By People Staff
Updated May 17, 1976 12:00 PM

Barbra Streisand

Finally, a cover story on the world’s most talented, beautiful, controversial, loved and acclaimed singer, actress and entertainer, Barbra Streisand (PEOPLE, April 26).

Kevin Alford


If Barbra Streisand exercised the same taste in the editing of A Star Is Born that she exhibits in her current hairdo and dress, her career could degenerate into the same type of self-indulgent, offensive slob act that eliminated Elliott Gould from the ranks of interesting actors.

John Miller

Washington, D.C.

The people are behind Jon and Barbra all the way, and we don’t care what the critics say. They have got our full support and envy.

Tom E. Qualley

Eugene, Oreg.

I have known for some time that Barbra Streisand is a superb singer and actress. How fantastic to learn that she is also a person who knows what she wants from life and her career and has the commitment to go for it.

LaTaunya Bynum

Compton, Calif.

It’s a pity to see such talent wasted. I see her movies, I buy her albums—it’s gotten to be a habit. Maybe one day she can return again to that small golden circle of artists who are both critical and popular successes.

Dan Benton

Los Angeles

I’m sick of seeing Barbra’s private life trampled, but at the same time blissfully happy to see the great Streisand consistently and delightfully productive and still operating full steam on the strength of her limitless talents.

Fred Johnson

Ithaca, N.Y.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau (whom Barbra Streisand visited at times) is not our premier. He is referred to as Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau. Premiers are the heads of our provinces, like governors are of states.

Rolf Salfert


Wyeth and Warhol

The camera that Andy Warhol is “peering fiendishly” through is by no means “old-fashioned.” It is a Polaroid Big Shot, a portrait Land camera that has come out within the last 10 years.

Pamm Leigh Johnson

Orchard Park, N.Y.

As eras go, the Big Shot’s day was a short one. The camera was introduced in 1971 and manufacturing ceased in 1973.—ED.

Barbara Walters

Love or hate Barbara Walters? Then I love her. Since I graduated from college and have been home with my preschool children, she is the one person on television with whom I wish to identify intellectually.

Marcia Brown

Columbia, Mo.

I have found her the rudest, most curt, obnoxious interviewer ever. Does Harry Reasoner really need such aggravation?

M.D. Salans

Santa Monica

Millions of us working mothers not only rise at 5 a.m. but do our own hair and makeup, get off our husband and children and drive ourselves to work. After we get home we do our own cooking, cleaning and caring for families which means we get to bed at 11:00 or 11:30 p.m. at the earliest. (Has Ms. Walters stayed up all night with a sick child and still been at work all the next day?) Gee, she even has a live-in governess and housekeeper!

Mrs. Judith Smith

Granite City, Ill.

Judith Barcroft

Thank you for the article on Judith Barcroft of All My Children fame. She’s a real down-to-earth person. It’s nice to read about real people for a change.

Leslie Brozeh

North Tonawanda, N.Y.

Richard Todd

Thanks for that gorgeous photo of Richard Todd and Broadway Joe. Charisma? Ah, heck, they’re just plain sexy!

Nancy Wootton

San Diego

“Wow!” you can be sure where I’m going to school next fall: the University of Alabama!

Julie Walding

Ozark, Ala.

Bob Marley

I have visited Jamaica and met quite a few Rastafarians. Their love of reggae is overwhelming. Eric Clapton’s version of I Shot the Sheriff does not hold a candle to Marley’s. When one listens to real reggae, one cannot sit still.

Patricia R. Sykes

Georgetown, Colo.

If Bob Marley wants to “burn capitalistic illusions” he can start with his BMW, and while he’s “checking out” the “weird” married people, he should check out himself.

Chris Allen

Yonkers, N.Y.

Allan Chadburn

I find Allan Chadburn’s death especially distressing since I completed the transatlantic solo sail in 1968, thereby setting the record for the smallest craft to cross the Atlantic. This can be verified in the Guinness Book of World Records. For those sailors who hope to set records in the future, I implore them to research all information so they do not lose their lives in vain.

Hugo S. Vihlen

Homestead, Fla.

Vihlen sailed the six-foot April Fool from Casablanca to Fort Lauderdale in 180 days.—ED.

Two weeks ago I was given an “indeterminate sentence” (possible six-year term) by a federal judge in my hometown of Memphis. I was feeling that all was lost, but your article made me realize that I have much to look forward to in the future—i.e., a wonderful family, good career, etc. Tell Mrs. Natalie Chadburn that, although I haven’t read her book, the article about her has “given me reason not to give up, and to hang in there.”

Jeffrey D. Mermelstein

Federal Correctional Institution

Texarkana, Texas

Malachi B. Martin

Thank you for the story by Jed Horne, but permit me to register a correction in all good fellowship and understanding. You state that “when the Vatican rules on matters that are in his view [i.e., mine] properly sociological—abortion, for example, he [i.e., I] feels the identity” of the Roman Church with the Church of Jesus to be “strained.” Actually, what I said and intended to say was that when many defenders of Vatican teaching about abortion are defending that teaching, they use arguments which are sociological and biological. I do not think biological and sociological arguments are the proper province of Church authorities, and I therefore deplore their use of such arguments. They have perfectly good and valid arguments from their own proper bailiwick—i.e., faith, dogma, tradition, Bible and the teaching authority of the Church of Jesus.

Malachi B. Martin

New York City

The Wedge

The pictures of the “wedge” (a/k/a the “Dorothy Hamill”) were just the push I needed to get my long hair cut super short.

Fran Scuderi

Ozone Park, N.Y.

Why should a woman go to a hairdresser when she can achieve the same effect in the home? All she needs is a salad bowl and scissors. Better yet, she can shave the top of her head and pretend to be a Trappist monk.

Maryfrances Prorok

Cheektowaga, N.Y.

James Walker

I’ve been searching for information about my ancestral history for two years, but I am an adopted adult and this country’s archaic laws have closed records to adoptees. It is absurd, discriminatory and prejudicial to deny a 26-year-old adopted woman access to her own records. The richness of the lives of my biological parents lives in me.

Rose Dusée