May 31, 1993 12:00 PM

Maybe Hillary Rodham Clinton (PEOPLE May 10) couldn’t really hump Bosnia oil’ the front pages by changing her hairstyle, bill she bad no trouble turning’ some of our readers ballistic. Most correspondents who chose to comment on our cover story—nearly all of them women—see her as a power-hungry First Lady with a death grip on her husband’s coattails.


Hilary Clinton is just as popular as her husband? So I guess that means more than 55 percent of all Americans cant stand her either! When are you going to realize that you can plaster this woman’s face all over every magazine published, give her the most glowing accompanying articles, and you still won’t change the opinions of millions of Americans who are-cared to death of her radical views?

SCOTT ANDERSON, Chino Hills, Calif.

As a professional woman and a feminist, I am deeply ashamed of Hillary Clinton. Although accomplished in her own right, she has chosen the traditional route of attaining power through her husband’s status and hid her intention to do so prior to the election. She is not a positive role model for young women of 1993. II they choose a career in politics, they would do well to follow the example of Geraldine Ferraro, who presented herself to die electorate, which is the honorable way to be in a position to mandate policy.

VIDA RACYS, Norfolk, Va.

Your cover story states that Hillary is just as popular as the President. Was this article written by one of your foreign correspondents-like from another planet?

BARBARA PLATT, Wolcott, Conn.

Despite the warming toward Hillary Clinton which you describe, there remains a large population unable to accept an overtly intelligent woman in the White House. I would give anything to convince these Neanderthals, male and female alike, that woman can be just as knowledgeable, conscientious and dependable as any man—maybe more so, because we have to try harder. I work and socialize with some of these yahoos, but you may still print my name—they know what I think.



As an adoption-law practitioner, although I empathize with the couples who were flimflammed by Angela Andrews, it appears that many of them were all too willing to advance funds to her which far exceeded her needs. Couples faced with exorbitant financial demands should remind themselves (and the birth mother) that although expenses can be reimbursed, the primary motivation in any adoption should be love, not money. Couples who choose to ignore this are placing their pocketbooks, as well as their hearts, at risk.



Please let your readers with frizzy hair know where John Freida’s Frizz-Ease hair product can be purchased. I happen to have the frizziest hair in the country and would love to try it!


John Freida Products may be contacted at I-800-521-3189.—ED.


We knew Gary Wilensky about 10 years ago when he ran the tennis courts in Central Park. When our daughter, one of a large group of young people who hung out there, went to the West Coast for two weeks, he volunteered to care for her cocker spaniel. The dog was stolen, and Gary phoned us and actually cried as he told of his love for the dog and his feelings of having been neglectful. Eventually he paid a $1,000 ransom to get the dog back. How could this kindly, sensitive man degenerate into dangerous madness? In judging Gary Wilensky, we know there was a very nice person, then something unfathomable happened.



It was with sadness and a feeling of moral indignation that I read the one-page tribute to Cesar Chavez. For a man known to so many migrant farm workers as the defender of La Causa, a one-page synopsis was cursory at best. Cesar’s struggle for the health and safety of workers and consumers was a profound dedication. Don’t you think he deserved at least as much space as the TV movie Ambush in Waco or the world’s largest light bulb collection?

LYNNE CHAVEZ, Danville, Calif.


Thanks for including me on your list. I couldn’t help but think about the Beatles song, as in “How does it feel to be…?” Well, it felt okay, mostly. Bill Clinton said it best in a note to me: “You’ll never live it down so you might as well enjoy it.” I’d just like to clear up two things. First, I am Carrie’s first husband. Second, nothing against marvelous Marin, but I’m proud to be from a place that deserves the accolade beautiful—Mendocino County.

REP. DAN HAMBURG. Washington, D.C.

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