May 30, 1994 12:00 PM

Every year correspondents berate us for our choices of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World—not so much for the men and women we picked but for those we didn’t. This year was no exception (PEOPLE, May 9). Readers’ lists of personal favorites range from the obvious (Mel Gibson and Whitney Houston) to the unexpected (Rush Limbaugh and reader Steve Knauer’s girlfriend Dolores). And, oh, yes, author Anne Rice had some thoughts she wanted to share with us.


Well, it’s finally happened. Friends told me it would, but I didn’t believe them. It couldn’t. I read (newspapers even), go to the movies and attend the theater, listen to the radio at work and even watch television. I haven’t recently returned from Mars (that is a great commercial, Lucky). I don’t watch the soaps, but Antonio Sabato is not a foreign entity to me. All in all, I was hopeful. But, alas, the inevitable has happened. I have passed over into the invisible generation. Your 50 Most Beautiful included 23 notables of whom I have never even heard.

SUSAN WEBBER, Lansing, Mich.

Thanks for a taste of reality in beauty: Emme. I must agree with her hubby, Phillip—I loved every inch!


Art collectors may appreciate a naked Emme, but the average American wants to see faces, not fannies in this issue. I guess I should be thankful it was her and not Al Gore.

KELLY SIMRELL, Terre Haute, Ind.

Henry Cisneros and Al Gore! Boy, am I proud to be a Democrat!

ALLISON GROSS, Altamonte Springs, Fla.

Faye Dunaway tells us, “If you’re slovenly or dim-witted…your face is not going to be beautiful.” Or if your cosmetic surgeon is slovenly or dim-witted.


Thanks for the great article on Katya Gordeeva! Her beauty alone is enough to take your breath away, not to mention the passion between her and husband Sergei. I’m surprised the ice hasn’t melted yet!


I was disappointed to see the photo of Tom Braxton. She has a beautiful voice, and I don’t think she has to sell her body in order to sell records.


As long as you’ve released a typically shallow issue devoted to the 50 Most Beautiful People, I am submitting this typically outraged response suggesting someone you overlooked: Isabella Rossellini.

MARK MULLER, Jackson, N.J.

Where the heck is Brad Pitt?

LEA KELLY, San Diego

Once again you have not included any males of Asian descent. The omission, at best, perpetuates media stereotypes about Asian men and, at worst, is a subtle form of racism.

ANDREW S.TING, M.D., New York City

How could you put that picture of Meg Ryan on the cover? I think she’s cute, but that photograph made her look like a ghostly apparition having a bad-hair day.


What fools you are. Who wrote that idiotic trash about Interview with the Vampire that accompanied your picture of Tom Cruise? Did [Cruise’s publicist] Pat Kingsley dictate it to you, or are you really that stupid? I didn’t want somebody “less clean-cut” to play the vampire Lestat, I wanted a great actor of appropriate voice and height who could carry the part—[Jon] Malkovich, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jeremy Irons. It’s a different league. Do any of you people actually read? When you’re talking Lestat, you’re talking Captain Ahab, Custer, Peter the Great. It’s that kind of a class act. Do you really believe that because Cruise is going around unshaven and camping it up at Harvard that this behavior guarantees the success of this film?

Nobody wants the picture to work more than I do. But if it works, it will be because of Neil Jordan, its brilliant director, and Brad Pitt, the star. Wait. See the movie. Pitt just might knock your socks off. It might well be a smash, and then we can all forget about this nonsense. But you never know! Cruise is really going to be a tough act to swallow.

ANNE RICE, New Orleans

I’m positive you’ll want to correct the glaring error you made when you neglected Scott Bakula. His wife must think she died and went to heaven, except when he leaves the seat up.

KATIE KERSTEN, La Crosse, Wis.


I am sure that your 50 Most Beautiful People issue had been in the planning stages for some time. However, the death of a former President is of such historical significance that I would have expected Richard Nixon to grace your cover. The 50 Most Beautiful People would have stayed beautiful for one more week.

JOHN LAZO JR., M.D., Brecksville, Ohio

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