October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

Sorry, Fabio (PEOPLE, Oct. 4), but not every woman in America has fallen victim to your obvious charms. Most of our correspondents—a jaundiced bunch, obviously—suspect the golden-maned cover boy is only as deep as the paper he’s printed on. There was, however, grassroots support for Dean Cain, TV’s latest incarnation of Superman, as the next Sexiest Man Alive.


I’m not impressed. A philanderer by any other name would smell the same, and that’s not sweet. Fabio is in love with love—and only the untrustworthy, heady, first stage at that. He is fooling himself if he thinks he will ever be able to “settle down” with one woman. His father is right. Fabio has “been ruined by women.” As to his former girlfriend, I wonder if he’s not romanticizing that too.


It seems that you have forgotten one other word to describe Fabio—shrewd. Apparently he knows how to capitalize on the need for romance and fantasy. His moment will last as long as there is a demand for it.

KRIS EREKSON, Whitefish, Mont.

I have the perfect woman for Fabio: Vanna White. They could coauthor a book titled How to Become a Household Word for Absolutely No Discernible Reason Whatsoever.

JUDITH HANES, Winston-Salem., N.C.

Thank you so much for at last doing a cover story on Fabio. Some may hate him, thousands adore him, but no one can forget him.


I can’t even stand to look at your cover photo of that conceited chunk of Spam.


At age 72, I’d like to meet Fabio—not because he’s the sexiest man in the world, he’s much too young for me—but if “just about every woman he meets loses weight,” I can’t imagine a more desirable diet!

FLORENCE S. NIWINSKI, Pinellas Park, Fla.

After reading your story on Fabio, it’s obvious females have not cornered the dumb-blond market.

CLINT SMITH, Antioch, Tenn.


You put the wrong man on the cover! I skipped the article on Fabio and went right to the piece on Dean Cain. Fabio is a caricature; Dean Cain is a hunk.

SUSAN R. STEVENSON, Cheshire, Conn.

Sally Kirkland may be “having an orgasm” while talking with Fabio, but just looking at Dean Cain’s all-American, boy-next-door looks combined with his mouth-watering smile sets my heart aflutter. He is definitely a Super Man!

JACKIE FINESTONE, Woodcliff Lake, N.J.


After reading your article on the massacres of street children, I wanted to inform you of my efforts to correct these horrible abuses of human rights. The lack of funding to get these children off the street is linked to the arduous debt-repayment system imposed on the government of Brazil by the U.S. and other World Bank and International Monetary Fund member nations. Brazil pays $8 billion a year to service its $120 billion foreign debt. As a result, the budget for social-service agencies such as Rio’s Center for Infancy and Adolescence, the state’s main child-protection agency, has been reduced to less than half of previous funding levels.

Earlier this month I initiated a letter with 15 of my congressional colleagues to Treasury Secretary Bentsen requesting that Brazil take tougher measures to protect these children. The letter also asks that Brazil be allowed to include social programs in its economic-reform plan to help alleviate the extreme hardships that lead these children to the streets.

REP. EDOLPHUS “ED” TOWNS, D.-N.Y., Washington

I was so upset after reading your story I had a hard time going to sleep. It would seem that the basic problem is overpopulation in a wretchedly poor area. Until these people are able to get out of the stranglehold of the Catholic Church and its teachings against birth control, it will not get any better. Many of the children mentioned came from families with eight or nine children. I firmly believe it is wrong to encourage people to have more children than they are able to care for.

DOROTHY FIELDS, New Harmony, Utah


The review given to Mariah Carey‘s Music Box album was highly unjust. Criticizing some lines of certain songs isn’t reviewing, it’s nit-picking. It seems as if fault was sought after, because these are minor flaws on a great album. Let’s be real. Can you honestly show me an album that isn’t lacking better lines somewhere in its songs?

ERIC ROBERTSON, Lafayette, Ind.

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