By People Staff
August 08, 1994 12:00 PM

Correspondents were divided concerning allegations of abuse against rocker Axl Rose (PEOPLE, July 18) by his former wife, Erin Everly, and girlfriend Stephanie Seymour. Some were disgusted by the reports of Rose’s violence and praised the women for telling their story. Skeptics questioned their motives for coming forward now and for staying with Axl as long as they did.


It really makes me sick that Nicole Simpson had to die and Stephanie Seymour had to have the hell beat out of her before people realized the need to address domestic violence. I just find it difficult to stomach that this has been going on for years and the only reason it is being addressed today is because it happened to someone who was high profile enough to make headlines. What about caring about the average person whom this type of violence has been affecting for years?


I do not condone physical violence between men and women; however, Stephanie Seymour got her mileage being Axl Rose’s girlfriend. Until that time she was just another Victoria’s Secret model and wannabe actress. What a coincidence that Seymour’s lawsuit surfaces when Guns N’ Roses made approximately $54 million last year. Just remember, there are always three sides to every story-his, hers and the truth.

JANE E. FALLON, Bergenfield, N.J.

Stephanie Seymour and Erin Everly were victims [of Axl Rose] only once-the first time they were hit. After that they were willing players in a very sick game. Neither should be pitied or paid for her participation.

C. GAMBLE, Carmel, Calif.

I was really shocked after reading your story about Axl Rose. I was a big fan of his band and will continue to be. However, I must admit that I have lost respect for him in his personal life. I hope your article will be a catalyst for him to seek treatment so that he never again abuses anyone. I applaud Everly and Seymour for speaking out about this. It shows women that anyone can be abused, but they don’t need to let it keep happening.

DENISE M. HUGHES, East Sandwich, Mass.

I find your characterization of Erin Everly and Stephanie Seymour as “battered beauties” unnecessary, not to mention completely tasteless. Would they be any less battered if they were ugly?

ROBYN MOON, Lisbon, Maine


Every swimmer knows well the euphoric, meditative state reached through repetitious lap swimming. Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Neurotic? Poor Gus is clearly attempting to save his sanity!

ROBIN WILES, Durango, Colo.


I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with the landowning gentry, but the Disney America theme park is a mistake. Let’s let our children learn about the Civil War by keeping the area as close to its original condition as possible. Much more emotion can be felt from a battlefield stilled forever than from the wizardry of a sound-and-light display.

JOAN L. FANNIN, Albuquerque

Entertainment is entertainment, and history is history. Why should Disney force them together to make a profit? Much of American education today plays to the lowest common denominator, and Disney’s America would perpetuate that.


Lawrenceville, N.J.

If being “dragged to Washington as a kid” was the worst weekend of Michael Eisner’s life, is it any wonder he has no respect for one of the most beautiful and historic areas in our country?


Living within six miles of Disneyland for the last 19 years, I wish to share what having Disney in the neighborhood is all about. It is not “honky-tonk motels, fast-food joints and tacky knick-knack shops,” nor is it a “glorified hamburger stand.” Disney is honest research, a clean, safe environment, high employment standards and community ethics. Disney is the heart of America.

HARLEEN PUTNAM, Anaheim, Calif.


Reading your article on Marcia Clark confirmed my worst suspicion, that her only obsession is to win. This is frightening when the case she is trying to “win” has O.J. Simpson’s life on the line and he may very well be innocent.


My 14-year-old granddaughter’s ambition is to become a prosecuting attorney. I can’t think of a better role model than Marcia Clark, even if she does wear only off-the-rack blue suits rather than the $2,000 Armanis that showboat Shapiro wears.

DIANNE HILL, Sand Springs, Okla.