October 25, 1976 12:00 PM

Woody Allen

Forest of freckles, pale face, spindly frame, short stature, paranoia and all—I love Woody Allen (PEOPLE, Oct. 4).

Trisha Katson

Alexandria, Va.

So Woody Allen thinks “it’s no accomplishment to have or raise kids. Any fool can do it.” OK, Woody, you can be “nanny” for a week for my one-year-old quadruplets. You will need 300 diapers, 150 bottles of formula and 100 jars of baby food. Remember that Luke always stands in his high chair backwards, Gwen means it only sometimes when she cries (YOU will be able to tell), Tyler falls down the stairs so don’t take your eyes off him, and Abby is very fond of the dog’s water. I’ll leave you the number of the pediatrician and police and perhaps you would like to add the number of your analyst.

Susie Kellett


I’ve no doubt Woody suffers from anxieties, depression and paranoia. I’m astounded he can function at all! Jelly, chocolate bars, cakes and pies. The man is systematically poisoning himself. Nutrition is vital to mental well-being. Woody, at least pop some vitamin B-complex.

Kathi Foley

Gulfport, Fla.

I was a member of Midwood High’s class of ’53 along with Alan Konigsberg (Woody Allen). No school activities at all are listed next to Woody’s photo in the yearbook. Others have a variety of activities and services. I belonged to the Mixed Chorus and Social Studies Forum. Yet the most famous alumnus of all has nothing. Perhaps the empty space means infinity and promise.

Nino Pantano


Woody (below) was the classic late starter.—ED.

Kiki Dee

You refer to Kiki Dee as the “female Mick Jagger.” The time has come for Mr. Jagger to be known as the “male Kiki Dee.”

Rick Leonardo

Grandville, Mich.

Stephen Bull

Leon Jaworski has never stated or written that Stephen Bull was one of three who could have erased the tape. He does have proof that it was a deliberate erasure done in at least five, and perhaps as many as nine, separate and contiguous segments. Jaworski, who is donating all proceeds from the sale of his new book to charity, is a man who serves justice.

John L. Rizzuti

Austin, Texas

When Bull and two others were described by a TV interviewer as the only individuals who could have erased the tape, Jaworski clearly indicated his assent.—ED.

I can understand why Stephen Bull had a fascinating experience in the White House if even the crew of Air Force One kept him in bourbon for four years.

Rosa Ramstetter


Nanda Devi

Your article on Nanda Devi Unsoeld and her death on her namesake mountain was one of the most moving, heartfelt stories I have ever read. If there is a memorial fund, I would love to know where to contribute.

Eileen Marks

Nashua, N.H.

The family prefers that contributions be sent to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, 1776 Broadway, Suite 1900, New York, N.Y. 10019.—E.D.

Adamson Couple

It is unjust to imply that Joy Adamson is a bizarre, impossible-to-get-along-with “globe-trotter.” In the past six years she has visited the United States twice. She also visited the U.S.S.R. at the invitation of conservation authorities to arrange for use of royalties from Born Free to assist wildlife there. She visited Japan to establish a branch of the Elsa Appeal. So much for her globetrotting life-style.

Joy is hardly an extravagant person. She lives carefully and does employ, I believe, a cook and gardener, as well as guard—a necessity in that area since she has been burglarized on several occasions.

The statement that George’s projects have not received any financial support from his wife’s foundation sounds harsh and unfeeling, but we are restricted to helping only those organizations which are nonprofit and tax-deductible.

Leo M. Lobsenz

Executive Director

Elsa Wild Animal Appeal

North Hollywood

As a longtime enthusiast of George and Joy Adamson, I was deeply heartened by your beautiful article on two beautiful people.

Could you please give me the address of the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal?

Sherry Shameer

Stamford, Conn.

The address is P.O. Box 4572, North Hollywood, Calif. 91607.—ED.

Fran Tarkenton

You state the Minnesota Vikings “were smothered” in the 1975 pre-Super Bowl playoff. I wouldn’t call Dallas’ last-second, desperation win over the Vikings being “smothered.” In case you forgot, the score was Dallas 17, Minnesota 14.

Tom Schafer

Rockton, Ill.

Jan Clayton

Some of my friends have voiced a wish that my grandson’s face might have been as prominent as some other parts of his anatomy, but this grandmother was quick to point out the irrefutable fact that the little behind in question was undoubtedly the cutest in this hemisphere. The response to the story has been amazing.

Jan Clayton

Los Angeles

While Lassie may not be “people,” he is certainly a personality and not a “mutt” as mentioned under his picture in your Sequel on Jan Clayton. He is most certainly a pedigreed collie.

June Janulis

Ranson, W.Va.

Lassie, as the reader points out, is also a male collie. The male dog is larger, has more hair and photographs better than the female. “But,” says owner Rudd Weatherwax, “the female is always smarter.” The role has been passed from father to son for six generations over the past quarter century.—ED.

Peter Strauss

How refreshing to read that Peter Strauss is still happily married to his first wife and not on his second or third—or living with someone—like so many people you write about in your magazine.

Phyllis E. Virelli

New Britain, Conn.

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