February 09, 1976 12:00 PM

Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett

We, the men of Beta-Eta Chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity at Auburn University, agree 100% that Farrah Fawcett (PEOPLE, Jan. 19) is the most beautiful girl we have ever seen, bar none.

John Beasley

Columbia, Ala.

The “good Catholic daughter” is of a peculiar cast if in fact she is able to reconcile astrology, previously married men and nightly rosaries.

T. E. Merryman

El Monte, Calif.

To set the record straight: the lovely Ms. Fawcett-Majors was indeed once the Ultra Brite model. The current Ultra Brite lady, as seen in numerous commercials, is New York model Christine De Lisle. I am her husband, and since we came to New York from Detroit last summer she has been doing very well on television. So well, in fact, that some people think her life has overshadowed mine. Which is preposterous.

Mr. Christine De Lisle

New York

De Lisle answers to Tom at home with Christine (above) and at WABC-TV where he is associate producer of A.M. New York.


After reading the article on the $6 million couple, I think they are about $5,999,999.99 overpriced.

C. J. Morris Jr.

Wilmington, Del.

I can understand why Lee Majors steers clear of talk shows. God help us should Majors’ young fans follow in his sexist footsteps. Prognosis: irreparable circuit damage resulting in terminal ignorance.

Glenn Lovell

West Hollywood

Lee and Farrah Fawcett-Majors shine in what at times seems to be a dark and gloomy sky. Your attention to couples is definitely an asset to your magazine.

Margaret MacCormack

So. Plainfield, N.J.

Roger Staubach

Not only have the Miami Dolphins also appeared in three Super Bowls, along with Minnesota and Dallas, but the Dolphins appeared in three consecutive Super Bowls.

Richard Rosenblatt

New York

Plastic Surgeon Tessier

To be sure, Dr. Paul Tessier is truly a genius. Two years ago, he performed craniofacial surgery on our daughter. Until then, she was doomed to suffer the ridicule of others because she had been born with Crouzon’s disease.

Dr. Tessier has given her a new face and a new life. For this we will be forever thankful.

E. J. Pavlik


Elizabeth Taylor

Bravo for Wynberg’s portrait of Elizabeth Taylor. She is indeed a special lady whose beauty speaks for itself. She’s not getting older, she’s becoming more exquisite.

R. L. David

Arlington, Va.

Mary Jo Risher

When you really stop and think about it, it’s pretty sad that a mother has to be a lesbian before a father can gain custody of his son.

Charles O. Yost III

Boone, N.C.

The jury’s verdict in the Mary Jo Risher case is probably the most morally perverted decision in the annals of American jurisprudence.

Edwin Lee Chrisman

San Diego

I think it is a very sad commentary on the times when two boys are conditioned to feel insecure in the custody of their mother who chooses to take a woman as a lover because that is socially unacceptable, but to feel secure with their father who beat his wife and broke her nose because that IS socially acceptable.

Mary Ricci Spencer

Columbus, Ohio

Frances Knight

I enjoyed the article about me but I do want to call to your attention a typographical error. Unfortunately, three zeros were dropped off the 1955 volume of passport issuances. Our records show that 480,000 passports were issued in 1955 and not 480. We can still say that we have come a long way since the issuance of 480,000 in 1955. In 1975 we issued 2,400,000!

Frances Knight

Director, Passport Office

Washington, D.C.

Seals and Crofts

The “decrepit” house you described in your story on Seals and Crofts was in reality a very nice, old-fashioned two-story house, but Seals and Crofts certainly did not compose their masterpieces in the basement because I was down there composing my masterpiece (a lyric based on a Baha’i prayer, Broken Wing Bird, recorded by the Fifth Dimension and never heard of again). It is true they used my two-room basement flat as a recording and sometime rehearsal room.

Ms. Kelly McKinney

Bullhead City, Ariz.

Jim Abourezk

Senator Abourezk supports the Palestinians and American Indians on simple moral grounds, for surely he must know that he will win very few votes in support of these much maligned peoples. Senator Abourezk makes me proud to be an Arab-American.

Mrs. Noha McKenna


Compensating the descendants of Wounded Knee victims is the most absurd idea the taxpayers have been subjected to yet. When we pay off the Wounded Knee people, let’s not forget the descendants of those who sold Manhattan Island.

C. David Hoss

Washington, Ind.

Your article on Senator Jim Abourezk reminded me of the Sand Creek massacre in 1864 in the Colorado Territory, where women and children gathered beneath an American flag because they sincerely believed that it would protect them. The soldiers killed them. With America’s 200th Birthday so close, I think it’s time we stopped covering up our ancestors’ mistakes and do something to right these wrongs.

Mary A. Lastovica

Crosby, Texas

Peanuts Sequel

I certainly can sympathize with the real Charlie Brown. Need I say more?

Jacqueline Kennedy



If Charles Bronson is so intent on teaching his kids the importance of being individuals, why is he quick to chastise Betty Ford for being one?

Joe Field


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