December 29, 1975 12:00 PM

Jack Nicholson

I recently saw One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and you gave a vivid description of Jack Nicholson’s role in the movie (PEOPLE, Dec. 8). But I am upset that you did not mention the prefrontal lobotomy that McMurphy (Nicholson) received at the end of the movie. Ken Kesey stressed it in the book. Lobotomies are still given to a few criminally insane mental patients and are a major concern of psychiatrists and neurosurgeons.

Robert S. Denchfield


Your profile came as no surprise to students of astrology, who know that Nicholson is a Scorpio. Such phrases as “Mystery is at the heart of his art,” your delineation of his character as a “realist/ironist,” his own self-outlines, and above all that maniacal grin all reveal the most basically Scorpion assets.

Ruby Stevens

Ketchum, Idaho

How dare you to imply that Mr. Nicholson’s drug habits helped in any way to make him a greater success. Out in the boondocks, where your circulation is also growing, we are still raising a very good percentage of children without benefit of cannabis, cocaine, acid, etc. We’d like to keep it that way.

Naomi Knight

Phoenix, N.Y.

Maureen Reagan

No one was rude to Maureen Reagan in Manhasset…at least not while I was awake.

C. Brown

Manhasset, N.Y.

Apparently, Maureen Reagan had some influence at one time on her father, because Governor Reagan signed the abortion law and the Equal Rights Amendment in California! Now he opposes both.

Ann Becker

Encino, Calif.

On both issues Reagan has remained consistent. The 1967 law he signed (since largely overruled by the 1973 Supreme Court decision) permitted abortion only in cases of rape or incest or if the pregnancy would “gravely impair” the mother’s physical or mental health. California’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment did not require Reagan’s signature.—ED.

Pat Fischer

In the recently televised Washington-St. Louis overtime game, my friends and I saw defensive back Pat Fischer throw forearms under the face mask of Cardinal running back Terry Metcalf on three consecutive plays. “Feisty” is one thing—”dirty” is another.

John Wielt Jr.

Ft. Lauderdale

Ford Lookalikes

Of course there are a lot of Ford lookalikes. After all he is pretty ordinary.

G. Epper

Northridge, Calif.

Frank Malinowski, principal of Clarke Central High School in Athens, Ga., is another Ford lookalike, especially since he cut his sideburns.

Aldris Edwards

Winterville, Ga.

I feel that not one of those gentlemen resembles Mr. Ford as closely as my husband. People stop him on the street to remark about this fact.

Charlotte G. Gilbert

Deerfield, Ill.

Donald Alexander

Your Up Front article about me requires a few comments and corrections. I did not suspend “IRS probes into secret Bahamian bank accounts.” The temporary suspension in sending further investigative leads to our field offices was made by IRS career people in Washington in order to determine their legality. The Acting Assistant Commissioner (Compliance) told me about what had been done after it had been done, and I approved of the action that he had taken. We have since concluded that we could resume dissemination of investigative leads to our field offices and development of further cases, and this is what we are doing. Some minor points: my family back in Pine Bluff, Ark. was hardly “wealthy” although, by Arkansas standards, we were fairly well off. And the Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tenn. did not give B.A.s; I had my final high school education there, but I received my B.A. from Yale. Finally, I was not “practicing under my own shingle” when the call came from Washington. I was, and had been, a partner in a large law firm.

Donald C. Alexander


David Soul

I enjoy reading your magazine every week, but the snide comments your writers are so fond of inserting in their articles are only too obvious. Now comes someone named Robert Windeler, who evidently would rather have been interviewing Newman and Redford (or even Cosby and Culp) than David Soul. Not only did he manage to insult Mr. Soul, but Paul Michael Glaser and their television series as well. The charm and chemistry of Glaser and Soul far surpass that of Cosby and Culp and that is what makes their Starsky and Hutch series popular.

Barbra Murtaugh


If my calculations are correct, Soul was about 19 when he tried the “Covered Man” music gimmick. He shouldn’t be given a bad time for something that long ago. Lots of singers and actors have gimmicks; his just didn’t work.

Mrs. Carol Williamson

Taos, N. Mex.

Stephanie Crookston

It’s great to see a young woman turn a homemaker-type talent into a profitable business. But tell me—how did Stephanie Crookston write “Creative Cakes” on her face?

J. Ricker

Battle Creek, Mich.

“I looked in the mirror and wrote backwards,” said Stephanie, who often practiced backwards writing “out of boredom ” in grade school in Muncie, Ind.—ED.

My father didn’t like the picture of me sitting on a trash can—even though it’s the one that holds the powdered sugar. But I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the way you told the story of my dream-come-true cake business. Thought you’d also like to know the response has been incredible!

Stephanie Crookston

Creative Cakes

New York City

Will and Ariel Durant

Half a century has passed since I met Will Durant (then known as Dr. William J. Durant). It was on one of the occasions when he and my father, Percy Ward, debated at the old Garrick Theatre in Chicago, now long gone. I recall the subject, “Does Man Progress,” and Dr. Durant took the affirmative. From the time he published The Story of Philosophy a few years later (an overnight success), you could say that at least Will Durant has progressed.

Nowell Ward

Bloomington, Ind.

Dr. Benjamin Feingold

Fantastic article on Dr. Ben Feingold’s diet for hyperactive kids. My son (13½) has been on such a diet for nearly a year now and the change in him is tremendous.

Bobbie J. Gallager

North Charleston, S.C.

As a follow-up to Dr. Feingold’s diet, we have organized a group of parents who have children on the diet and are doing extremely well. In August I had only five parents and now there are well over 70. The diet is working. Thank you so very much for being open-minded and intelligent enough to print something other than the newest drug on the market.

Vickie L. Gelardi

Smithtown, N.Y.

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