By People Staff
August 22, 1994 12:00 PM

Correspondents were generally pleased to see the focus of the Simpson case shift from O.J. to the victims of the crime (PEOPLE, Aug. 1). Many pointed out that the real “forgotten victims” are the families and friends of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.


It’s about time someone recognizes that the real victims here are Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. I want to applaud you for focusing on the fact that these two people were innocents of a brutal and savage crime. What they did or did not do in their personal lives should not be an issue.

KAREN ZAK, Palm Harbor, Fla.

As an alleged womanizer, a habitual and accused wife abuser, a former fugitive and a primary suspect in one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, O.J. Simpson has received entirely too much compassion. This popular trend of defending O.J. has averted well-deserved sympathy from Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Hopefully, thanks to your thoughtful piece, readers will no longer forget who the “real victims” were in this tragedy.

KEN BERMAN, Upper Saddle River, N.J.

Unless someone suddenly came down with amnesia, your cover is ludicrous. Nicole and Ronald are the primary victims, but the truly “forgotten victims” are the family and friends of these two people, especially the children involved. The everyday person sees this case not as a media event but as a tragic story of one family losing a son and a brother and another losing a mother and daughter. It will be a long time before we forget Nicole and Ronald.

KATHY RANK, Lakewood, Wis.

The cover of this issue was a disgrace. Could you have made the picture of Ronald Goldman any smaller? He was a victim just as much as Nicole Simpson, so why make it appear that his life was any less important? Please, give the man a little respect. I think he deserved it.



Cybill Shepherd should fire the “brilliant psychologist” who boosted her confidence in singing so much that she dares to compare her gig in Atlantic City with Barbra Streisand’s recent long-awaited tour. “Barbra Streisand went through the same thing and began singing this year too.” Indeed! Streisand has sold millions of recordings, and I cried when I couldn’t buy a $350 ticket for her tour. It will be interesting to see how many will pay $30 to see Shepherd.

IRENE LOCKE, Newark, Calif.


I am a 22-year-old adoptee who found my birth mother and father last year. The day I met them for the first time was the most emotional, happy but personal day of my life. It’s such a shame that Brent Jasmer and his birth mother couldn’t experience this wonderful feeling the way it should be experienced—alone and in private. If someone did to me what Geraldo did to Brent, I would probably sue him too. Brent was right when he said Geraldo and staff ruined the most important moment of his life. He can never get that moment back. Geraldo should keep his big, broken nose out of people’s personal lives.


It appears that everyone involved in the Brent Jasmer story was at fault, whether it was unknowing or intentional. These heartless people will do anything for higher ratings! Emotional reunions are constantly being aired, giving false hope to people involved in adoption searches. It’s a pity someone always seems to get hurt.


Mineral Wells, W. Va.


I was appalled at the picture of Dr. Andrew Zablow doing an oral exam on Chuck DeMarco without universal precautions. Where are his rubber gloves, face mask, protective glasses and face shield? I hope he at least washed his hands before seeing his next patient.


Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

  • After reading about Anna Nicole Smith‘s recent marriage to an 89-year-old multimillionaire, I was disgusted by her obvious lust for money and his apparent lust for a young trophy-bride. P.T. Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” In this case, there were two—born 63 years apart.
  • CAMI POPE, Hickory, N.C.


Conspicuously missing from Roseanne and Tom Arnold’s expenses listed in “Down and Dirty” were charitable contributions. Perhaps their life would have been better if they had taken part of the $84,906 they spent on clothing and accessories, the $183,908 for travel and the $61,352 they spent on legal fees over the seven-week period noted and given it to someone less fortunate.

CAROLINE EAGER, Louisville, Ky.