September 30, 1996 12:00 PM

Though most correspondents admire Oprah Winfrey slim (PEOPLE, Sept. 9) or otherwise, many believe she enjoys an unfair advantage—i.e., personal trainer Bob Greene—when it comes to keeping in shape. As for Deborah Zimmerman, charged with risking the health of her unborn child by drinking while pregnant, correspondents were almost unanimously unsympathetic, though several questioned whether women who have abortions are any less culpable.


Gee, Oprah, if I could afford to pay a personal trainer like Bob Greene a five-figure salary to work out with me 10 hours a week and take vacations with me, I’d have time to run marathons too!


Boca Raton, Fla.

As much as I like Oprah, I am sick of her “sharing” her latest diet or fitness guru with us. Unfortunately, I do not have a chauffeur, a cook, a personal assistant, a trainer or the strength some days to fight the battle of the bulge. Standing naked in front of the mirror “to see where I am today,” as Bob Greene suggests, is laughable. Where I am today is a 40-year-old working woman with three children, a mortgage, a 12-year-old car and doing the best I can. Good luck, Oprah, but we like you for yourself. Your dress size is irrelevant.

JUDITH GRAD, Camlachie, Ont.

If I owned a spa, I don’t think I would encourage Oprah to visit. She seems to bring more than just the occasional towel home in her suitcase. First, chef Rosie Daley, now, trainer Bob Greene.


After reading the excerpt from Oprah‘s book, it became perfectly clear to me that determination, exhaustingly hard work and moxie are what reshaped this woman. All the money in the world could not have gotten me to have that much energy. Good for you, Oprah. You look great!

KATHY DOE, Watertown, N.Y.

Cheers to Alex Tresniowski and Bonnie Bell for not including Oprah‘s current weight in their story. By keeping the focus away from numbers, the authors allow readers to absorb the point of this article. It’s not so much what we weigh but how we feel about and take care of ourselves.

CAROL RUNGE, Sacramento


Shame on Deborah Zimmerman for putting her unborn child in harm’s way. However, why should we be so shocked at such treatment of unborn children? We allow legal child abuse of the worst kind every day in this country. It is called abortion. This is a double standard if there ever was one!


A woman who cannot give up a harmful habit for nine months to ensure a healthy lifetime for her child does not deserve to be a mother. This woman deserves any punishment she gets.

JAYNE ONAN, Waukegan, Ill.

The deficiencies caused by FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) are far more out-reaching than children remaining small for their age. As an adoptive mother of a 9-year-old FAS child, I consider his size the least of my worries. My child is mentally handicapped, hearing-impaired, immunodeficient, hyperactive and developmentally delayed. His prognosis is that he’ll never function beyond the age of a 14-year-old. All this is due to a woman who refused to accept responsibility for her unborn child. The greatest injustice to my son and other children affected by FAS is that this birth defect is completely preventable.

LISA MILAKIS, Lafayette, Ind.


I feel for Carolyn McCarthy. I cannot conceive of the pain of losing a husband, especially in an act of senseless violence. Nearly her every thought must be clouded by grief. That’s why I’ll excuse her position on gun control. Perhaps someone should gently point out to Mrs. McCarthy that guns are already strictly controlled in New York. Yet Colin Ferguson had one and used it. If just one law-abiding citizen on that train car had been legally carrying a concealed handgun, how many lives might have been saved?

L. HUNT, Sandusky, Ohio


Nothing Camilla does, be it a new hairdo, a smile or a new outfit, can make her half the person Diana is.

DEANN COFFMAN, Holliday, Mo.

Someone needs to tell the Diana wannabe that you don’t wear black shoes and handbag with an ivory suit. Your shoes are never to be darker than your hemline. Please!


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