June 30, 1997 12:00 PM

Donald Trump was among a number of correspondents who objected to his presence on our Men Behaving Badly cover (PEOPLE, June 9). He and his fellow cover subjects received little sympathy from readers.


Your second cover story on me in three weeks was ridiculous and done only because your first one sold lots of copies. To put me in a category that had nothing to do with my situation, for the sake of selling magazines, is a shame and disgrace. For the record, I am not “happy” about divorce, think marriage is a great institution and hope to get it right someday. A good marriage is a gift from God.

DONALD J. TRUMP, New York City

Donald Trump makes my skin crawl. And the fact that you have a picture of him on the cover, with that smirk that makes you just wanna smack him and those ugly, stubby-looking feet, makes me want to woof my cookies.


Shame on you, Donald! Since you own the Miss Universe organization, you need to trim that waistline and present the same standard of perfection you demand from pageant contestants.


The Kennedy men acting badly? This is not news.

DONNA HILL, Hyannis, Mass.

It is about time someone told Frank Gifford what sexagenarian really means.

RICHARD DEVAN, Norristown, Pa.

Didn’t you have a recent photo of President Clinton?

KAREN MOTSKE, Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Since when are men behaving badly unusual enough to be the subject of a cover story, for crying out loud? At least title it something like Men Behaving Badly as Usual or More Men Behaving Badly.

MYRA SAVANT, Gig Harbor, Wash.

I look at Nicole Murphy and wish I had her figure and fashion sense. I look at Maria Maples and wish I had her money and housekeepers. But when I look at their husbands, I only wish every woman could be as lucky as I am.

LINDSAY HILL, Matthews, N.C.


It saddens me to know a human being could even think of filing suit against a charity that is keeping people clothed, fed and healthy.

JOYCE LOAR, Massillon, Ohio

Here’s an idea: We should have the six Sacramento city council members who voted against LeRoy Chatfield’s Loaves & Fishes be the ones to tell women, children and other homeless folks that they cannot eat today or on Sunday because they exceed the city’s quota for compassion.

BECKY RECTOR, Citrus Heights, Calif.


After reading your story about the coming millennium, I wonder if I am the only person on earth who believes the present, millennium ends on Dec. 31, 2000, not Dec. 31, 1999.

LOU WEAVER, Bass Lake, Calif.

You are not. We realize that because there was no year 0, the next millennium will begin on Jan. 1, 2001. Yet, logic aside, most of the Western world will celebrate the millennial moment a year earlier.—ED.


Poor William! He suffers so! Having to deal with painful knee surgery, a personal physician, handrails installed in his bathroom—and a team of physical therapists to help him dress, master a knee brace and begin exercises. Get real! Suffering is not knowing how you are going to pay for your third surgery on both knees because you don’t have insurance and then suffering through the pain alone because your support group has to go to work every day to make ends meet.

J. SWAFFORD, Bellingham, Wash.

I am not unsympathetic to President Clinton, having suffered a similar injury recently. However, when I injured myself, my internist insisted on seeing me first because, as he said, “we treat injuries like that.” The truth is that managed care pays him less if he refers patients to a specialist. (Yet, if I’d seen a specialist without a referral, I’d have incurred the total cost of treatment myself.) Internists therefore are involving themselves in areas of medicine for which they are not qualified. I’m sure the President didn’t have to hobble over to his internist the way I did to pick up his paperwork.

ALAN L. RUBIN, D.M.D. Rochelle Park, N.J.


Kelly Flinn is a victim of her own amoral behavior.

JOAN M. SOLIS, Woodbury, N.J.

That Kelly Flinn made a mistake and that Marc Zigo’s wife is the victim in this situation cannot be denied. But the one getting away here totally unscathed is Zigo. He is a liar and an adulterer and has ruined one woman’s promising career. He totally deserves anything that happens to him.


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