By People Staff
July 12, 1976 12:00 PM

Raquel Welch

Thank you for the article on Raquel Welch (PEOPLE, June 21). I think she’s fantastic. But there was no mention of her being chairman of the Cancer Society. She should be credited very highly for what she has done. I am 17 and lost my right leg to cancer, and want to say I’m proud of her.

Kate Knapp

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Welch was chairman of the 1975 Cancer Crusade.—ED.

I would be in love with Raquel even if she were built like Twiggy. There’s a helluva lot more to the woman than her glands!

Michael J. McNamer

Orlando, Fla.

With a name like PEOPLE, you’d think we’d get to see some! And we do, but only after the photographer, makeup man and touch-up artist work their dubious magic on your cover subjects. Leave the flaws in—God knows, we all have them.

Leslie C. Ormsbee

Collingswood, N.J.

I recently saw both the Raquel Welch and the Ann-Margret shows at the Fontainebleau. It was amazing that Miss Welch, who is a newcomer to nightclubs, could carry a show as well as Ann-Margret.

Bo Baraket

Miami Shores, Fla.

Congratulations for making your issue so well-proportioned. While my husband was admiring the photo of Raquel Welch’s torso on your cover, I was enjoying the photograph of Mike Schmidt’s bare torso on page 45.

Mrs. Nick Friendly


Honorary Degrees

National University honored John Cash because he has dedicated his life to helping others. We believe that the bottom line of a university is to educate people in such a manner that they can, in turn, go out as leaders and make the world “a little bit better.” A man like John has a marginal formal education, yet he has demonstrated those qualities espoused by “degreed leaders.”

David Chigos

President, National University

San Diego

The degree given to Fred Rogers acknowledges the high esteem in which many parents in this country hold him.

Leslie D. Tyvela

Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church

Bay City, Mich.

Harry Reems

It occurs to me that U.S. Attorney Larry Parrish should be able to see the difference between upholding a moral code which the public no longer embraces and protecting the public from crime on the streets. While Mr. Parrish is wasting taxpayers’ money on obscenity trials, criminals are allowed to cop pleas because of an already overburdened court system.

Burton W. Gilmore

San Antonio

Hats off to U.S. Attorney Larry Parrish who is doing his best to wipe out pornography and obscenity which are creeping like fungus across our nation.

Jeanne J. Narland

Boynton Beach, Fla.

Harry Reems was convicted of committing a “sin,” not a crime.

Ms. J. Gardner

Montebello, Calif.

Wasn’t Tennessee the site of the equally ridiculous Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925?

L. J. Boles

Nekoosa, Wis.

It is pretty bad picking on Harry Reems after the information coming out on congressmen and senators in Washington. Leave the poor guy alone. If you don’t like porno, don’t go see it.

Valerie Valicoff

Edwardsville, Ill.

I was repulsed by the photo of Harry Reems relaxing in the pool. After his Deep Throat caper he needs the chlorine treatment internally, not externally.

Phyllis Boyce

Warren, Mich.

Dick and Paula McDonald

We read Dick and Paula McDonald’s book, Loving Free, and it never entered our minds that this book was “one of the most explicit and daring marital-relations manuals on the market.” Only part of the book was about sex; the rest of it proved to be one of the most realistic approaches to day-by-day married life out of the bedroom that we have been exposed to. A good sex book really isn’t hard to find. A good book about coping with the difficult but worthwhile institution of marriage is a blessing!

Marilyn and Edward Kit

West Lafayette, Ind.

I am much more interested in why I can never find crushed pineapple on the store shelves anymore than I am in Dick and Paula’s sex life. So what else is new?

Mrs. Clark Howell

Essexville, Mich.

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin is the finest guitarist that ever lived. Unlike groups that have to rely on elaborate gimmickry to entertain their audiences—such as bizarre synthesized sound effects, multicolored strobe lights, fog patches and pillars of fire—McLaughlin has a clean, pure, stunningly fast sound. He’s better than all the other abrasive clods that nauseate so many of us with their clamorous grating and weird, eccentric lives. It is a genuine pleasure to read about a real, noncelluloid PEOPLE for a change.

Jamie MacDonald

Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Alex Karras

Concerning the role played by Alex Karras in Blazing Saddles, please reassure me that he really didn’t slug that horse and knock him down like a sacked quarterback. I am one of the many animal lovers in the world, and I’m sure quite a few people wondered if Mr. Karras actually hurt the horse.

Mrs. Sherri Perez

Bethel, Conn.

The horse is trained to fall on cue without mussing its mane.—ED.

Sir Clough William Ellis

I thought that some of your readers would be interested in knowing that Sir Clough’s unusual seaside resort, Portmeirion, was used as the mysterious village in Patrick McGoohan’s equally unusual and thought-provoking television series The Prisoner.

Virginia Rohwedder


Dr. Howard A. Rusk

As a former Army occupational therapist during the Korean war, I was delighted with your updated report on Dr. Howard Rusk and his Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York.

While in New York I was able to see it and was extremely impressed with the innovative treatment facilities.

Cherry Lane Lockwood

San Francisco