January 31, 1994 12:00 PM

The passionate debate about gun control continues. Correspondents who favor control were outnumbered by those who believe restrictions will not have any effect on crime and only serve to prevent “law-abiding” citizens from protecting themselves (PEOPLE, Jan. 10).


Your magazine has reached new journalistic lows in devoting the first issue of 1994 to celebrities who lost and gained weight in 1993. Winners and Sinners was 16 pages of people who could afford to pay astronomical sums of money for spas, personal trainers and dietitians that the average American would never have access to. I congratulate you on reinforcing the already unhealthy American obsession with weight and appearance that each year drives thousands of people, especially women, into depression and frustration over their inability to look like Cindy Crawford. Obviously 1994 will be no different.

NINA STAVINGA, Hinsdale, Ill.

I was unaware that losing the battle of the bulge constituted a sin. I have yet to see a reference to this in my Bible. Sure Oprah Winfrey looks great, and I am happy for her, but her show was just as good when she weighed 235 pounds as it is now that she weighs 150.


Sound Beach, N.Y.

In case you’ve been under a rock for 20 years, it’s not helpful for influential publications like yours to label people who are heavy as “sinners,” particularly when Oprah says so cogently in one of the accompanying articles, “weight is an emotional problem that manifests itself physically.” When may we expect a cover story on Celebrity Alcoholics Who Go On and Off the Wagon?


Foundation for Education About Eating Disorders. Bethesda, Md.

Madonna‘s health and fitness trainer for the past four years is Ray Kybartis and not Rob Parr as indicated in your photo caption. Although Madonna was trained by Pan-several years ago, I think it’s accurate to say that those amazing “cuts” should be attributed to the hard work of Madonna and Ray.


Warner Bros. Records, New York City


I was very offended by your coverage of the controversy concerning guns and gun-control opponents. You went out of your way to try to make those who support gun ownership look like a bunch of crazy yahoos when in fact all they are representing is a reasonable response to the antigun fanatics. Shame on PEOPLE!

DAVID E. MILLER, Centerville, Ohio

Do you expect us to believe that it was by mere coincidence that you chose people like Ted Nugent, G. Gordon Liddy and Billie Sol Estes to portray the citizens of this country who oppose gun control? All of the National Rifle Association members I know are reasonable, mainstream Americans. There are rational arguments by intelligent people on both sides of the gun-control issue.

TWILA E. PALMER, Westford, Mass.

In the 29 years I’ve seriously collected guns, I’ve not yet seen a fairer article concerning the use and misuse of firearms. This article deserves a place of honor in my gun vault.


McCamey, Texas

Bill Clinton goes to bed at night knowing that someone is there to protect him and his family with guns if necessary. How dare he and his allies try to deny me the same right.


How frightening it is that in this day of horrifying violence there are still people who actually believe that more guns are a solution to the problem. Even more disturbing is how the NRA and others continue to propagate the myth that gun control would separate “law-abiding” citizens from their firearms, a lie they’ve employed for decades to instill unwarranted fear in gun owners. Gun control will no more lake people’s guns than speed limits will take their cars, nor does it violate the Second Amendment any more than child pornography laws violate the First. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or a fool, and frankly I’ve more than had my fill of both.

MICHAEL MAHER, Apple Valley, Calif.

Of the many people I’ve known who have bought guns legally for protection, not one has actually used one for that purpose—yet. On the other hand, I had a childhood friend who was blown away while playing with his father’s loaded shotgun. A high school classmate survived his father’s murder-suicide spree but lost his entire family. A friend shot at (and missed) an intruder in her garage one night. The intruder was her husband, home early from a business trip. No criminals here. Only “good” people with a right to own these “harmless, inanimate things’ called guns.

KRIS BELGIE, Tamarac, Fla.

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