March 03, 1997 12:00 PM

Romance may not be dead, but it’s certainly suspect—at least in the eyes of correspondents who regarded this year’s Celebrity Weddings issue (PEOPLE, Feb. 10) with a skeptical eye. Bemused readers looked askance at the number of second, third and fourth marriages, intergenerational weddings and white dresses on been-there-before brides.


I was aware celebrity couldn’t buy class. Now I know it doesn’t buy the selflessness that lifelong commitment requires. Of roughly 50 ceremonies profiled, fewer than a dozen couples were saying “until death do us part” for the first time. It seems there is no shame in a promise not kept.

EMILY C. RIPLEY, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

Your Celebrity Weddings issue displays the sanctity of marriage as a comedy of errors. Four times wed? A 14-year-old puts more thought into a homecoming date. Traditional white? I think tie-dyed wedding gowns would’ve been more appropriate.

JAMES ANDARY, Waterford, Mich.

I will be curious to see how many of these marriages make it to the end of 1997. Right, Angie and Ashley?

LISA MEADOWS, via e-mail

For all the hype, I still don’t see Carolyn Bessette’s wedding dress as anything more than an overpriced nightgown.


If I wanted to see the latest fashions in wedding wear, I would have gone out and bought Bride magazine.

VICKIE S. CONRAD, Geneseo, Ill.

Is there ever going to be a Celebrity Weddings issue that Christie Brinkley isn’t in?



President Clinton sure seems to play a lot of golf for someone who’s too busy to answer a few questions about Paula Jones.

DAN HUTCHINSON, Coronado, Calif.


While the wedding issue was enjoyable, it was the article about Barbara McKillip’s Libri Foundation that, to me, illustrates what unselfish love is all about. I work as a reading tutor in three rural schools and I see every day the positive effect that teachers who share their love of books can have on their students. Ms. McKillip’s dedication to helping small libraries is truly inspiring. Please print the address of the Libri Foundation for those who would like to send a donation.

MARTHA F. SLATER, Rochester, Vt.

Donations may be sent to: Libri Foundation, P.O. Box 10246, Eugene, Ore. 97440—ED.


I wept when I saw the photograph of young Robert Cumley. There are so many childless couples who would love and cherish such a beautiful little boy. Ann Cumley’s willingness to leave her son with an abusive parent was cowardly. I can only hope the court will side with the psychologist in not placing this child with either of the biological parents.

PAULA HAYES, Middlesboro, Ky.

JoAnn Hohenberg is the obvious best choice to parent little Robert. His mother relinquished her right when she left him in the hands of his abusive father. As for Michael, I pray he is never allowed access to his son. He had his chance.

SUSAN BAKKE, Minot, N.Dak.


So, Miss Universe has done a vile thing by putting on a few extra pounds. At last the sheer hypocrisy of beauty pageants is proven beyond any doubt. As a farmer, I think I’m going to stick with cattle shows. At least we don’t pretend that the intelligence or personality of the animal has anything to do with the decision of the judges.

WENDY M. WISHART Sydney, Nova Scotia


Steve Smith need not pay for buildings and offer scholarships (although they are greatly needed and appreciated) to honor his mother. He honors her in a much greater way every day just by being the man she raised him to be.

KAREN HENDERSON, Independence, Ky.

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