January 10, 1994 12:00 PM

Correspondents were not kind to either John or Lorena Bobbitt (PEOPLE, Dec. 13). Some male readers were particularly incensed that the media seemed to be making light of John Bobbin’s celebrated injury, while some women were annoyed at the suggestion that their sex was taking a primal satisfaction from it.


I am still in shock at media coverage of the brutal, savage sexual mutilation of John Bobbitt. Has a female victim of violence ever had jokes made about her from coast to coast? Being a male in America today is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany.


What is with all this talk about women feeling empowered because of the Bobbitt case? Dr. Brothers does not speak for me. I do not view Lorena’s actions as self-defense; they were an act of revenge, whether spontaneous or premeditated. Yes, we’ve had our jokes around the office too, but if the circumstances were reversed, would anybody be speaking openly about men feeling empowered?

CYNTHIA A. ALLARD, Portland, Me.

If ever there was a couple that deserved each other, it’s the Bobbitts. They should be made to spend the rest of their lives together—she with no access to cutlery, he with no access to Howard Stern.

LISA E. LONG, Paso Robles, Calif.

Yes, domestic violence is a tragic reality, but this is one isolated incident. How many women have been brutally mutilated, not to mention murdered, by men they loved and trusted? Why is not one of these victims a national buzzword?

DIANA SWAN, Minneapolis

I can’t believe you would put a penis amputator on the cover of your magazine! Do you have any idea how many wanna-be-on-the-cover-of-PEOPLE nuts this will inspire?

DORIS ELLIOTT, Weston, Conn.

We warn them now: It won’t work.—ED.


Has the town of Smithfield, Utah, lost its collective mind? The coach and football fans see nothing wrong with tying a naked 16-year-old boy and displaying him in front of 20-odd students? Coach Doug Snow says he doesn’t condone hazing, but “it’s just something that has always gone on in locker rooms”? Somebody needs to strip Coach Snow, tie him up, then parade a few members of the PTA in front of him. If he finds that embarrassing, I’m sure a written apology will assure him there was no malice intended.


Coach Snow must have oatmeal for brains! Since when is tying up someone, naked, with athletic tape, fun? Maybe the coach—or one of the parents who signed the petition protesting the cancellation of the game and road trip—has a child they would be willing to subject to the same humiliation.

JUDY HUELGA, Atascadero, Calif.


Some may call Kit Culkin a protective father. I call him an overzealous control freak who is trying to live out his own lost celebrity through his son.


Here’s a note to Kit Culkin: Keep pushing, keep demanding, keep hiring and firing, whine, threaten, pout and act like a child to your heart’s content. Then, when nobody will hire your kid, you can go on Oprah and whine some more.

STEVE RUDDELL, Anaheim, Calif.

Granted, Kit Culkin seems as if he could use a good dosage of tact and manners, but should he—and Mac—be blacklisted merely for standing up for his young son’s rights? As long as Kit keeps Macaulay’s best interests in sight and not his own, he can rest assured that his son will not become a blond Danny Bonaduce. LIN BELARGE, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.


We don’t enforce the death penalty in this country for some of the most heinous murderers of our time, but we are more than willing to sentence an innocent dog to death. Shame on us, and shame on New Jersey governor Jim Florio if he doesn’t set the poor pooch free!

SUSAN MUELLER, Parsippany, N.J.

The Lehrers claim Taro isn’t vicious—all he did was attack three neighborhood dogs, killing one. Taro may or may not be dangerous, but the Lehrers are.

MARY EWELL, Pekin, Ill.


I certainly admire the good works of Prof. Chuck Wall and his students, but his phrase about “random acts of senseless kindness” isn’t original. When I was writing a newsletter in January 1992, I quoted writer Anne Herbert, whose injunction to “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” had been widely copied on walls and bumper stickers in 1991. This evocative phrase probably stuck in Wall’s subconscious until he “created” it last spring.


Westport, Conn.

Prof. Wall says he had never heard of Anne Herbert before he came up with the phrase. He acknowledges that after he began his campaign he heard from Ms. Herbert’s publisher. Her book sales are up.—ED.

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