By People Staff
October 30, 1995 12:00 PM

X-Files fans were x-tremely x-cited to find we had conspired to put Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on our cover (PEOPLE, Oct. 9). Pet-loving correspondents were even more passionate in their response to the story of Mike Rinkel of Portsmouth, R.I., and his two-year search for his lost golden retriever, Chase.


As an avid X-Phile, I’ve had a mild crush on Gillian Anderson. Now it’s resolved into admiration for how she juggles 14-hour working days and a family life. After three seasons of watching her poker-faced performances, I never realized that Gillian can throw a whopper of a smile!

JUSTIN WONDGA, Edmonton, Alta.

While others may wish to adopt David Duchovny and his Speedo, I am more interested in assistant director Walter Skinner. With his broad shoulders, steely gray eyes, stern jaw and lovely bald head, he can share my pillow anytime.



Unless people are truly dog lovers, like my husband and I, they would not understand the grief of losing a beautiful dog. We also have a golden retriever and would be totally devastated if anything ever happened to her. I hope Chase’s owners find her alive and safe, even though it has been two years. I would never give up hope.


Huntington Station, N.Y.

As an animal rescuer, I was deeply touched by your article “Dog’s Best Friend.” Pet theft is a growing concern among animal lovers as it reaches epidemic numbers across the U.S. There is a simple rule that any pet guardian can follow to ensure the safety of their companion animal—watch your pet as closely as you would watch your child. That simple rule could prevent a lifetime of being haunted by the loss of a beloved pet and wondering what fate that animal may have faced.


Your heartwarming story of Mike Rinkel and his search for Chase touched every emotion I feel as a dog owner. From now on, the Rinkels can count me among those who will be looking for Chase.

JANET GIBBONS, West Dennis, Mass.

I cried after reading the Rinkels’ story. I want them to know that they now have another set of eyes and ears searching for Chase in the state of Arizona.

BARBARA EDGREN, Chandler, Ariz.

Mike Rinkel’s search brought to mind a saying I read not long ago: “Oh God, please make me the person my dog thinks I am.” Apparently, Chase was right about his master.



I would never condone, accept or excuse the lynching or beating of anyone for anything. That is why we have a justice system. James Cameron, who barely escaped being lynched along with two of his friends after the shooting of Claude Deeter, looked into the faces of his neighbors and feared for his life. I’ll bet you anything that Claude Deeter thought the same thing when he saw who was holding that 38-caliber revolver in his face. Everyone has to take responsibility for this tragedy, including Mr. Cameron.


Iron Mountain, Mich.

I too was appalled by the brutal lynching related by James Cameron; however, nowhere did he express any sorrow or regret for the young white man who was killed in cold blood by his friends. It seems once again we are only considering the feelings of the criminals and not of the innocent victim, who was killed for doing nothing more than sitting in a car with his girlfriend.

NANCY JONES, Glendora, Calif.


Ellen Simon, by scripting Moonlight and Valentino, has not only freed herself, she has given voice to all of us who have lost a husband or a wife. By sharing her grief, she heals all of us who loved, and will always love, those we were with. I wish her continued happiness. And I hope she writes again. And again. And again.

A. BURROUGHS, New York City


I am outraged that you chose to put Gloria Estefan on the cover with the caption “Gloria Estefan’s Boating Tragedy.” Indeed, this tragedy involved the Estefans, and their aid to Howard Clark is notable; however, I do not believe she deserves the attention in this matter. Clark was a son, a friend and a respected student who was struck down suddenly in his prime. Don’t you think he deserved your primary attention?

DANA M. LEWIS, Washington