April 28, 1997 12:00 PM

Opinion on Oscar-night winners and losers was mixed, as usual, but by a narrow margin most correspondents through Hollywood’s glitterati looked pretty good this year (PEOPLE, April 7). Several readers objected to the omission of Best Supporting Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. from the cover.


At last, no more FIBS—Females in Black Stuff. This year’s Academy Awards showed the prettiest dresses in a long, long time.

LINDA McCOY, Springfield, Ill.

What’s with you people? Of the four pictures on the cover, only one, Juliette Binoche, had won the little man. How could you not show Cuba Gooding Jr. giving his wonderful speech? Or at least one picture of Billy Crystal? I have great respect for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, but I don’t think they deserved a cover. I may only be 12 years old, but I know bad journalism when I see it.

KURTIS MEYERS, South Bend, Ind.

I was watching the Oscars and noticed that Nicole Kidman seemed a little ticked off. Did she and hubby have a tiff? She should count her lucky stars that she is even walking in on his arm. There are a lot of women who would treat him with the respect he deserves!

TRUDY MORK, Chesapeake, Va.

I can sum up Oscar Night in one word: boobs. Maybe I am a bit old-fashioned, but some of these so-called designer gowns did nothing for the actresses who wore them except prove the theory of gravity like Newton never could. Talk about the SAG awards!



I totally agree with Dr. Timothy Quill that people who are suffering should be able to end their lives peacefully. My mother has lived with Alzheimer’s for 12 years. She has been incontinent for the last four and can no longer feed herself, walk unassisted or sit up in a wheelchair without being tied in. She was a woman who lived her life with dignity and grace and has had it all taken from her. If it was legal to help my mother end her slow decline and be at peace, I would do it in a minute!


In another country, not so long ago or so far away, it was decided that euthanasia would be legalized. That country’s leader decreed that incurably sick persons should be granted a merciful death. These deaths would be overseen by medical doctors. The leader in question was Adolf Hitler.



Thank you for your compassionate article about Scott Hamilton and his struggle with testicular cancer. Scott is a beloved person in the sport of figure skating, not only for his great accomplishments as a competitor but for his obvious love for the sport and the athletes in it. He has the prayers of many, many admirers.

JOELLE COLEVILLE, Birnamwood, Wis.

My family and I always used to make fun of my mother whenever Scott Hamilton competed. She would shout at the TV, “Go Scotty, go!” She passed away two years ago, but once again I can hear her saying, “Go Scotty, go!” Thanks, Scott, for giving her such happiness, and may God help you through the toughest competition of your life.


Mechanicsburg, Pa.


Your story on the British Conservative Party’s Alan Clark included the statement that foxhunting is an upper-class sport. This is an unfortunate misconception that has been especially well-exploited in England, where animal-rights activists play hard on the class-war theme. As a twentysomething horsewoman who drives a beat-up Toyota and bought a bargain of a horse that I keep in the hunt country so I don’t have to buy a horse trailer, I assure you that many hunt supporters are regular working people who love horses and hounds.

GLENYE L. CAIN, Lexington, Ky.


Five years for “simple kidnapping” is all Vaughn Arceneaux received for putting his son through torture for 12 years? This man’s crime was worse than murder. He should get at least one year for every year he robbed this child of his mother. He is despicable!


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