November 22, 1993 12:00 PM

There is apparently nothing fickle about the fans who once performed rites of adoration at the shrines of erstwhile teen idols David and Shaun Cassidy (PEOPLE, Nov. 1). They loved the Cassidys then; they love them now. Concerning other matters, most correspondents weighed in on the side of individual responsibility. They refused to blame a Texas school board for the plight of three pregnant students who were suspended from their school’s cheerleading squad (they have since been reinstated) or to find the movie The Program responsible for the deaths of teenagers killed while imitating a harebrained stunt from the film.


Talk about weird! A friend and I were just discussing who our teen idols were as children. Hers was David Cassidy and mine was Shaun. What a great surprise and treat this issue was for both of us!


Although they are known primarily for their looks and their voices, it is David and Shaun Cassidy’s fine dramatic performances that bring the Blood Brothers crowd to its feet night after night. The Cassidy brothers have amply proved that “teen idol” is not synonymous with “no talent.”

JANICE STETT, Lisle., Ill.

It’s great to see that David and Shaun Cassidy are still alive and well and doing fine. But somebody forgot something David has done—he wrote and performed the theme song for The John Larroquette Show.

TERRIE NEILSON, Kankakee, Ill.


I read your article on the pregnant cheerleaders from Hempstead High School, and I was disgusted that everyone involved is trying to pass the buck. It’s time people stopped blaming their mistakes on racism, the school boards and other people’s shortcomings. The responsibility for these pregnancies lies with the girls, their parents and the young men who decided having unprotected sex was worth the risk.

CAROLE A. HOLDKN, Stoney Creek, Ont.

The idea that these girls not be allowed to cheer had nothing at all to do with their skin color—it is because they are unwed pregnant teenagers. It’s hard to believe that even in a small town they have never heard of safe sex. We need to send the message that unwed teenage pregnancies are not acceptable.


Patrick Springs, Va.

Charles Dodd is attempting to place the blame on the school system for not teaching sex education at an earlier age. This is a classic cop-out. Sex education should be taught in the home!

LE ANNE DIX, Saginaw, Texas


The entertainment industry is far from perfect. However, it is not fair to expect movies to always depict reality-That isn’t the purpose of a movie. People go to movies to escape reality for two hours. To insure that no one gets hurt, actors and slunlmen take part in painstakingly choreographed scenes. I am sad that young men have died [imitating these scenes], but I don’t think you can simply point a finger at the entertainment industry without also pointing a finger at the boys themselves for bad judgment and just plain stupidity.

BARBARA BAKST, Beverly Hills

Your article hit home. I live with three children and preview even the PG-rated movies for violence, sex and stunts like the one in The Program. While I understand the right the movie industry has to film whatever trash it may, your article clearly calls for a more responsible type of entertainment industry.



I happened to catch Howard Stern’s radio show several days ago. He was joking about Vanna White’s miscarriage and how funny it would have been to see it happen live on TV. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Isn’t there enough haired and cruelty in the world without Howard Stern promoting it in the name of humor? Anyone who would pay this man two cents for his drivel needs to get a life—and more importantly, a heart.

MARK WYATT, Fort Worth

It is a sad, sad commentary on the stale of our affairs in this country today when 25,000 people show up anywhere to meet a pathetic individual like Howard Stern.


I’m a 32-year-old female engineer who watches Regis and Kathie Lee, listens to Barry Manilow and loves Howard Stern. I despised Howard the first couple of times I listened to him, but for some strange reason I continued to listen until I found myself completely addicted. Now I have to admit I find the man to be gorgeous, witty, one hell of a writer and an extraordinary entertainer! Thanks for writing about him.

MARY TOSCAINO, Samta Cruz, Calif.

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