Our look at celebrities before Hollywood magic and money turned them into Beautiful People caused some correspondents to recall their own high school yearbook photos, while others—mostly younger—were thrilled to learn that “geekiness” doesn’t always last forever (PEOPLE, July 3). On another issue, country music singer Ty Herndon’s fans were split in their support of his recent troubles with the law.


I enjoyed your photos of the famous before they became famous. Makes you realize we all looked bad in those high school yearbooks.

LEE MEDOS, London, Ont.

Your cover confirms what I thought all along—as they get older, the men get better-looking, while the women get more plastic surgery.

CINDY VIRDO, Canton, Ohio

You stated that Gloria Estefan’s husband’s name is Emilio Estevez. I know his name is Emilio, but his last name is not Estevez.


His name is Emilio Estefan. We regret the error.—ED.

Please tell me, who is the person pictured in the lower right-hand corner of the cover—the man without a “now” picture? It’s driving me crazy!

NADINE E. OLDT, Fremont, Calif.

It is David Letterman.—ED.

Everyone wants to come back to their high school reunion famous. You’ve given hope to me and every other not-so-popular 17-year-old!

SARA ERICKSON, Oshkosh, Wis.


No one should judge Ty Herndon until they know the truth. Everyone has done something they are not proud of. As for the police officer, maybe what he thought he saw was not what he saw at all. People should judge Ty for his music. It would be a great loss if we didn’t give him a chance.

PATRICIA HALL, Westville, Fla.

A “hectic schedule and incredible drive to succeed” should neither fuel a drug habit nor be an excuse for one. Plenty of Nashville’s newcomers don’t need drugs to fuel their success. I only wish one of them could score a two-page story.

JANET HENSLEY, Mooresville, Ind.

What does Chris Huff of KPLX-FM in Dallas mean when he says country music is based on “traditional values”? Does it mean country music is more righteous than other types of music? The biggest stars in country music have displayed values of drinking, drugging, multiple marriages, divorces, womanizing, spousal abuse, brawling, parenthood out-of-wedlock, tax evasion, etc. Pretty much the same as stars in rock and roll, jazz, hip hop and popular music. If Ty Herndon is guilty—he’s human like everyone else—his fans will stay with him. We don’t, however, believe any one group or art form can be credited with representing traditional values.



Sharon Stone is quite confused. The connection between coffee and breast lumps is that excessive caffeine will intensify a fibrocystic breast condition, and it does so in any woman. Reducing caffeine consumption decreases the symptoms (lumpiness, tenderness). Any good family doctor will tell you that. Sharon Stone did not have cancer if her symptoms were cured by reduction of caffeine. A fibrocystic breast condition never becomes cancer. Ms. Stone should read up on things before saying stupid things in public. She should also get a new doctor. Either she misinterpreted what he said, or he doesn’t know what he’s doing.



Thanks so much for the article on Kevin Sorbo. I have been trying for months to tell my family and friends that Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is not just about muscles and beauty. Even though there is a lot of cleavage and leather, there’s a moral to be learned in each episode. This Hercules has a heart and soul.

JIMITA B. POTTER, Granger, Ind.

Congratulations! You finally discovered Kevin Sorbo. You should apologize to Mr. Sorbo for not including him in the 50 Most Beautiful People issue—after all, his face and form are the stuff legends are made of.

BETSY KOHLER, Antioch, Calif.

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