November 30, 1992 12:00 PM

No matter how hard she tries, Beverly Hills. 90210’s Shannon Doherty (PEOPLE, Nov. 9) Just can’t seem to shake her reputation as trouble. Correspondents just aren’t buying her description of herself as a strong, misunderstood woman beset by “people who think I’m a bitch.”


Apparently Shannon Doherty hasn’t heard the old axiom: It is better to remain silent and be thought the bitch than to speak and remove all doubt.

NANCY PETERSON, Anaheim, Calif.

Shannen Doherty stales that she didn’t like her 90210 character losing her virginity and that she objected to the prevalence of sexual activity on the set. Yet when she was 18, she moved in with a boyfriend who was involved with drugs. Something is wrong with this picture.


My daughter and I got the chance to meet Shannen Doherty at a hospital in Thousand Oaks, Calif. She took the time to talk and comfort us in our time of sorrow and even gave my daughter her autograph. So her statement about people who think “I’m a bitch” just doesn’t fit the Shannen we met that night.

CATHY and LINDSEY BENNETT, Torrance, Calif.

Is there anyone out there besides Ms. Doherty who considers petulant tantrums and unprofessional behavior to be signs of a “strong woman?” Wake up and smell the “Whatever Happened to…” columns, Shannen.

PETER TANG, Burbank, Calif.

Disregard all the negative letters you might receive about Shannen Doherty gracing your cover. This just shows that a young woman today can be sexy without having to look like a cheap slut. This gal really does justice to blue jeans! Eeeyow!

WILLIAM A. POLING, Bedford, Ind.


When I was 16 years old, I fell in love with Robert Redford in The Way We Were. Since that time, no actor has evoked such a romantic response in me until I saw Daniel Day-Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans. Thanks, Daniel, for making me feel 16 again.


Daniel Day-Lewis can tomahawk me any day. Thank heaven for serious actors.



Is this guy for real? Andre Marrou claims lie has no need for health insurance because he “watches his weight and doesn’t smoke or drink.” Is he familiar with the term cancer? I unexpectedly was found to have leukemia last April. Thank goodness for health insurance. It sure must be a great comfort to know that you will never get cancer or get hit by a car, Mr. Marrou!

CHRISTY MURRAY, Chesterfield, Mo.


I shed many tears while reading the article “Look Homeward. Angel. My heart goes out to these people, and I applaud Iman for her unselfish efforts. Is there a kind to which donations can be made for the people of Somalia?

JANE MCNALLY, Monument, Colo.

Two agencies that Iman endorses are CONCERN, Center for International Health and Cooperation (Somali Lifeline), 850 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021, and Save the Children, 54 Wilton Road, Westport. Conn. 06880.—ED.

I found the juxtaposition of the two photographs in your table of contents very illustrative of the different choices celebrities make. One shot showed Iman with a starving Somali child: the other was of Shannen Doherty watering her plant with designer water. While one photo cannot possibly shed much light on a person’s character, it does serve in this case as a metaphor for a self-absorbed, uncaring, too rich society that has its priorities completely out of whack.

BOB CASSIDY, Marlborough, Mass.

Whatever the metaphorical content of the plant-watering picture, Shannen Doherty shouldn’t be blamed for it. Our photographer spotted the plant and the water bottle and in a light-hearted moment suggested the picture. The juxtaposition with the Iman photo was unfortunate.—ED.


Hats off to the L’Esperance family! It is so nice to read about such a remarkable bunch. They are not only managing but flourishing, with lots of love, humor and patience. I applaud their ability to foster each child’s individuality. And I thought I was busy with triplets!



Your picture of Elvis’s grandson and his family was beautiful, but nowhere did you mention the little tyke’s


JESSICA M. WIGGINS, Escondido, Calif.

When we closed the story, Baby Boy Keough was still nameless, and our must recent check says he remains so. But don’t he surprised if Benjamin Storm slums up on the birth certificate.—ED.

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