November 10, 1975 12:00 PM

Reverend Sun Moon

I was a member of the Rev. Moon’s “family” (PEOPLE, Oct. 20) and, like many others, gave up my material possessions, denied my own family and joined in to change the world, or so I thought. In February I left and started a new life. The Unification Church is in fact a cult for the glorification of the Rev. Moon. I suddenly saw through it. No one should have to break off family ties to help society. He is a false prophet.

Debra Cervantes

Long Beach, Calif.

I think it unfortunate that you chose to give such an inaccurate, biased view of the Rev. Moon’s group. What is so “bizarre” about a group who believes in the imminent return of Christ, the importance of the family in salvaging mankind, the renunciation of personal ambitions to serve God and the threat of Communism. As the sister of a Moon follower I know the deep concern felt by parents when a child rejects the conventional expectations—college, career, marriage—to spend day after day selling candy and preaching in the street. But the Moon followers willingly choose this life and it provides them with feelings of usefulness, importance and belonging. Perhaps they are mistaken, but they deserve fairer treatment than you gave them.

Karen Muir

Lynnwood, Wash.

Jack Ford

First the country got its fill of Susan. Now it’s Jack. I seem to recall that the Fords have two other sons. Why haven’t we heard about them?

Mary Macri

South Salem, N.Y.

Both are quietly studying: Michael, 25, is working toward a Master’s degree at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Essex, Mass. and Steven, 19, has just begun freshman year at Utah State University in Logan.—ED.

Livia Weintraub

For her role in helping organize the First Women’s Bank, Livia Weintraub is an asset to all womanhood—a truly liberated woman who has set the pace and will make her mark. Thank you for introducing her. She’s great.

Patricia Corcoran

Evergreen Park, Ill.

The bank’s board of directors objected to the publicity given to Livia and therefore she resigned the day the bank opened.—ED.

Julie & David Eisenhower

I once thought the Eisenhowers were being pressed by Susie and Mark Spitz as the “dullest couple in America.” But after reading your latest article: Good news, Julie and David, your lead is safe.

Rich Baker

St. Louis

Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin talks about the poverty in Milwaukee. Surely he was not talking about himself. He was one of the best dressed and healthiest looking young men I walked down the halls with at Washington High.

Gloria Gross Latessa


I saw Billy Jack three times and was truly inspired. But Mr. Laughlin came back with The Trial of Billy Jack in which he attempted to portray, through violent bloodshed and shock treatment, his opinions on every controversial issue since the beginning of man. It left me upset, confused and sickened. Where is the old Billy Jack who left us all with joyous tears and smiles of victory?

Mary Ann Anders

Lansdale, Pa.

Nelson Shields

Shields is long on statistics and short on common sense. As he states, 20,000 gun laws “just don’t work.” How can he believe that one more will? The criminal will not surrender his gun regardless of what the law says. Gun laws hurt only the law-abiding citizen.

Robert Odiorne

El Cajon, Calif.

What is the address where we might write to the National Council to Control Handguns? I am certain many concerned citizens will want to support Mr. Shields’ efforts.

Doug Andrews

Wyomissing, Pa.

The Council’s headquarters are located at 1910 K Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20006.—ED.

The character of a gun’s possessor is a lot more important than the length of its barrel. A national licensing law applicable to all firearms is the best answer, but it will be of little value unless it is coupled with severe penalties for criminals of any sort. Our system of criminal justice has become a cruel farce.

Daniel Considine


Edyie Gorme

Cheers to Steve and Edyie for having the courage to speak the truth about today’s junk music!

Oakley K. Davidson

Clarendon Hills, Ill.

Jefferson Starship

So Paul and Gracie are 34 and 35 now. They seem so clever (daughter “god” is now “China”), talented (“Unless you’re trying to find a cure for cancer, fun is a shorter word for it than self-realization”), informed (letters to Chairman Mao), and just plain down-home 20th century kids (smuggling LSD into the White House). It makes me think I must have missed something. I grew up in the ’60s but never, NEVER remember listening to or thinking about the Plane. They certainly aren’t worthy of your title: creators of acid rock.

Sarah Gerdeman

Los Angeles

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