By People Staff
October 06, 1975 12:00 PM

Maj. Gen. George Patton

Thank God and the Army for another Patton (PEOPLE, Sept. 15, 1975). Just the thought brings a sense of security.

Jack Howlett


Major General Patton’s mention of having glimpses of his father gazing at him sounds suspiciously like hallucinations. I wonder if the general was one of the Army’s LSD guinea pigs and is experiencing “flashbacks”?

Dick Shanor

Jackson, Wyo.

General Patton is just the man to place a well-aimed kick at the “permissive” military of today and restore it to the way it can operate effectively—the way it was in his father’s day. As the wife of a career military man, it is appalling for me to observe that leaders of General Patton’s fiber are all too rarely allowed to exist in today’s military.

Mrs. Anne Lettman

Indian Springs, Nev.

General Patton might have shrapnel in his abdomen, but the Vietcong did not put it there. He did. Patton was wounded by shrapnel fired from his own M-79 grenade launcher while leading my platoon in a bayonet charge on a North Vietnamese army position during the early morning hours of Oct. 19, 1968, some 2,000 meters southwest of the village of Op Dong Sac (code name “Holiday Inn”). At the time, Colonel Patton was commander of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and I was a platoon leader in Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry of the First Infantry Division.

Joseph W. Chapman

Glen Rock, N.J.

Patton remembers he and his troops were crossing a creek in a heavy-fire fight. “I was wounded and evacuated. It may have been from my weapon or some other friendly weapon, or from Charlie. Nobody could possibly know. I do know I’ve still got something in my gut.”—ED.

Jacques Cousteau

I always feel a surge of optimism when Cousteau’s work receives some well-deserved publicity. His gentle strength and never-ending spirit just might prevent the world from committing mass suicide.

Karen Sumners

Alexandria, Va.

Finally someone who knows what he is talking about has made a statement about the stupidity of the movie Jaws, which could have a disastrous effect on the exploration and awareness of one of our last natural resources.

Mike Mecord


Instead of writing about misfits like “Squeaky” Fromme who is trying to destroy us, why don’t more publications write about Captain Cousteau who is trying to save us?

Pauline M. Simmons

Caspar, Wyo.

Where can I write for information on the Cousteau Society and Jacques Cousteau’s work?

B. Beckstrand

Delano, Minn.

Write the society at 9 Bay Street, West-port, Conn. 06880.—ED.

Taylor and Burton

That’s Elizabeth Taylor, star? My God, she looks like one of us!

Judy Motz


Oh please, not again! Haven’t we heard enough about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton? They’re almost as overpublicized as she is overweight.

Suzy Julig

Teaneck, N.J.

I was delighted to read that the Kissingers took time out from their busy schedule to entertain Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who has elected to give up her citizenship. What a ripoff for us good U.S. taxpayers.

Ken McGowan

Bellevue, Wash.

Ira Lipman

Mr. Lipman states that upon conviction a kidnapper should be publicly executed. I would concur. As a private detective charged with the protection of some prominent individuals, I can see the terror caused by ruthless radicals such as the Manson “family.” Assassins and kidnappers should get punishment befitting the crime. The scales of justice have been tipped in favor of the criminal.

Robert Peterson

Idaho Springs, Colo.

Guardsmark, Inc. really licks the hand that feeds it. Mr. Lipman would not reveal his rock singer or movie star clients for fear of giving kidnappers good ideas, but he really sets up the trust fund officers, branch managers, and other bankers. It’s great to know banks will usually authorize ransoms too.

Joan Knight

Brooksville, Fla.

Joshua Reynolds

Wow! Mood-matching rings. We’d love to wrap one or two around our temperamental fingers, but, alas (shades of black), the colorful, little wonders haven’t reached Des Moines yet. Could you please feed us some information? How do we set about capturing a Mood Stone? Hurry, before we lose our violet-blue mood.

Lannis Marquart

Des Moines

How in the world can I find out where to order a mood ring?

Mrs. Nancy Schnepp

Lafayette, Ind.

Fad or not, I want one.

Lynn Hillgren

Lincoln, Nebr.

First try major department stores. Then write to Q-Tran Ltd., 6 East 45th Street, New York, N.Y. 10017, for the names of stores with the rings.—ED.

Valerie Harper

After watching the first episode of Phyllis, I’m sure Valerie Harper will be the only one working in about a year. Phyllis and Dick Shaal’s acting cannot compare with the art of Rhoda.

Robert Brunner

Champaign, Ill.

Perhaps I am oversensitive, but couldn’t you find a more flattering description for Suzanne Pleshette, a lady who has worked steadily in and is highly respected in “show business” from Broadway to Hollywood than “fading starlet”? It hardly does justice to a successful wife, actress and businesswoman of her caliber.

Eileen Card

Van Nuys, Calif.


I was disappointed that the story on Kristin Glenn’s destruction of the best radio station in New York did not include an account of how she brought about its demise. The youth of Westchester and Long Island would like to use the same methods to return WQIV to the air. We have even planned the programming for the first half-hour—all six versions of “Roll over, Beethoven.”

Michael Rothberg

New Rochelle, N.Y.

Star Tracks

If Muhammad Ali is to fight George Frazier (as you stated), does that mean at some later date he may fight someone named Joe Foreman?

John Flynn

Tempe, Ariz.