By People Staff
October 18, 1976 12:00 PM

Cher, Gregg & Baby

How refreshing to find that under all the tinsel and glitter is a lady (PEOPLE, Sept. 27) with a heart full of loving.

Richard Lobene

Rochester, N.Y.

If Cher feels so married, why no ring on her finger?

Mary Lee


Cher usually wears a gold-and-diamond wedding band.—ED.

The baby’s a doll! Everybody says Elijah Blue is a dumb name, but I like it a lot. Where did Cher get it, anyway?

Ann Pacino

Alhambra, Calif.

Gregg came up with Elijah (from a song his grandfather used to sing to him when he was small). Cher just liked the sound of Blue.—ED.

It looks as if Gregg Allman had more sense than most people gave him credit for.

Bobbi Thornton

Wheeling, W.Va.

As former treasurer of the Allman Brothers Band, I strongly resent Gregg Allman’s intimation that there was financial malfeasance on the band’s last tour. There was never any indication of a gross anywhere remotely in the neighborhood of $15 to $18 million. Any disappointment in the subsequent net profit of the tour could be primarily traced to Gregg Allman’s habitual abuse of his personal cash drawings and his expense account.

William H. Perkins

Macon, Ga.

I say bull to Gregg’s statement that he is the fall guy in that drug case. I knew Gregg for years (I’m formerly from Macon) and Scooter Herring was just one more on the list of hundreds that Gregg has walked over. If Cher can change him, it will be a miracle.

Al Tajirian

Newington, Conn.

Gregg should be admired for kicking his drug habit, and anyone like Scooter Herring belongs in jail. The dealers make the addicts.

K. Olson

Derby, Conn.

What does Allman feed that caterpillar under his lip?

C. A. Wisse

Oakland, Calif.


People are starving and dying. There’s research to be done and this man puts his talents to work collecting $2.5 million for his own self-gratification. It makes me sick!

Dan Davies

Champaign, Ill.

The Running Fence was beautiful but Christo’s rationale was disappointing—”Art does not belong to the world of order but the world of confusion. Order is awful and boring.” As one who viewed his work from start to finish, I didn’t find it confusing at all. Rather, the fence was in absolute harmony with the landscape, giving it dimension, contour, line and (pardon me, Christo) order.

Carolyn Norton

Los Gatos, Calif.

Buddy Baer

You say in the headline that Buddy Baer knocked Joe Louis out of the ring in ’41. Then in the story you say that Baer lost the fight when he could not answer the seventh-round bell. Would you tell this 19-year-old just who did win that fight?

A. Gail Mandichak

Burlington, N.J.

Louis did. Baer dumped the champ on his head in the first round [above], “But, dammit,” says Baer, “he got back in.” Baer lasted for six rounds and then was disqualified when his handlers, claiming a foul by Louis, wouldn’t let him leave his corner.—ED.

Ilie Nastase

Bravo! An article on Mr. Nastase that isn’t nastier than his occasional lapses.

Jenny Felmley

Washington, D.C.

I’m glad someone finally had the guts to show Ilie Nastase as he really is: angry, obscene, temperamental, warm, loving, human. If it were not for Ilie, I wouldn’t know tennis existed. He brightens an otherwise boring sport.

Trudy Tanner

Jacksonville, Fla.

Malcolm Boyd

With “spiritual leaders” like Boyd in the pulpit proclaiming that homosexuality is “beautiful and God loves it,” it’s no wonder devout Christians are fleeing en masse from the churches.

Jane M. Grippen

Aurora, Ill.

“Bravo” for the Rev. Malcolm Boyd. He is a beautiful human being, with a realistic view of God, religion and people. I admire him for having the courage to admit that he is a homosexual, knowing that public opinion and his church may persecute him for his admission.

Erin Nicholl

Anaheim, Calif.

What Bible does the Reverend Boyd preach from? To say homosexuality “is beautiful and God loves it” is news to the rest of us Christians!

Judi Hatcher

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Pat Boone

The young Jew who accosted Pat Boone and accused him of trying to convert the Jews was so right. Who is Boone trying to kid! He should be kept out of all synagogues in the country and turn in his chai.

Herb Diamond

Garden City, N.Y.

As a born-again Christian, I do appreciate articles such as yours on Pat Boone. PEOPLE should be commended for spreading the good word.

Bill Lundeen

Bloomington, Ill.

Roz Kelly

TV execs seem to have an uncanny knack for choosing the wrong way when they come to a fork in the road. I refuse to let my family view those blatant shots of Roz Kelly’s posterior, etc. Happy Days was a funny family show. No more.

Kathryn Bradley