August 01, 1994 12:00 PM

Our cover story on Maurice Tempelsman (PEOPLE, July 11), who never legally divorced his wife, Lilly, provided defenders of domestic sanctity one last chance to take the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to task for being “a homewrecker.” Correspondents were divided—vehemently—on the question of whether supermarket employee Amy Jones did the right thing when she reported shopper Lynn Kivi to police for slapping Kivi’s 9-year-old son Chuck.


For all the adulation being tossed at Jackie, her one obvious flaw was her penchant for men who did not believe in monogamous relationships. Too bad that in the end her image had to be tainted by being the “other woman.” The real heroine in your article was not Jackie, but Lilly Tempelsman. Bouquets to you, Lilly, for the quiet dignity you have used in handling the situation.


The most recent Kennedy whitewash, your tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was a quintessential example of selective memory. The deletion of her cunning and manipulative nature was a prominent oversight. Since when has it become admirable to flaunt a long-term affair with a married man? The Jack Kennedy mystique was finally curbed by revelations of his myriad infidelities. I can only hope Jackie is one day subjected to the same unbiased and unrelenting scrutiny.

MICHELLE RIO, Hollywood, Fla.

Don’t you think it’s time you let Jackie Kennedy Onassis rest? All she wanted in her lifetime, in spite of being made famous through marriage, was to be left in peace.

LYNN EBEYER, Marietta, Ga.

I can see why Jackie and Maurice got along, and I’m glad he was with her at the end.

DONNA CADIENTE, Waipahu, Hawaii


Jimmy Mercer, don’t you have anything better to do than arrest a mother for correcting her child? Amy Jones, you should be made to pay back the $22,050 that Dale Kivi had to withdraw from his 401(k) plan! As for Deborah Ivers, she must have never been around kids not to know they will scream out over a slap in order to acquire sympathy. Amy and Deborah, if you want to do our society some good, call 911 on the real child abusers and leave Lynn Kivi alone!

GINGER EWING, Sylvester, Ga.

I’m 34 years old, and my mom raised four children all alone. When our mouths got ahead of our brains, we got what my brothers affectionately call “a pop in the chops.” What we also got were high school diplomas, good solid careers, loving spouses and children of our own to love. Thank the Lord no “Good Samaritan” ever decided to intervene on our behalf.


Lynn Kivi is a child abuser plain and simple, regardless of how hard she hits. The children of this country could use more people like Amy Jones. The saddest part is that these kids actually believe they deserve to be slapped. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how they’ll treat their own kids!

LAURA FRANCIS, Austin, Texas

I hate to think about what Kivi might do in her home if she displays this type of punishment in public. I am worried about the self-esteem of Chuck and his sister Sarah. I wish their mother was.

JAMIE WRIGHT, Stockbridge, Ga.

Yes, there are parents who abuse their children, but let’s not confuse discipline with abuse.

TONJA STEWART, Alexandria, Va.

Give us more on Keanu! If I had to choose one celebrity to meet, it would be this man. We Generation-Xers need more people to identify with in these strange and confusing times. I identify with his rebellion and attitude. We don’t crave notoriety, we just want to be happy doing what we love. Peace and happiness, Keanu.

BARBIE BUSBY, Southern Pines, N.C.

Keanu Reeves‘s skirt and combat boots are not unusual by Hollywood standards, but his shyness is. Keanu is one of those great things in life that should not be explained, merely savored.



I find it amusing that Mr. Shapiro thinks celebrities and everyday people get the same justice. Yeah, right! How many pro bono cases does he take in a year? I will predict right now that if O.J. is convicted, he will never get the death penalty. If this were an ordinary citizen, they would be preparing the gas chamber right now.

MARION PHELPS, Bradenton, Fla.

Perhaps you should take another look at the picture of Shapiro and his wife in their pool. It looks as if he’s wearing only a smile, and a very nice smile it is.

BARBARA GRAHAM, Orange, Calif.

Our photographer assures us that Shapiro was wearing a bathing suit.—ED.

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