December 01, 1975 12:00 PM

Bob Dylan

So Bob Dylan (PEOPLE, Nov. 10) thinks today’s “youth” are living in a certain amount of fantasy. Has he (at the ripe old age of 34) overcome this malady? If he has, that’s his misfortune.

Rose Snitkoff

The Bronx

Jim Jerome’s story was excellent, but in a sense an “interview” with Bob is not really essential. What IS important is what Dylan says through his lyrics. All of us my age (24) have in one way or the other encountered what Bob writes and sings about, especially in the songs on Blood on the Tracks.

Mike Miller

Sierra Madre, Calif.

JFK Assassination Inquiry

Keep up the excellent work on your JFK coverage. I think that if and when we do learn the whole truth we will hardly be “worthy” of any kind of honorable Bicentennial celebration. It is 12 years too late as far as a lot of people, including myself, are concerned.

Douglas D. Edwards


I was very happy that you included my recently published book on the assassination. However, I was a bit taken back to find myself identified as “Harold Roffman.” Nevertheless, it is perhaps a tribute to the credibility of your magazine that all of my friends have begun calling me “Harold.”

Howard Roffman

Gainesville, Fla.

If the Warren Commission is guilty of lying to the American public, and it is, then Time Inc. is its most shameful accomplice. By presenting the government’s falsehoods and distortions without question on the pages of TIME and LIFE, your company did a great disservice to the millions of people who looked to your publications for the truth. By suppressing the Zapruder film, you withheld from the citizens of the United States the one piece of evidence that proves, without a doubt, the presence of a conspiracy…and Lee Harvey Oswald’s innocence.

Christopher M. Baum


Iron Eyes Cody

Iron Eyes Cody should take a trip through the Indian Reservations in South Dakota, especially the Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations I am familiar with. The ditches are so full of beer cans, bottles and garbage that when the sun hits the mess it is actually blinding to the driver.

Cheryl Ann Ross

Sioux Falls, S.Dak.

Contrary to popular belief, “Iron Eyes” Cody is not of the Cherokee Nation. (He’s not listed on the tribal rolls.) Mr. Cody is of European extraction.

Big Gun

Oneida Nation

Iron Eyes says he is three-fourths Cherokee but like many Indians prefers that his name not be carried on tribal rolls, which he thinks smack of government paternalism.—ED.

Lynda Bird and Chuck Robb

Looks like “the bedroom Is the most important room in the house” for Lynda. Her picture indicates to me “new house, new baby.” Am I wrong?

Dawn L. Moore

Woburn, Mass.

Yes. But Chuck Robb acknowledges that both he and Lynda need to improve their posture.—ED.

Billy Hayes

While understanding the joy of the Hayes family at Billy’s prison escape, the fact remains that Billy Hayes was an adult (23) drug smuggler, fully responsible for his illegal actions—unlucky and unwise but fairly convicted. We shed no tears for his poor calloused palms.

Mary and André Martens-Pietrykowski


Joni Eareckson

What a delight to read about Joni Eareckson! The sunshine of such a fine lady makes every day of life seem like a precious jewel.

Anita Mignardot

West Palm Beach

Do you perhaps have an address where I might write to order some of her cards, and do you know if she has a Christmas collection?

Renae Harrington

Marysville, Wash.

Joni’s cards are for all seasons, not Christmas specifically. Write to Drawings by Joni, 601 River Rd., Sykesville, Md. 21784.—ED.

Susan Brownmiller

Susan Brownmiller handles the controversial crime of rape with a keen understanding that has yet evaded most members of our society—women included. However, by stating “I would never bring a stranger into my home at night unless I wanted to have sex with him,” Brownmiller proves herself guilty of one of the most basic misconceptions about the crime. That is, the myth that the woman is ultimately responsible for the rape or that the rape is only the male’s response to the female’s advances.

Joan Henckler

St. Louis


The bit about me in the Chatter section of your current issue is astonishingly inaccurate.

I’ve been happily home-based in Los Angeles for the past three years and was delighted to return here after my last film abroad.

The incident with the paper dealer happened about six years ago and was told to illustrate the enormous difference between British and Hollywood values. I don’t dread Hollywood values; I simply don’t share them.

Richard Chamberlain

Los Angeles

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