July 26, 1993 12:00 PM

Correspondents expressed sympathy for Kelsey drummer, whose life has been so frequently blighted by tragedy, hut were aggressively skeptical concerning Leon Ritzenthaler’s claim that he is Hill Clinton’s brother (PEOPLE, July 5). After poring over Ritzenthaler’s birth certificate, several readers pointed out discrepancies between information provided on it and fuels reported elsewhere.


I hope I never complain again—ever! I’ve just finished reading Kelsey Grammer’s story. We should all have his faith.

JOAN PARKER, Hopewell Junction, N.Y.

I know all too well the pain Kelsey Grammer experiences every day. I am in my mid-30s and have lost nearly all of my immediate family. My father died at 39 of a heart attack. Eight years ago my 29-year-old brother died of cancer. One year later my 32-year-old brother was killed in an automobile accident. A year later another brother was murdered at 29. Three months ago my mother. at 59, died suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm. Life isn’t fair, and it certainly is not a promise for happiness. When I close my eyes at night, the memories and pain arc almost more than I can bear. But when I awaken each day and look upon the faces of my two beautiful daughters, then I know that I will make it.

KAREN COX, Northville, Mich.


Either your staff was asleep or Leon Ritzenthaler’s story is full of holes. The article says Adele (rash and W.J. Blythe were both 17 in 1938 when they married and that Leon was conceived later, after the couple separated. But Leon was born Jan. 17, 1938. His birth certificate also shows W.J. was 21 and Adele 19 when Leon was born. Who goofed?


We did. Our story should have staled that Gash and Blythe were married in 1935. Adele Gash offered no explanation for in consistent reports of I heir ages.—ED.

Either your article was full of errors and flawed information, or Leon Ritzenthaler is no more the President’s half brother than my husband is. The birth certificate shown asks for the father’s and mother’s full names. Leon’s father’s full name is listed as W.J. Blythe, while the mother’s name is completely written out. Why, if this is supposed to be Clinton’s father, is the name not William Jefferson Blythe? Ritzenthaler’s daughter says the birth certificate should convince the President. The only thing it convinces me is that Leon’s father’s name was W.J. Blythe. The W.J. could stand for What a Joke for all we know.

PAMELA DIANNE CLOUD, Clarksville, Tenn.


If Magic Johnson refused to wear a condom and Waymer Moore was so worried about AIDS, why didn’t she just refuse to have sex with him? It is high time everyone took responsibility for their actions. Slop trying to blame other people.



How come when Prince Albert goes sailing with a bunch of topless European women it’s “not scandalous behavior,” but when Caroline and Stephanie-not to mention Fergie—were photographed topless with men, it caused a major uproar?

IVA CROSHAW, Bountiful, Utah

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