September 01, 1975 12:00 PM

Sonny Bono

How revolting to spotlight Male Chauvinist Pig Supreme Sonny Bono on your cover (PEOPLE, Aug. 11, 1975). So Sonny boasts that Cher phones him all the time because “she needs him.” What an ego trip! After being led by the nose for 13 years, no wonder Cher is unsure in taking her first wobbly steps as a free woman.

Barbara Jean Sadek

Westmont, Ill.

Boy, what a disappointment! Sonny may have been on the cover but the whole damn article was about that drippy broad Cher.

Kay Metz

Teaneck, N.J.

Regarding Sonny’s cover claim that Cher “always calls me when she’s in trouble.” Calls him what?

Joan Connor

Palm Springs, Calif.


The only difference between Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima is the fact that our weapon was stronger. Japan knew they were starting a war at Pearl Harbor, we hoped we were stopping one at Hiroshima. If anyone has room for guilt, why not the Japanese? Did anyone ask their pilots how they felt about the people they were to kill or did kill that day, which led to subsequent untold numbers of deaths through the war they started?

A great number of people may have died at Hiroshima; that number or more might have died anyway had the war continued.

Eleanor A. Drewes


Dr. Paul Bragg

It gives me great pleasure to see actual proof that nutrition is basic to a healthy mind and body. We all know that the medical profession knows precious little about the kind of nutrition (coupled with exercise, sunlight, etc.) that Dr. Bragg speaks about, which all adds up to why he hasn’t needed them for 75 years.

Steven G. Ayre, M.D.


Is it possible to find out Dr. Bragg’s eating habits? Nothing concerning his diet was mentioned in the article.

P. Illing

North Hollywood

He gets along on natural cheeses, mostly raw vegetables and fruits, homemade yogurt and whole wheat bread and goat’s milk. Once a week he splurges on beef (from an organic farm) and fish.—ED.

Joan Joyce

Thanks for the great article on Joan Joyce. I’ve lived with my three brothers and heard nothing but Tom Seaver, Mickey Mantle and Nolan Ryan. Now I have someone I can look up to and know there is more for me than sitting in the cheering section.

Meredith Ann Potter

New Haven

Ken and Shirley Russell

At last! After all the reviews, critiques and analyses of Tommy, it is about time someone wrote an article on the director of this dynamite film (I should know—I’ve seen it nine times). Ken Russell, never the “darling” of critics, must be credited for creating some of the most stunning and thought-provoking movies ever made.

Bruce Engle

Richmond, Ky.

Ken Russell always manages to take great ideas for his films and twist the material into what I feel is two hours of almost unbearable cinema. I always hope that his next film will be better.

Lisa Lonstrup

Plainfield, N.J.

Kathryn Kuhlman

It is interesting to me that Dino Kartsonakis did not find anything wrong with the principles of the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation as long as his financial demands were met. If Mr. Kartsonakis and Mr. Bartholomew believed that the ministry of Miss Kuhlman was a farce, why did they support it for such a long time? These two men need to find out the real meaning of “double standard” and apply it to themselves before pointing the finger at someone else.

Travis J. Doggett

Lubbock, Texas

“I’m as simple as a child,” Miss Kuhlman says. Well, I’m glad she’s finally admitting it to the public. I knew she was a kid all the time but nobody would believe me. I should have guessed about her being a spoiled child.

I was always under the impression that people who devoted their lives to God were supposed to live like humble servants. I don’t call “first-class travel and expensive restaurants” humble. Neither are tailor-made suits, art, antiques or even diamond rings.

If her life is an open book we must have missed a couple of chapters.

Denise Musilli

Spring Valley, N.Y.

Al Kasha

I did attend his course, and while horns are being blown let me toot mine to say that I wrote hit songs long before that, such as Bobby Sherman’s The Drum in 1971, and co-wrote Rock and Roll Heaven in 1973, although the Righteous Brothers recorded it over a year later, and Helen Reddy’s recent number-one record is mine (Angie Baby, not Angel Baby as stated).

Finally, Kasha fans—and I am one—may take a lesson in that his creative exuberance as a writer is equaled by his salesmanship.

Alan O’Day

Los Angeles

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