

Eric Leek says people in New York with “a lot of bread” are not “living life,” yet his own schedule consists of getting up at noon, taking a flying lesson, pool and driving around in his Jag. I have an avocado tree that does more in a day.

K. Bramson

Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

Pity the poor unworking girl! As regards Mathilde Caldas, Eric Leek’s girlfriend, and her quest for employment: Surely there must be someone else she might name to be contacted “in case of emergency.”

Melody Payne

Santa Monica, Calif.

Mel Tillis

There are many things that make a performer great, and when you add them all up, Mel Tillis scores among the highest of all C&W road show singers. Most important, I think, is that he keeps his concert dates, unlike a lot of others in the business today. Another thing is his appearance. He doesn’t look like a hippie or a stuffed shirt—not that both of these looks don’t have their place in society, but a true “Entertainer of the Year” should be neither.

Darlene Hickey

Green Bay, Wis.


Confusion over the Grand Duchess Anastasia goes on and on. Unfortunately, in your caption beneath the photograph of the wife and daughters of Russia’s Czar Nicholas II you have mixed up Anastasia with her sister, the Grand Duchess Marie.

George J. Marcopoulos

Associate Professor of History

Tufts University

Medford, Mass.

Anastasia (above left) was born in 1901, and Marie in 1899.—ED.

I know it is Marie because my grandmother, Princess Nina of Russia, was Anastasia’s cousin and playmate before the Russian Revolution.

Marusya Chavchavadze

Wellfleet, Mass.

Richard Jordan

Richard Jordan: nice, new fresh face, excellent in Taylor Caldwell’s Captains and the Kings. The only thing that spoils him is his awful mouth, his choice of words and the way he uses women. What a waste.

Sandra Galanis

Albany, N.Y.

Joyce Carol Oates

At the end of the 1963 summer session at the University of Detroit I told Mrs. Smith, my instructor in Major American Writers, that I had gotten some Tom Swifties published in the Saturday Review. Mrs. Smith was genuinely overjoyed at my success. Then she confided shyly that she was about to have something published also, and she presented me with a copy of her first book, a collection of short stories, By the North Gate by Joyce Carol Oates. I have often wondered if any of my fellow summer students ever realized that their teacher was the promising short story writer who would become a popularly and critically acclaimed novelist within a few years. She was known only as “Mrs. Smith” in class.

Richard Marsh

Key West, Fla.

Dr. Gillin and Sleep

At the National Institute of Mental Health, we are interested in studying normal short sleepers: healthy individuals who habitually require less than two hours’ sleep every 24 hours and feel this is all they need to function well.

J. Christian Gillin, M.D.

Unit on Sleep Studies

Bldg. 10, 3N224

Bethesda, Md.

Star Tracks

The famous Egyptian belly dancer teaching new moves to Roger Moore is Negwa (pronounced Ne-zhwa) Fouad, not Nadia. The notable Nadia is Nadia Gamal who dances in Beirut. Negwa Fouad includes a folk section in her classical Oriental show and more recently, I suppose, Roger Moore.

Carolyn Phillips

Columbia, Mo.


Whoa gang! Unlike Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner did not win an Academy Award for Anastasia, but he did take one home that same year (1956) for his memorable performance in The King and I.

Jeffrey Patterson

DeKalb, Ill.

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