By People Staff
July 07, 1975 12:00 PM

The Fords

Boo! Hiss! Whoever did Susan Ford’s hair for her graduation (PEOPLE, June 16) should be hung by their split ends and boiled in RedKen. They succeeded in adding 15 matronly years to a fairly foxy first daughter.

Spencer Dryden

San Rafael, Calif.

Your coverage of First Lady Betty Ford in Brussels and her daughter, Susan, at her senior prom show them to be the loveliest and most unpretentious ladies ever to grace the White House.

Paula Rubidoux

Fullerton, Calif.

Beach Boys

There is no doubt in my mind that the Beach Boys are among the most outstanding and influential groups of our time. But “wouldn’t it be nice” if they’d get together and “do it again”—new material that is!

Barbara Lesonsky

Canoga Park, Calif.

The real star of “The Summer of ’75” tour is Chicago. The Beach Boys haven’t released any new music since their Holland LP in 1972. Chicago recently released Chicago VIII, which quickly became one of the top-selling albums in the country.

Barbara Waters


Ed Daly

Hats off to Ed Daly for his great humanitarian efforts in rescuing Vietnamese orphans at his own expense. Who cares if he avoids talk shows and journalists; he has become a star without them.

Kayla Ann Page

Paducah, Ky.

Ed Daly, you’re my kind of man.

Leezle McElhone

Las Vegas

Dr. Victor Cline

Dr. Victor Cline offends our intelligence with his arguments. Dean Corll, David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley of Houston were psychopathic, demented murderers, and to suggest they got that way from watching too many Kojaks is absurd. He also mentions the Kitty Genovese murder case and the Mylai massacre, implying the indifference of the witnesses and culprits can be directly traced to the influence of television; but murder and apathy didn’t begin with the television set. He says “psychologists find that after 10:30 p.m. there are some five million children under 12 still watching television.” Well, why in the hell are they? Are the parents of these kids so lily-livered that they now imbue the FCC with surrogate-parent as well as babysitter status?

Jim Nellan

Washington, D.C.

I can remember the years when crime, violence and sex existed, just as they do today, but were not spoken of in polite conversation. Victims were totally ignorant and therefore unequipped to deal with the situation. Today young people are aware of carnal perversion through movies, TV, books and educational classes in schools. They discuss their doubts, fears and thoughts with adults. This doesn’t mean that blatant visual sexual experiences should be flaunted on TV or in the movies, but these two media have performed an educational function. Let’s not have censorship by networks, but censorship in the home.

Victoria Bankston

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

After reading about Arnold what’s-his-name’s ego trip, one can truly see why he is called the “Austrian Oak.” He must have a knothole in his head.

Blair T. Sloane

Erickson, Manitoba

I never laughed so hard in my entire life as I did the other night when I read your article on Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have nothing against large men, but he must have muscles in his head to think he’s beautiful.

Charlene Ann Hall

Lansing, Mich.

Mitch Kurman

Everyone shares Mr. Kurman’s anguish over the loss of his son. However, what he is advocating is clearly not in the public interest. The Federal Boating Safety Act and the various state acts are more than sufficient in cases like David’s; more laws wouldn’t help. The legislators who resist a federal camp safety program aren’t in league with the forces of darkness. They are just aware that there is no need to force Big Brother on the camping industry, with all the attendant increase in private and public expense. Incidently, if Mr. Kurman is so zealous about boating safety why is he wearing a life jacket that has not been approved by the Coast Guard?

Jack H. Feller Jr.

San Rafael, Calif.

Under U.S. law the Coast Guard must inspect “the premises of manufacture” to approve life jackets. Kurman thinks the Danish jacket has been unfairly excluded and wears it to bolster his argument that the jacket, not the factory, is all that need be inspected.—ED.

My local PTA had just requested its members to write letters to our senators urging them to vote for the Youth Camp Safety legislation now before the Senate. Had I not read Mr. Kurman’s message, I might not have taken the time to write.

Judith Dreyer

Floral Park, N.Y.

The Williamsons

As a psychiatric nurse I am aware of the need for places like La Amistad. So many adolescent schizophrenics become the victims of institutionalization simply because there is no other place for them. Many of them could be helped to lead active, productive lives if only someone would take the time and effort to help. We need many more people like the Williamsons who are willing to go through the pain and agony involved in helping these children find themselves.

Susan Wood, R.N.

Jackson, Miss.

I commend these people and their genuine concern. Opening their home to troubled kids is what helping people is all about. Bravo!

Phil Villaume

Juvenile Probation Officer

St. Paul

Ron Ericsson

I suggest to Mr. Ericsson that he return to his rodeo-riding and Eagle Scouting days and allow serious professionals to do research in the medical field—or at least confine his sex preselection theories to his livestock. Instead of money spent on this type of sexist mumbo jumbo, how about a cure for cancer? heart attacks? strokes?

Danielle Dignan

Longmont, Colo.


The Chatter column of the May 19, 1975 issue of PEOPLE was completely erroneous. My comment that “their ignorance is only surpassed by their wealth” was directed toward a small but highly reactionary Princeton alumni group which is trying to mold the university in its own corporate image. I think you owe the thousands of Princeton graduates, whom you wrongly brought within my quoted criticism of that group, an apology.

Ralph Nader

Washington, D.C.

Nader’s comment was directed at the Concerned Alumni of Princeton. The published report on which we relied did not make this distinction.—ED.